The Quilts of Gee's Bend

The Quilts of Gee s Bend Since the early nineteenth century the women of Gee s Bend in southern Alabama have created stunning vibrant quilts In the only photo essay book about the quilts of Gee s Bend for children award wi

  • Title: The Quilts of Gee's Bend
  • Author: Susan Goldman Rubin
  • ISBN: 9781419721311
  • Page: 482
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Since the early nineteenth century, the women of Gee s Bend in southern Alabama have created stunning, vibrant quilts In the only photo essay book about the quilts of Gee s Bend for children, award winning author Susan Goldman Rubin explores the history and culture of this fascinating group of women and their unique quilting traditions Rubin uses meticulous research to oSince the early nineteenth century, the women of Gee s Bend in southern Alabama have created stunning, vibrant quilts In the only photo essay book about the quilts of Gee s Bend for children, award winning author Susan Goldman Rubin explores the history and culture of this fascinating group of women and their unique quilting traditions Rubin uses meticulous research to offer an exclusive look at an important facet of African American art and culture In the rural community of Gee s Bend, African American women have been making quilts for generations They use scraps of old overalls, aprons, and bleached cornmeal sacks anything they can find Their traditions have been passed down through the decades Much to the women s surprise, a selection of the quilts was featured in an exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, in 2002 The exhibition then traveled to the Whitney Museum in New York City Eye poppingly gorgeous, wrote a critic for the New York Times about the exhibition He continued, Some of the most miraculous works of modern art America has produced The Metropolitan Museum of Art will exhibit its newly acquired collection of Gee s Bend quilts in 2017 Rubin is known for producing well researched, highly praised, and sophisticated biographies of artists and other important figures Through similar research, The Quilts of Gee s Bend shares specifics about this rare community and its rich traditions, allowing children to pause to consider history through the eyes of the people who lived it and through a legacy that is passed on to the next generation This book should be of great interest to classrooms, libraries, and those interested in African American art in the United States, in addition to quilting, life in early emancipated colonies in the South, and Gee s Bends importance in the Civil Right s movement The quilts and the incredible stories behind them are powerful motivators for anyone who wishes to accomplish anything A map, directions on how to make a quilt square, endnotes, and an index round out this stunning nonfiction book.

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    1. This is a gorgeous and inspiring look at the quilts of Gee's Bend, their history, and the people who made them. It is kept pretty simple because it is meant for children, but the tragedy and suffering of these ladies and their families is not whitewashed. I would have liked more information about each of the ladies who made the quilts, but there are books for adults that have that. I recommend this book not just to children interested in history, art, or crafts, but for adults with interests in [...]

    2. Vibrant, colorful photography combines with interesting narrative text in this nonfiction picture book that tells the story of a group of African Americans who created beautiful quilts on a plantation in Alabama. The descendants of slaves, these people farmed the land and worked very hard. Making quilts was social entertainment and also a necessary task to keep their homes and families warm and comfortable. As time went on through the Civil Rights era, these quilts were discovered for the amazin [...]

    3. I loved seeing the quilts and their creators and learning the history of Gee's Benders. This book brought me into a glimpse of how hard it was for tenant farmers and how inspired, motivated, and driven they were by Martin Luther King, Jr. There's even instructions in the back to make your own quilt block and turn it into a full quilt!

    4. I would like to write kid's non-fiction. This is a great example of that. I love the quilt pictures and that she brought this story to light. It also inspired me to start quilting again. If these hard-working, poor (monitarily) women can do it, I certainly can also.

    5. A fascinating story of how these dazzlingly creative quilts, carefully and lovingly stitched by descendants of slaves in Gee's Bend, Alabama, ended up hanging in the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City. Amazing the positive influence and inspiration we can be for each other if we want to be. Hooray for the women of Gee's Bend and their stunning quilts.

    6. Lots of great information and full page photos of the quilts, but it does seem like it is missing a through line to keep kids engaged in the story.

    7. This is a book full of large colorful pictures and intelligent text for young people. All avid quilters have heard of the Gee’s Bend Quilters from Alabama but perhaps not everyone else. These poor African American women making their colorful, graphic quilts for decades were ‘discovered’ by a civil-rights worker named Father Walter in 1965 and he introduced them to New York City art collectors who began buying their quilts. In 2002 a major exhibition of these quilts in Houston at the Museum [...]

    8. This is a nonfiction text that is heavy in text but it was a very good read. I really enjoyed learning about the women of Gee's Bend. The history of Gee's Bend is very sad as the people who live there are decedents of slaves who use to work the land for the plantation owner. The decedents eventually became sharecroppers and worked the land but never were able to make any money living as a sharecropper. Eventually the people were able to purchase their own plots of land and build houses. Through [...]

    9. Gorgeous bookmaking! Rubin celebrates the quilts and quiltmakers of Gee's Bend, Alabama and brings their history to young readers.Women have been moved to stand up this year and claim their rights, and their voices and their stories. Here is another example of a story that needed to be told. Why have the domestic arts been dismissed for so long? Rubin's book is an important one, I think, bringing the story of these remarkable artists to a new generation. Their stunningly beautiful quilts did ind [...]

    10. A well researched history of the community of Gee's Bend, including the persons who created the quilts, the racial context of the area and the times, and the history of the outside world's interest in these inspired seamstresses. Sensitive and with just enough information for it's audience. The back-matter includes instructions on how to make a quilt square, source notes, bibliography, acknowledgements, image credits, index. I particularly appreciated that every quilt discussed was pictured adja [...]

    11. This is a great in depth look at the Gee's Bend quilts and quilters. I have read other things about them, but this book - which is geared toward young readers - will satisfy anyone who wants to know more about these amazing works of folk art. The author tells us the history of Gee's Bend then takes us through the Civil Rights movement and on to a time when the quilters were finally recognized by the outside world. There are lots of pictures and quotes from the women themselves. Certainly worth c [...]

    12. As an adult I found this interesting, but a bit dry. I am not convinced that a child would find anything compelling here. The pictures of the quilts are beautiful and the history of Gee's Bend is fascinating, but does this narrative appeal to a young person? I believe there is an error on page 8. The photograph caption dates the picture from 1939, but it appears to be a recent color photograph.

    13. A handsomely illustrated history of the women who quilted over the years at Gee's Bend, Alabama. They started during the time of slavery and continued as a community through the years, supporting each other and teaching the next generation of quilter/ artists. It's a compelling read for one with some knowledge of the history; perhaps a bit dry for young readers. One photo seems to be incorrectly captioned.

    14. an excellent retelling of the story of Gee's Bend and its quilters. although the book is written for children, it is not likely to find that much of an audience among children. nonetheless, the story is well and clearly told, with fine photographs to illustrate the difficulties that the lady quilters of Gee's Bend faced as they sought to make a living, and participate in American life.

    15. I found this in the children's room of the library, but it could just as easily be an introductory book in the adult section. There's a short, basic intro to making a quilt at the end, but the heart of the book is the history of Gee's Bend, the quilts, and the people who made and continue to make them. Great historical photos and full page color photos of the quilts.

    16. Beautiful full color photographs with an inspiring history lesson. Strong women always find a way to nurture and care for their families even when they have very little means and/or education by simply doing what they have to do.

    17. This was a brief history of regional quilting by the descendants of slaves in Gee’s Bend, TN. The quilts are quite beautiful as are the women/artists who made them. It is wonderful to see women’s work appreciated. Middle grades and up but the photos are for everyone.

    18. An amazing story of the importance of art and creativity within a community. Beautiful pictures make the story even better.

    19. A young person's introduction to the fabulous quilts made by generations of women in Gee's Bend, Alabama.

    20. This definitely read like a very watered-down version of an adult book or like a brochure that might go with a museum exhibit. It was interesting, but I was disappointed.

    21. What stands out in this handsomely designed and illustrated book are the color photographs throughout of beautiful quilts.

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