Stop Feedin' da Boids!

Stop Feedin da Boids When Swanda first moves to Brooklyn from the country she misses the wildlife she left behind But not for long Oh look What dear little birds Swanda says to her dog when she notices all the pigeons o

  • Title: Stop Feedin' da Boids!
  • Author: James Sage Pierre Pratt
  • ISBN: 9781771386135
  • Page: 306
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When Swanda first moves to Brooklyn from the country, she misses the wildlife she left behind But not for long Oh, look What dear little birds Swanda says to her dog when she notices all the pigeons outside her apartment Come, Waldo, we ll get them a bird feeder all their own It s fun to watch the pigeons flock to the feeder, at first But then arrive anWhen Swanda first moves to Brooklyn from the country, she misses the wildlife she left behind But not for long Oh, look What dear little birds Swanda says to her dog when she notices all the pigeons outside her apartment Come, Waldo, we ll get them a bird feeder all their own It s fun to watch the pigeons flock to the feeder, at first But then arrive and and And before she knows it, there are too many pigeons Swanda seeks some Sound Practical Advice from a few experts a pest control officer, the keeper of birds at the city zoo and an exotic bird fancier from Peru but that gets her nowhere So her neighbors step in with their own Brooklynese solution SWANDA, YOU GOTTA STOP FEEDIN DA BOIDS Author James Sage s funny picture book explores what happens when a nature loving girl meets city birds The playful, vibrant artwork by award winning illustrator Pierre Pratt offers its own comic narrative Readers are in on the havoc below the bird feeder that Swanda doesn t see This book makes a terrific choice for a humorous, entertaining read aloud It would also work as an introduction to social studies lessons on urban versus rural communities, and on accents and dialects It would easily launch a life sciences discussion on how species adapt and survive in urban habitats as well.

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      James Sage Pierre Pratt Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Stop Feedin' da Boids! book, this is one of the most wanted James Sage Pierre Pratt author readers around the world.


    1. "Stop Feedin' da Boids!" is a cute children's story about a girl who moves to the city and misses the wildlife so she gets a bird feeder. We get to meet a few different characters who are not pleased with all of the pigeons that Swanda attracts. The illustrations are fun and add to the overall story. I look forward to reading more books written James Sage and illustrated by Pierre Pratt.Thank you to NetGalley and Kids Can Press for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

    2. This is a cute enough book. I love the pictures of the pigeons close-up. Their blank look reminds me of the way chickens look at one.The story is a quick one. Girl misses animals after she moves to New York, so she starts feeding the pigeons, who proceed to do what all birds do, because they don't have sphincter muscles, which drive the people below her apartment to shout their advice to stop here "Stop feedin' da boids!"So, she decides to get obsessed with fish after that.So, three stars for th [...]

    3. Very disappointing book. I had such high hopes, based on the funny title and the cute pigeons. But the girl, Swanda (seriously!?), was just an idiot. The book strives to fill pages without expanding on the story, nor being entertaining. And how does getting swamped with pigeons translate into getting a bunch of fish???

    4. So I read this book as a digital galley and I think there are still some words missing. You can tell from the title that the town’s message to a little girl with a bird problem is Stop Feedin’ da Boids, but it is never said. Not only that, there seems to be a disconnect from the first half of the book and the last half. After the townspeople get involved with the birds, the little girl gets a fish tank, and then a larger one, and then it is like it never mattered in the first place. It’s j [...]

    5. The story was a little confusing, and I can only assume that maybe a page or two was missing. I'm not really sure how it resolves itself.The tone of the illustrations was a little too dark, and I wasn't a fan of the way the people were drawn. Overall, it didn't really do it for me.I received this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

    6. Great for showing unintended consequences or cause & effect.The close ups of the pigeons make me feel I'm sitting right there in the middle of the flock, but the other illustrations are more cartoonish.

    7. Swanda misses the wildlife that she left behind when they moved from the country to the city. Swanda, the little girl with a big heart. With her loving dog beside her, Swanda notices on her balcony, the little birds hanging around and sitting hereby. She decides to buy them a bird feeder and soon she has tons of birds flocking around her apartment, creating quite a mess. She tries to get some advice on what to do about the situation as her neighbors begin to complain and it boils down that she n [...]

    8. Stop Feedin' da Boids! is a picture book written by James Sage and illustrated by Pierre Pratt. When Swanda first moves to Brooklyn from the country, she misses the wildlife she left behind. But not for long. Swanda notices all the pigeons outside her apartment and decides that they need a bird feeder of their own. It is fun to watch the pigeons flock to the feeder, at first. But then more arrive, and then more, and more. Before she knows it, there are way too many pigeons! Swanda seeks some hel [...]

    9. This is a quick story, with large pictures and few words. When Swanda moves to New York City, she misses the animals. When she sees the pigeons on the roof and fire escape, she decides to feed them. As anyone knows, when you feed pigeons, more arrive until the neighbours are very upset with her. They are tired of stepping in pigeon poop. Everyone shouts to her, "Stop feedin' da boids!" Of course Swanda does and the birds leave, but she is not happy with no animals. Then she sees fish in the pet [...]

    10. Stop Feedin’ Da Boids is a tribute to multi-cultural Brooklyn, New York that does an admirable job of portraying the up and downs of metropolis life. When Swanda moves from the countryside to the city, she cannot leave her love of wildlife behind. Unfortunately, her affection for feeding the birds leads to disastrous results for her neighbors. The illustrations are full of people of all shapes, sizes and colors, while the portrayal of the problem-causing pigeons is spot-on. One complaint is th [...]

    11. "Stop Feedin' Da Boids!" is a cute picture book for children. Swanda has moved to Brooklyn and misses the wildlife- she is soon swarmed by pigeons who are noisy and bothering her neighbors. They figure out the problem is that she is feeding them. Once she stops, they go away, and Swanda gets some fish. The pictures are really the strength of the book with full page illustrations although very few words, children will love trying to identify the characters and all the bustle of Brooklyn. They are [...]

    12. This cute story with vibrant illustrations follows Swanda who arrives in the city and misses all the wildlife. When she spots pigeons she begins to feed them and the problem becomes overwhelming. Eventually she realizes that she can no longer give them food as the neighbours don't want the mess. So she moves on to fish, which leads to an aquarium, which leads to a desire for bigger and better. A fun book to remind children how less can be more.

    13. Cute title.pointless story! The illustrations seemed blurry and smeared. I had a real problem with the character's noses and also how Waldo seemed to be a different size in almost every picture. I envisioned that this would be a story about a lonely little girl in the city who would eventually make friends because of her love of animals, but everyone ended up being against her and then she moved on to the next animal. Does not show children how to be responsible pet owners.

    14. This one really disappointed me. The title and cover made me expect so much more. I mean with a title like Stop feedin' da boids I thought there would be moremething a little more engaging. Sadly, this one is just ok. The story is quick and not particularly interesting. The only real redeeming aspect of this book is the art. The illustrations are beautiful.

    15. I was anticipating a funny read with lots of hilarious dialogue and different characters but was disappointed. BOIDS is only yelled once during the entire read twice if you read the title out loud. Fast read and cute story. I enjoyed the illustrations and the story itself was unique.

    16. unfortunately, this is a thoroughly underwhelming book. i thought i'd get some more accents in here, and a whole lot more humour. i thought the story would be about the birds. :(

    17. Oblivious main character shows kids how not to interact with animals and new neighbors; odd illustrations are off-putting.

    18. Humorous look at life in the city with pigeons and people in opposition with cartoonish illustrations. There is an amazing spread of scores of pigeons.

    19. A little girl that moved to the city and missed animals. So she started feeding pigeons and they caused a big mess. Wasn't as funny as I thought it was going to be but still an enjoyable book.

    20. A simple little story, the illustrations are very unique with a more surrealist cast than anything else, the setting is delightfully drawn.

    21. It was okay. I was hoping for more dialect, what with the title. Animal lovers (and bird lovers) will appreciate this book.

    22. Thanks to Netgalley for this book. I liked it but didn't love it. I think the kids at the elementary school will enjoy it.

    23. Swanda annoys her city neighbors by feeding the pigeons. The neighbors try to shoo them away, but they keep coming for the food. She finally stops when the neighbors tell her to. She finds a new wildlife fetish at the end of the story that also has potential for annoying the neighbors. I felt the story dragged and lacked a real plot.

    24. Swanda (love her name) and her trusty dog Waldo move from the country into the bustling city of Brooklyn N.Y. Because of her country background she finds she is missing her beloved wildlife and one day she discovers there actually is wildlife in the city in fact they are right outside her window. Who knew? Great! "Oh, look! What dear little birds! Come, Waldo, we'll get them a bird feeder all their own."It takes about one minute's time for the city pigeons to discover that Swanda's Café for Pig [...]

    25. When Swanda moves from the countryside to the city she misses the all the animals she left behind. So when she discovers an abundance of hungry birds sitting on her fire escape, she does what any animal loving child would do: she feeds them. But feeding a few pigeons only attracts more, and more, and more, until their droppings and endless coo, coo-ing create an unavoidable nuisance for all her neighbors. Swanda searches for a solution to her problem from a number of experts but it is her neighb [...]

    26. While the illustrations are appealing and the main story line --country girl moves to the city, misses the animals, and decides to feed the urban pigeons, to disastrous results-- is fun and worthy of discussion with kids, I'm confused about why the a second story line has been included in the book. Honestly, the story should have ended when she applied the neighbors' advice and stopped feeding the birds. #NetGalley

    27. *An ARC of this book was provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*2.5 stars.Unfortunately, this one wasn't a winner in my book. The illustrator could draw vibrant pictures and lovely pigeons, but was less good at drawing people. The story had the potential to be cute, but the combination of the writing and the pictures left it rather flat, in my opinion.

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