Secrets of a Spinster

Secrets of a Spinster Behind every little secret Mary Hamilton has had enough of being passed over by all of the eligible men in London though she s had years and years of practice and she s ready to give it up But befor

  • Title: Secrets of a Spinster
  • Author: Rebecca Connolly
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  • Page: 123
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Behind every little secret Mary Hamilton has had enough of being passed over by all of the eligible men in London, though she s had years and years of practice, and she s ready to give it up But before she hangs up her dancing shoes for good, she wants one season of everything she s never had invitations, flirtation, and suitors But will all of that actually give herBehind every little secret Mary Hamilton has had enough of being passed over by all of the eligible men in London, though she s had years and years of practice, and she s ready to give it up But before she hangs up her dancing shoes for good, she wants one season of everything she s never had invitations, flirtation, and suitors But will all of that actually give her what she s always secretly wanted there s another secret waiting Geoffrey Harris is than happy to spend his time being permanent escort to Mary during her final season in London After all, she s been his best friend for years, and what better way to send her off than in grand style But when her plan actually starts to work, he isn t so sure he wants any part of it, leaving him to wonder what it is he does want Or who.

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    1. Rebecca Connolly

      I was born once upon a time, and I started making up stories right away Eventually, I stated writing them down, and never stopped I have a day job, which gets in the way of my writing, but it pays the bills so I CAN write, so I guess that s okay I am a bookworm, which I think is key to being a writer, and I am always looking for inspiration I live in Ohio, am obsessed with hot chocolate, and I am on track to be the best aunt in the world.


    1. This was recommended it to me and so I decided to try the sample. I was immediately sucked into the story, I enjoyed the characters and setting. I always enjoy a regency that takes place during the London season. This had a very traditional regency feel to it, which I really enjoyed. Mary and Geoff had been friends since childhood, they're extremely close and have a nice relationship. Geoff is well respected and has a lot of friends. Mary is a wallflower, and most people only recognize her as Ge [...]

    2. I am becoming a big fan of Rebecca's. Saw this came out and didn't even read the description, I just bought it. I think she is up there with my favorite regency authors and this story was great! It was pretty simple and straight forward, but when you have a good writer the story line is not as important as the characters and there movement and emotions. The ending was so awesome and sweet and the great thing is it was fun getting there. Love the way she writes! Excited for the next one. Sweet cl [...]

    3. This book grabbed me from the beginning. Maybe it was my mood or the fact that I have the flu. Either way, I loved it! I loved the characters, I loved the banter, I loved the happy ending for all, I loved the love that was found in thus book. Not just between the two main characters, but between friends and family. It was heart warming. Read it!!

    4. I had a hard time understanding all of the characters and how they related to each other at the beginning of the book. It was then that I realized that this book is the third book in a series. It took at least 1/3 of the book before I felt like I had a handle on the characters.This is a cute regency romance. The MC's have been the best of friends for years, but didn't realize that there was more to their relationship beyond friendship. It took a while before they could see the things that the re [...]

    5. I'm a sucker for any book featuring a wallflower spinster. I picked up the book, super excited because I love a story about a girl overlooked by society trying to find her place in it. But this one just didn't work for me. It had just enough good moments to keep me slogging through it to the end. I kept hoping it would get better, but it got worse and worse. In the end, I wish I hadn't bothered.The story is basically just a mash up of the best-friends-fall-in-love trope with a massive dose of "M [...]

    6. Happy sighI do love a good recency romance, and Connolly does a superb job of delivering. I do believe this book may be the third in a series, but I don't believe I suffered any by not having read the other two first (though I fully intend to rectify that oversight posthaste). Geoffrey and Mary's story is a delightful tale of not seeing what's right in front of you and the "lightbulb" moments that ultimately lead to a sigh-worthy happy ending.

    7. This was the third book in the Arrangement series, but I was not confused and felt it was stand alone though I am sure some of the characters appeared in prior books and will also in future books.This was a new author to me. I purchased the entire series individually based on the unanimous high praise of friends' reviews, and also the added incentive that as of the date of this review all the books in the series are $1.99. Yay!I didn't mean to read the third book first, but I opened the first p [...]

    8. Entertaining Read, Familiar StorylineI downloaded this book because I needed a romance novel that wouldn't make me think too much - and this wound up being more complex than I expected, though it didn't leave all the favorite Regency romance tropes behind! Overall, I really enjoyed the plot and characters, though I highly recommend reading previous books in the series just so you know who the secondary characters are as there are several of them!

    9. This one was frustrating at times. I wanted to shake the main characters. However, I enjoyed watching them discover each other in a different way.

    10. The first third was so drop-dead amazing! The humor and the relationships were so engaging and so wonderfully entertaining. It was quickly becoming my new favorite book.Once Mary started to become a debutante, it almost turned into a typical Regency, which let me down after such an amazing start. Her and Geoff were so much more entertaining before. I wish the author would have kept that same canter. She could have, but chose to make Mary quite a bit more boring. I would have loved to see her lik [...]

    11. I've been enjoying Rebecca Connally's books and this was no exception, especially since I can totally relate to the main character. I was the wall flower, the unnoticed, every guy's best friend, but never the girlfriend, the one they want to date :( Cest la vie! Their loss! I just needed the right one to see me and he did!

    12. This book was fantastic and some of the best scenes I have read in years! I will be rereading many of those scenes for years to come! I loved these characters so much! They started off lovable, then as they grew they suffered some growing pains and the ending is just plain swoon worthy!! If you love a clean and wonderful regency romance grab this!

    13. Good writing. Geoff was a great beta male hero. Lost a star or two for Mary being a brat in the middle of the book. It was tedious and seemed out of character for her. Will keep reading her books.

    14. I may have to go back and read the earlier books in this series. It was oddly compelling and kept me coming back to see what would happen even though I anticipated much of it.

    15. Secrets of a Spinster is such a great read. It has the perfect amount of bantering, love, friendship, family, and understanding matters of the heart. I really loved how Mary despite all rules of society didn't care what those of the ton thought of her. Mary and her sister Cassie really had to overcome some hardships of society. Through all of their hardships came understanding, love and friendship. Geoffrey and his friends and their wives really became if they weren't already such great support [...]

    16. Rebecca Connolly is quickly becoming a favorite author. I love her Regency romances! They are clean, fun, fast reads with endearing characters. This third book in the series is no exception. I liked Mary and her quick wit and sense of humor. At 27 years old, she is considered a spinster. Before she gives up on love and goes off to live alone in the country, she decides to have one last season. Geoff has been her best friend since they were children. They enjoy each other's company and know each [...]

    17. In the beginning I wasn't sure I was going to like the storyline of two people who had been friends since childhood with the girl having secret feelings for the guy. Yet somehow it all worked and I really started to enjoy it in the last 1/3 of the book. A lot of what I loved was the older age of Mary, so many of the books for this era are about those under 21 and I really enjoyed seeing Mary's story unfold from 27-33. Especially since I was 27 (nearly 28) when I married :)I didn't really underst [...]

    18. I love the relationship between Mary and Geoffrey, and appreciated that the writer wrote in multiple third person point of view so we could get in both of their heads. I think all of us have a little Mary in us and a little Cassie in us. Often it’s the ones who love us as we are that can pull the best parts of us out, making us feel comfortable and loved as we are. Rebecca Connolly did a fantastic job of showcasing thatokconfessionsblog.wordpress

    19. This one still didn't make me laugh like book 1 did but I liked it better than book 2. We spent lots more time with the guys. Minimal time with their wives. I don't know about the two sisters being left on their own with no companion but it didn't really bother me. I enjoyed the story. It is a light, clean read. I think this book used "damn" once but that was it.

    20. Such a great book! I loved reading it from both his and her perspectives (in third person but still). I loved their relationship and seeing it change and then change again. I can't wait to read the others in this series!

    21. If I could give half stars, I would probably give this a 3.5. It was good, but I felt it wasn't as good as the previous books in the arrangements series. Towards the end there were also some distracting typos. But I love the characters in the series and will definitely continue reading them!

    22. I've followed this series and love the introduction of new characters with the old ones from previous novels. These two best friends get in all kinds of dilemmas as they try to hide some secrets from society. It is fun as well as serious, lots of laughs and some tears.

    23. Clean romanceSo clean, funny, interesting, and a great pace, I love these characters, and love that it kept my interest the whole time. Looking forward to another from this author!!!

    24. I liked the premise a lot, but the writing just kept throwing me out of the story.It was labored and clunky and so very trite.Everything is so very emotional and dramatic and obvious. Again, pass.

    25. I'll be honest, I wasn't a huge fan of this book at first. It seemed like Mary was just a just stupid, selfish girl who used people and had no sense of self-pride or love. Honestly, I still feel a little bit that way, but it did end well and maybe she might have learned a lesson?

    26. I've been thoroughly enjoying this series. We don't know much about Geoff before this book and it's great to have an insight on him and Mary. I'm a sucker for friends to lovers and how he starts realizing how much she means to him. I also enjoy how much Nathan and Derek are picking up his friends falling in love easily :) and Colin, omg dear Colin. - I can't wait for your story!

    27. I really enjoyed this book. There was a cheesy part toward the end but I got over it real quick. Very romantic.

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