Forbidden Attraction

Forbidden Attraction Siobhan Gallagher has just started her senior year at the University of Southern California She has her best friend and her boyfriend of five years by her side As the countdown to graduation begins h

  • Title: Forbidden Attraction
  • Author: S.R. Watson
  • Page: 272
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Siobhan Gallagher has just started her senior year at the University of Southern California She has her best friend and her boyfriend of five years by her side As the countdown to graduation begins, her world comes crashing down when her boyfriend confesses that he has cheated on her Her past has shown that love is volatile, but she had hoped that this time would be difSiobhan Gallagher has just started her senior year at the University of Southern California She has her best friend and her boyfriend of five years by her side As the countdown to graduation begins, her world comes crashing down when her boyfriend confesses that he has cheated on her Her past has shown that love is volatile, but she had hoped that this time would be different Siobhan becomes a cynic doubting the existence of love She vows to never give her heart to another.In walks Professor Michaels He is a sexy billionaire playboy who limits his encounters to one night, maybe two His jaded past and multitude of secrets shapes his aversion to love and relationships He makes no promises of forever Offers no apologies for his preference for variety When he first meets Siobhan, the attraction is mutually instantaneous He knows she is supposed to be off limits, but he has never denied himself of something he wanted Siobhan and Professor Michaels share the same sardonic outlook on love What happens when these two paths cross If they give into this forbidden attraction, can they both come out on the other side unscathed

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    1. S.R. Watson

      S R Watson is a Texas native who currently resides in Madison, WI She is the bestselling author of the Forbidden Trilogy, The Object of His Desire, and has co authored The Adulteress and the bestselling S.I.N Rock Star Trilogy with Shawn Dawson.When S.R Watson is not writing she enjoys a glass of wine and binge watching her favorite TV shows.


    1. ★★★★ 1/2! Forbidden Attraction, book 1 of 3. To rebound dumped & heartbroken college student agrees to a sexual fling with her sexy & enigmatic Professor!“Damn. Looks like I am going to be your teacher on a whole different level. Let the depravity begin,” he smiles.”Books in The Forbidden trilogy should be read in order:Book 1: Forbidden AttractionBook 2: Forbidden LoveBook 3: UntitledForbidden Attraction (book 1) opens up to USC college student Siobhan Gallagher, Shiv bein [...]

    2. *I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!!*Forbidden Attraction kind of fell into some typical clichés of this genre and NA reads. But, it still was a sensual and entertaining read. I guess, you could sum this story up as: girl (Siobhan) is in a long-term relationship with guy and thinks that he’s the love of her life. Guy cheats on girl, girl is heartbroken while guy is off parading with his “slore.” And then girl by luck of fate catches the eye of college professor [...]

    3. This book I tried, I wanted to, but I couldn't! I was really excited to read this book. I love the teacher/student forbidden love dilemma but this book makes me never want to read this particular genre ever again!Where do I begin; the heroine Siobhan. She was an annoying, weepy, incredibly insecure and just dumb. She follows her boyfriend to college only to get dumped. She totally falls apart and all you keep reading about constantly is her crying about something trivial. She keeps making "drunk [...]

    4. This is a kind of FSOG meets Gabriel's Inferno.(which happen to be two of my fave books). But those books are better than this one. Young college student falls for her professor. they agree to an "arrangement" . However, as in most of these cases, the student tends to fall in love very, very quickly. There is drama, heart break, and some pretty good sex. The dialogue is a bit cheesy at times, but I'm going to over look that. This does end in a cliffhanger. I will be moving on to book 2

    5. 4.5 "Forbidden" StarsThe Blurb:Siobhan Gallagher has just started her senior year at the University of Southern California. She has her best friend and her boyfriend of five years by her side. As the countdown to graduation begins, her world comes crashing down when her boyfriend confesses that he has cheated on her. Her past has shown that love is volatile, but she had hoped that this time would be different. Siobhan becomes a cynic - doubting the existence of love. She vows to never give her h [...]

    6. Yes! I'm a sucker for the young college girl hooking up with college professor stories and this one is pretty steamy I must sayMeet Shiv ( short for Siobhan) USC Junior is from Texasyfriend is the quarterbackd breakuphooks up with (ultra rich) professor named Grayson who is a sex fiendhis inbetween girlfriend causes angstquarterback wants her back after testing the waters.yada yada yadaI did enjoy it thoughquel coming in the fall - dang!

    7. This book contains a lot of explicit sexual scenes so this book may not be for everyone. Siobhan(Shiv) was starting her senior year at college. She lives with her best friend, Jordan in her condo. Shiv has been dating Liam and been his girlfriend for five years. All three of them went off to college so they could all be together. Shiv thinks Liam has been acting strange for two weeks. He wants to meet her for tea and when they meet he blares out that he slept with someone else. Shiv is crushed a [...]

    8. I was given this for an honest review I have to say I was absolutely surprised by this book. Honestly I do not always enjoy the Teacher/student romances. But this was hot, sexy, and panty melting like you would not even believe. This is the story of Grayson and Sibohan. Sive had moved away from home to follow her boyfriend Liam to the college of his choice. All went very smoothly for a couple years until Liam deciedes the Sive is holding him back and of course cheats on her and breaks up with he [...]

    9. Absolutely Amazing!!!So Shiv got on my nerves a few time. To me she was weak and let people get to her to fast. I guess to naive. Liam was just an asshole and selfish. Grayson or should I say Professor was just hmmm HOT and SEXY!! lol if you like HOT Alpha man then Grayson is your guy. I really enjoy this book and I'm desperately be waiting for the next book.

    10. Intrigued and wanting to read morexiness and a mystery wrapped into one. I want a look inside Grayson's mind (a Grayson POV would be terrific). Guess I have to wait until November to find out what is around the corner for these two.

    11. Forbidden Attraction by S.R. Watson[image error]So the story of Shiv senior year goes like thisher boyfriend of five year dump her and dump her and also stars a new hooks up with a classmate of her, so this make her miserable until she meets Grayson, her professor/friends brother, they are attracted to each other but he dosnt do the flowers and heart, so he offers her a arrangent, the are exclusive but NO LOVE. So they start a " just sex relationship ", but like all books off this kind we knowSh [...]

    12. THERE ARE SOME STRONG SPOILERS IN THIS REVIEW. I strongly dislike writing negative reviews but this had to be done. (Please do not be offended by this review). I don't understand why I pushed myself through this one - stubbornness perhaps? I almost DNF'd it at 23%. I honestly feel as if I am missing something. There are so many high ratings for this and I wonder, how? It is literally a mimic of 50 Shades of Grey in a vaguely different setting - I don't even understand how this qualifies as "stud [...]

    13. Siobhan Gallagher thought she had it all. She was so wrong. The first step in her loss of control and her life was when she walked into her first class of the semester and spotted her professor, who just happened to be one of the most gorgeous men she had ever seen. Professor Michaels, he is every girls dream. He is sexy, knows how to treat a lady and is a billionaire. He is also a well known playboy that makes it a habit to not keep a girl around for more than one or two nights. He had no idea [...]

    14. Wow! This was not what I expected yet, it was everything I hoped for. To start off I do want to say this book is not for everyone but it is for NA readers. I have read several books that are like this one. Though none are written the way Watson has written this tale of forbidden romance. This read has all the drama of a "Forbidden Attraction" and it is perfect. So many over do the drama or don't do enough and it is very hard to relate to. I found this the perfect combination and very relate-able [...]

    15. Actual Rating: 3.5 This was a great novel. It is the forbidden love story of Grayson and Siobhan. This is an interesting and great, but it could have been better. I thought the story was great and I thought it was a great student-teacher romance. Grayson Michaels is the teacher that makes an agreement with Siobhan. He is the bad boy teacher with green eyes. He is charming, passionate and sexy as hell. I think he is a kind and decent man who has a broken past.Siobhan is his student. She went to t [...]

    16. I loved Shiv. I relate to her so much. The story starts off a little slow but it actually works to set things up. In walks Grayson. He is there to help her get over Liam. It is a no strings attached sex relationship. But sometimes the heart wants what it wants.Loved the story! There were so many side stories going on and it all flowed together to make this one awesome story. I can not wait to read what is next. Who is her stalker? Does she punch Vanessa (because I would)? Is there a future for h [...]

    17. Really great story. Great page turner. This is a story written about a taboo subjectteacher/student. Siobhans heart is broken when her boyfriend admits he's cheated on her. Then Professor Micheal catches her eye. Their story is a rollercoster ride of passion & hot sexy scenes. Can't say much more about story without spoiling it. I will say I couldn't guess what's gonna happen next. Really enjoyed this book. It was a gripping read. Will say I did rant about the ending. Hope we don't have too [...]

    18. Not for me She cries too much!! It pissed me off. Grayson suffers a very serious mood swing, one minute he is all close off and stuff, the next he's tickling her and laughing. Didn't find the characters very believable neither their "relationship" .The protagonist (Shiv) is weak and too insecure- beyond normal break up insecurity- Grayson is too dominating, didn't think it was very matchable. I couldn't finish the book although the book was well written, well except for the characters.

    19. Hmm I'm on the fence about this book.I love a forbidden storyline but I felt like I was kinda reading 50 shades all over again.From the I don't do romance to wine transferring to the mouth I was like whaat.That being said, the story wasn't that bad & I would probably get book 2 just to see how shivon & grayson story ends.

    20. I can't believe this is her first book ,it was very good & very well written. I must say I hated Vanessa with a passion someone needs to stab her repeatedly ! Grayson was hot , I loved him , Shiv was a little bit annoying she was too clingy & jealous . I can not wait for the next one !

    21. This was not a good book. It was more like a fanfiction based off of 50 Shades of Gray. It was poorly edited and contained unrelatable characters. It needed a lot more work before getting published. I won't be tuning in for the rest of the series.

    22. Even though this book reminded me of a few others (in terms of themes/clichés) I thoroughly enjoyed it. I would have liked some more character development, but it was a good read all the same. I will be reading the next one.4 stars from me.

    23. The book started off good. It seemed like a promising story about forbidden attraction as the title predicted but halfway through, it entered the cheap fifty shades ripp off stage and then straight up copy paste sex scenes. Read the first book in the series then started the second, DNF at 25%Too stupid to even continue.

    24. Omg This is such a great series. I cannot wait to start the next book. Love the characters and storyline. This is a must read.

    25. Well this was a book that fell between a four and a five star rating for me. Shiv, Grayson, Jordan and Vanessa were all developed so well I had strong feelings for each of them, BUT, the ending left me hanging and I am not sure it was a suspenseful hanging or just a “you have got to be kidding me” hanging. Shiv followed her boyfriend Liam for five years, believing that they had a happily ever after future waiting for them after college. He had other ideas which set her off into a tail spin w [...]

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