Fearless Six strangers from across the world converge on the tropical island of Bali to attend a course designed to help them face their fears Their backgrounds are as diverse as their fears which range from f

  • Title: Fearless
  • Author: Fiona Higgins
  • ISBN: 9781760294229
  • Page: 321
  • Format: Paperback
  • Six strangers from across the world converge on the tropical island of Bali to attend a course designed to help them face their fears Their backgrounds are as diverse as their fears which range from flying, public speaking and heights, through to intimacy, failure and deathFriendships and even romance blossoms as the participants are put through a series of challengeSix strangers from across the world converge on the tropical island of Bali to attend a course designed to help them face their fears Their backgrounds are as diverse as their fears which range from flying, public speaking and heights, through to intimacy, failure and deathFriendships and even romance blossoms as the participants are put through a series of challenges which are unusual, confronting and sometimes hilarious A week of fun in the sun suddenly tranforms into something far serious, however, when the unthinkable happens a tragic disaster that puts the group in deadly danger that will test the individual courage of every memberShocking, powerful and utterly gripping, Fearless takes you to the edge and makes you look down.

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    1. Fiona Higgins

      Fiona is the author of three novels Fearless 2016 Wife on the Run, 2014 , The Mothers Group 2012 and a memoir, Love in the Age of Drought 2009 She is published by Allen Unwin and Pan Macmillan in Australia, with translations of her work sold into the Netherlands, France, Germany and Spain.She has qualifications in the humanities and social sciences and, a long time ago while studying, once worked as an Indonesian translator, a masseuse and a spruiker of fruitcakes not all at once.A lover of travel, Fiona recently spent three years in Indonesia with her husband and three children.She now lives in Sydney, but has itchy feet.


    1. As the six strangers arrived in Bali from various parts of the world, they converged on the Fearless Retreat which they’d signed up for. One week to face their fears and to overcome them. Janelle was from Australia – she had quit her mundane job and booked her place in Fearless; her numbing fear was flying so she booked her flight before she could talk herself out of it. The only thing that would help her terror was vodka – lots of it.There was Cara from Australia, though she’d been livi [...]

    2. I love the idea of six strangers meeting at a retreat in Bali to learn to face their fears. What a beautiful and exotic place to visit while learning to come to grips with whatever it is that is holding you back. All six characters are interesting and complex with common phobias they really want to overcome, but in some cases masking something deeper that they are afraid to admit to themselves. The retreat program all sounds a bit new-age to some of the participants, but it actually seems to wor [...]

    3. 3.5 stars. So here's the thing: when the blurb mentions "a tragic disaster that puts the group in deadly danger"? I expect that tragic disaster to take place well before the 60%-65% mark in the book. For some reason, I also assumed that said tragic disaster was going to be some kind of And Then There Were None situation. But no. Anyway, all of that meant that I spent about two thirds of this book waiting for the Big Bad Thing to happen and being frustrated at the end of every chapter when it sti [...]

    4. Fearless is the third novel by Australian author, Fiona Higgins. At Ubud, the Bali home of all things alternative, the Puri Damai resort hosts the Fearless retreat. Six Westerners are booked in for the week, a disparate group from far corners of the globe. Their fears or phobias differ just as much as they do. For some, it has taken courage just to get here; another joins in almost by accident; for still others, it’s a last resort (pardon the pun). English Henry’s passion is bird-watching, b [...]

    5. In this, her third novel, Fiona Higgins introduces us to a disparate group of six people with one thing in common - they have all booked in to the Fearless Retreat in Ubud, which aims to address and perhaps cure them of the phobias and fears that are holding them captive.Janelle, an Australian, is afraid of flying and it’s taking her a lot of courage (and vodka) to get through this flight; Henry, our Englishman is a bird-watcher but has a fear of public-speaking; Annie is sixty, overweight and [...]

    6. Not what I expected but an enjoyable read. So nice to sit down and do nothing but read a book.Six strangers come together in Barli to attend a coures to help them face their fears. They are not strangers for long as they each have to share their story in the group. Prejudged issues about each other are soon layed asside as they get to know each other. And they start to support and encourage each other as challengs come along. They are a lovely bunch of people and I liked every one of them.Some p [...]

    7. It’s always obvious if authors of fiction are writing about a topic or place they know well as they can seamlessly drop facts in without it appearing as if they’re offering up some sort of PhD thesis and overtly demonstrating their vast knowledge. The fact that Fiona Higgins – author of Wife on the Run and The Mother’s Group – lived in Indonesia and understands the place, customs and culture is thus very obvious (in a good way) in her latest novel, set in Bali.Higgins did a good job of [...]

    8. This was an easy, enjoyable read but I didn't find it as good as her previous book, The Mother's Group. The characters and situations seemed a bit too obvious at times.

    9. ‘Fearless’ is a new fiction novel from Australian author, Fiona Higgins.I was really excited to read this novel, as I’d thoroughly enjoyed Higgins’ ‘Wife on the Run’ back in 2014, and everything about ‘Fearless’ was broadcasting being a “great summer read” to me. But what really pushed me into reading this one was my catching the 2012 movie ‘The Impossible’ on TV one night. It’s a great movie based on a true story, about a British family on holiday in Thailand, who are [...]

    10. This was an engaging and really easy book to read - it took me less than a day! I was interested from the beginning to find out about each of the characters enrolled in the Fearless retreat and was waiting to find out what the tragic disaster could be that the blurb referred to.I’ve recently just read a book that I gave 5 stars, so I couldn’t help comparing this one with that, and felt the quality of the writing wasn’t quite as good, and the ending felt a little too well-wrapped up and “ [...]

    11. I really enjoyed Fearless from beginning to end. Fiona Higgins masters the art of character building.I went through a whole range of emotions following their respective paths. The author describes a culture she knows well and it's a pleasure to see another point of view of Bali than tourists' one. I am actually very curious now to know if a particular challenge took place in an existing place.I really recommend that book.

    12. I loved this book. At least as good as The Mother's Group. Totally gripping story and really captures the zeitgeist. I've lived in Bali for many years and the cultural references are spot on. I couldn't put it down and read it in two sittings. Highly recommended.

    13. Fearless has the makings of a great movie - action, suspense, love, friendship to name a few. A gripping read. The way Higgins develops and portrays her characters is always fantastic.

    14. What an awesome book! I read the last half of it in one sitting - I couldn't put it down. Haunting storylines, interesting characters and as the 'unspeakable act' unfolded I was gripping my seat. I feel like these people are my friends and I was there with them. Amazing book!

    15. An advance reading copy of this book was generously provided by the publisher.Life’s most precious moments couldn’t be memorialised, she knew. Joy and suffering inscribed upon the soul were remembrance enough.‘Fearless’ is the name of a seven day retreat in Bali that helps people overcome their fears and phobias.Six strangers, all from a different part of the world with different lives and different fears, begin their journey one beautiful Sunday morning in Bali. Their fears range from f [...]

    16. I loved this book - couldn't put it down. Incredible story, amazing characters, the type of book that stays with you long after you finish it. Highly recommend it.

    17. A real page turner! Fiona sure knows how to spin a yarn and this is her most gripping yet. A must read if you spend any time in Bali.

    18. Thanks to Allen and Unwin and for my copy of Fearless.This book explored numerous themes through a cast of characters. They were interesting and diverse but this also made them detrimental to the pace of the plot. It took a long time to develop backstories for all the characters which therefore meant that the action really didn't begin to take place until over halfway through the novel. While individually all of the characters were interesting I felt the net result was that the plot suffered by [...]

    19. I enjoyed this engaging read but not quite as much as Fiona’s two previous books, I would still recommend. This book alternates between the characters and starts by introducing each person in Chapter title relating to the persons Fear. I liked how the background of each person was explained also which allowed us to know the characters that little bit more. Six strangers from different parts of the world are thrown together in this book because of their fears and ultimately brings them together [...]

    20. I am more than a tiny bit conflicted about this book. So much so, that I've been reflecting on it for a few hours after finishing it. I found it difficult to get into, and was unsure about the massive backstories that were built for some characters, but not others. Eventually everything became clear leading to the climax happening with a bang. It was well-written and drawn out, but I would have preferred slightly more resolution than there was.

    21. Wow, I'm surprised this book is getting so many stars. I found it just okay. It was an easy read, decent and believable plot line, and the Bali references were authentic and accurate. But I didn't find myself enjoying the writing, the characters, or the ending. It all lacked a bit of depth for me and the ending felt too tidy and cliched. I enjoyed The Mother's Group much more.

    22. Loved it! Great character development and when you think the story is settling, it turns around! Great read.

    23. Met dank aan Ambo/Anthos uitgevers voor dit recensie-exemplaar.Fiona Higgins keerde recent terug van Indonesië waar zij drie jaar verbleef. Ze werkte steeds voor non-profitorganisaties en is gekwalificeerd in de sociale wetenschappen. Deze elementen van haar achtergrond zijn dan ook steeds aanwezig in haar boeken.Korte samenvattingOp Bali volgen zes mensen een cursus ‘Overwin je angst’. Ze kennen elkaar niet en hebben elk een diverse achtergrond en iedereen is voor verschillende dingen bang [...]

    24. Allen & Unwin’s publicity people got a bit carried away with the cover blurb on Fearless, raising expectations of a “shocking, powerful and utterly gripping” read which aren’t quite matched by the actual story. However, it is an engaging book thanks to a range of credible characters learning how to face their fears (flying, public speaking, heights, connecting with others) at the “Fearless” retreat in Bali. Fiona Higgins recently spent “an extended period” in Bali and it show [...]

    25. It was ok. Nothing much happens for the first half as this is spent giving you a background on all of the characters and their "fears", issues, family life etc.All of a sudden out of nowhere BHAM! The "unspeakable act" occurs and then you are thinking "right ok now something is happening" and from then on it's not too bad as the story deals with the big event and the aftermath plus how every character finishes up.I didn't mind it but given the write ups and reviews I thought it would be better b [...]

    26. A great summer read. Easy to read and a real page-turner.6 strangers from around the world come together in Bali to attend a Fearless Retreat to learn how to face their fears. The characters all have interesting stories about themselves that we learn along the way as well as following along their experiences at the retreat.A big unexpected plot twist hits the reader as distasteful strikes. How all the Fearless characters respond is suspenseful and thought provoking.

    27. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The writer had me hooked from the starting lines. The characters were very relatable. The premise of the story is about facing your fears, walking alongside the characters being forced to face their fears was both rewarding and insightful.A shocking event will leave you slightly numb; you won't be able to come up for air as the reality of the situation grabs your every nerve.

    28. I listened to this book on audible. Zoe Carides does an AMAZING job narrating! Her voices for everyone were the best. The story of the book is amazing as well! Higgins is a beautiful writer and the flow of the novel was perfect. She put so much thought and detail into everything. I'm actually in Bali right now and everything she has described in the book, is exactly spot on! So far my favourite of 2017

    29. Absolutely loved this book Could relate to the great mixture of characters during their time of travel and discovery and enlightenment. Having been to Bali as many Aussies have I could not only picture myself being held captive but I could also feel the heat and the smells of Bali too. Next time I'm there I'm going to try a vagina spa haha

    30. I was guided to this book by a Radio National interview with the author which I found interesting. Well drawn, although some might find stereotypical characters but stereotypes are based on something, right? And I found Cara's story particularly poignant. Worth a look. An enjoyable quick read. There will probably be some aspects that resonate.

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