Forbidden Love

Forbidden Love Siobhan is starting her last semester at USC After the horrific ending of the previous semester she is determined to keep her head down graduate and get as far from Los Angeles and Grayson as possi

  • Title: Forbidden Love
  • Author: S.R. Watson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 263
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Siobhan is starting her last semester at USC After the horrific ending of the previous semester, she is determined to keep her head down, graduate, and get as far from Los Angeles and Grayson as possible However, the best laid plans don t always come to fruition.Grayson is finally ready to admit his feelings for Siobhan Some of his secrets have been exposed, but the surSiobhan is starting her last semester at USC After the horrific ending of the previous semester, she is determined to keep her head down, graduate, and get as far from Los Angeles and Grayson as possible However, the best laid plans don t always come to fruition.Grayson is finally ready to admit his feelings for Siobhan Some of his secrets have been exposed, but the surface has barely been scratched Will he lose Siobhan once and for all once his omissions and secrets are out in the open Neither Grayson nor Siobhan is prepared for the multitude of barriers, challenges, and danger headed their way Once the smoke clears, will their love prevail or will it smolder in the ashes

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      S R Watson is a Texas native who currently resides in Madison, WI She is the bestselling author of the Forbidden Trilogy, The Object of His Desire, and has co authored The Adulteress and the bestselling S.I.N Rock Star Trilogy with Shawn Dawson.When S.R Watson is not writing she enjoys a glass of wine and binge watching her favorite TV shows.


    1. This is the second book in this series and by the time the third comes out I will be a wreck waiting for the answers. This book does contain a lot of profanity and sexual scenes, so if this offends you, this book is not for you. Siobhan is in her last year at USC. She was seeing her professor, Grayson, and keeping it a secret. She was crushed after her breakup with Liam, after he cheated on her. She connected with Grayson on the rebound even though they both know this is forbidden. Siobhan is re [...]

    2. Siobhan. This poor girl! Damn. Where's book 3!?!? I had a little difficulty believing Grayson's love for Siohban and at times it reminded me a lot of Sylvain Reynard's Gabriel's Inferno series, but I still enjoyed it. Can't wait for book 3!!!

    3. 4.5 Forbidden Teacher/Student Stars!Great continuation of this story. This series is getting better and better for me. Full review to follow!

    4. Oh wow, Oh my God, I am blown away. This book was amazing. I am so in love with Grayson and Shiv and I am dying for the final installment!Dear Ms. Watson, please write fast!I don't even know where to start. At the end of Forbidden Attraction Shiv was recovering from a car accident which nearly killed her and turned out not to be an accident after all. But the worse part was the heartbreak of Grayson ending their affair and seemingly returning to his on/off lover Vanessa.The story picks up with S [...]

    5. I love when a series gets better and better! The ups and downs may kill me but, I will be loving every moment! Grayson I love you and I hate you! I am so happy you are telling Siobhan your secrets but at times I really wanted to scream! This is a read that will leave you on edge. Wondering is it all worth it and will they make it out of all of this drama together? To me there was a lot more drama in this one than the last. With a character like Vanessa how can there not be? This book is packed w [...]

    6. Siobhan is getting ready to start her last semester at school. She is hopeful that after her recovery that her return to school will be better then when she left following her wreck. The only contact she has had during her recovery is Liam and her mom. Siobhan is still trying to move past Grayson without much success. After classes begin, she is faced with controversy between Liam and Grayson. Following this, Grayson is determined to have a talk with Siobhan whether she wants to or not. Grayson [...]

    7. This is a student teacher romance.Grayson is Siobhans professor they were seeing each otherl in secret.Siobhan is in her last year of USC,shes determined to finish her work and keep her head down graduate and keep as much distance between herself and Grayson as possible.Shes plans to leave Los Angeles also part of her plan to keep away from Grayson!Grayson on the other hand is determined, he has finally decided he wants Siobhan and hes not giving up without a fight.He tracks her down makes her l [...]

    8. Actual Rating: 4.25 This was a great novel. It is the continuing forbidden love story of Grayson and Siobhan. This is an intense read. The new storyline with the stalker makes the book more interesting than the first one. I thought it was a great student-teacher romance. Grayson Michaels is the teacher that makes an agreement with Siobhan. He is the bad boy teacher with green eyes. He is charming, passionate and sexy as hell. I got to see who he was in the past and I found him interesting. I thi [...]

    9. This book is the second in the trilogy. So if you haven't read the first book you need to!Anyway I have been waiting for this book for what feels like forever! So this picks up after the events of the last book.Siobhan is just ready to graduate. She has one semester left and she will be graduated and going as far from LA as she can get. Mainly to get away from Grayson.Grayson though is not ready to give up and finally ready to have Sioban in his life. After he finally gets her to listen and expl [...]

    10. Wow, I don't even know where to beginI loved book one. The taboo relationship between a student and professor is one of my favourite reads and Forbidden Attraction is one off my top student/professor reads.I couldn't wait to devour book 2 and continue on with Grayson and Siobhan, their chemistry was off the charts in book one.I couldn't put down Forbidden Attraction so I couldn't wait for that kind of read again with Forbidden Love.After finishing Forbidden Love, all I can say is that even thoug [...]

    11. 5 out of 5 STARS!For those of you who haven't read book one in this trilogy, DO SO before reading Forbidden Love. But I can't get enough of student teacher romances and this one topped my favorites. Siobhan is seeing Grayson (aka her professor) and is in her last year at USC. Their relationship is forbidden on so many levels, but you can really feel a connection between Siobhan and Grayson. You find yourself rooting for them because all of the odds are against them. I really like Siobhans charac [...]

    12. I received this for an honest review. I have to say that Absolutely without a doubt I am Graysons number 1 fan I love this book. This book was the perfect continuation for the series. I fell in love with Grayson in Forbidden Attraction and I continue my love affair with him in Forbidden Love. I can not stress enough how much I loved this book. Once I picked it up I could NOT put it down. I have to admit for me this is a very hard review to write because I just do not want to give away anything. [...]

    13. This was OK It basically picks up where book 2 left off. The premise of the book is good (student falls for professor and they embark on a secret affairwhat happens next is the basis of this book). There is drama, a mystery, lots of sex and a major cliffhanger. Some of the dialogue got on my nerves, as did the heroine at times. I will be reading book 3 when it is released.when that is, I have no idea.

    14. it was flawed. I liked this story but it didn't give me the same enjoyment as the first book. This book also made me cringe because of how desperate and needy the main character was. Like if Greyson left (be it because he was on a business trip or because he was doing it for her own good so she wouldn't get expelled) she would get depressed and not want to do anything. Which was really annoying to say they least like girl snap out of it. Also really disappointed that I probably won't ever get a [...]

    15. So goodSuch a good series, I can't wait to read the next book. I love both characters even though I want to scream at them at times. I definitely recommend this series.

    16. Well book two starts us off right where book one ends. If you haven't read the first book don't read this review as it will contain possible spoilers.Things ended bad for our couple and really aren't getting any better. Grayson has all kinds of stuff going on and the worst of it being Vanessa. I didn't like the B-Word in book one and really don't like her this time around. However, I place most of the blame on Grayson for totally leading her on.With winter break now over, Shiv is back on campus [...]

    17. It's official. I'm in love with this trilogy! Is it weird that I check amazon a bunch of times a week to see if the next book is released, even though I have a feeling that the next book isn't coming out for a few more months? Can you blame me? A girl can dream! I can't get these books out of my head and I can't believe that I loved this book more than the first. The first book was beyond amazing but this book was phenomenal! I'm patiently (Not!!) waiting for the last book in this trilogyI highl [...]

    18. Forbidden Love picks up where Forbidden Attraction left off. After the car accident Shiv is happy to be alive, but her heart is still broken. To know that Grayson is back with that beotch Vanessa doesn’t really help either. He said that he loved her and she is so in love with him she doesn’t know how her heart will recover. When she returns to school, she avoids all contact with Professor Michaels. Not seeing him helps her to slowly get over him, but when they do bump into each other again, [...]

    19. Again, I liked the 2nd part of this story and it picks up right where the 1st book left off. What I did not like about this story was the fact that everyone keeps dumping on the heroine and she is taking alot of undeserved crap from best friend to ex boyfriend reducing her to a hot crying mess. Wow, how much can one person take? I just wanted to give her a big hug and tell her everything would be okay. I tend to lean towards stories with strong female heroines. The fact that the author just pull [...]

    20. When?This is a very good story. My rating is low because there is no mention of the third installment. I've Said it before, authors loose readers because of the length of time it takes for the release of the next book. If you go months, chances are most have gone ahead a read other books and forgotten about this one. I blame it on greedy authors trying to write other books before finishing what they've started. Sorry it shouldn't take forever. not like this was 50 Shades.

    21. ͠͠ ͠͠ ͠͠ ͠͠ ͠͠ ͠͠ ͠͠ ͠͠ ͠͠ ͠͠ ͠͠ ͠͠ ͠͠ ͠͠ ͠͠ ͠͠ ͠͠ ͠͠ ͠͠ ͠͠ ͠͠ Title: Forbidden Love Author: S.R. WatsonSeries: Forbidden Trilogy ,#2Published: November 16th 2014Pages: 228POV: First Person (Siobhan‘s Pov)Genres: Contemporary RomanceRating: 2.5 Stars <---Just for Shiv’s stupid acting͠͠ ͠͠ ͠͠ ͠͠ ͠͠ ͠͠ ͠͠ ͠͠ ͠͠ ͠͠ ͠͠ ͠͠ ͠͠ ͠͠ ͠͠ ͠͠ ͠͠ ͠͠ ͠͠ ͠͠ ͠͠ ͠͠

    22. Forbidden Love by S.R. Watson is a terrific part two in this trilogy. Again, filled with love, lust, mystery and angst, this #2 took on a life of its own. I love how consistent Watson is with the characters and how much info she gives us, just to keep us coming back for more. Unfortunately, the editing did not get any better, maybe even worse. I like this trilogy and think it could be great, with just one more read thru.

    23. definitely intriguingThe story plot definitely has me interested in what is going to happen next. The sex scene s are fabulous and have been tastefully done. However as the story develops we see that not everything is as it seems. We have each character dealing with their own troubles and in the end it might just be the catalyst to bring everyone together or to tear them apart.

    24. I need more!!!!!This story is so great. I love the characters they are far from perfect as people but work great for the story. If you want the predictable story this is not for you. I love the twists and danger and sex. My only complaint is I need book three NOW!!!! It says early 2015 well January is early right? I hope I find out exactly when it Wil be ready because this book ended in a huge cliff hanger that has my head spinning with ideas. Very well done.

    25. WOW! You truly get engulfed in this book! The author does a great job of capturing the emotions and twists and takes you for a ride. This story truly wrapped you in from the moment you began till the very last word in the book. I cannot wait for the next one! Hot, steamy, sexy, wanting more is how I'd describe this book!

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