Amelia's Science Fair Disaster

Amelia s Science Fair Disaster When Amelia s science teacher announces that the seventh graders are all going to compete in the science fair Amelia gets stuck with horrible partners Can Amelia survive the science fair without ruin

  • Title: Amelia's Science Fair Disaster
  • Author: Marissa Moss
  • ISBN: 9781416964940
  • Page: 351
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When Amelia s science teacher announces that the seventh graders are all going to compete in the science fair, Amelia gets stuck with horrible partners Can Amelia survive the science fair without ruining her grade and losing her mind Illustrations.

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      Who is Marissa Moss anyway I ve been making children s books for a looooong time I sent my first picture book to publishers when I was nine, but it wasn t very good and they didn t publish it I didn t try again until I was a grown up and then it took five years of sending out stories, getting them rejected, revising them and sending them back over and over until I got my first book Now I ve published than forty books and each new one is still hard in its own way Each one takes a lot of revising because I never get things right the first time That used to frustrate me Now I expect it And I don t mind, because that gives me permission to make mistakes It means I can take risks and try new things because I don t have to be perfect I can always make changes.I had already published nearly a dozen books when I got the idea for Amelia s Notebook I was buying school supplies for my son when I saw one of the black and white composition books It reminded me of the notebook I had when I was a kid, so I bought it for myself, not my son and I wrote and drew what I remembered from when I was nine Amelia s what came out I didn t plan on the book becoming a series, but the first one sold so well and Amelia had so much to say, I kept on going.Now I m playing with other notebook formats, like in the historical journals and Alien Eraser where I get to play around with making comics, something I love And I m working on my first chapter book, a long story with no pictures It s also my first time writing a mystery, another challenge I m not sure I can do it, but it ll be fun to try Keep your eye on the new ideas page and you ll see if I ever get the book finished or published.If you want official information, like where I was born or went to school, I ll give you the basics here I m sure there are other websites with excruciating detail.I was born in Pennsylvania, but my family moved to California when I was two, and I ve been here ever since I grew up in the southern part of the state and now live in the San Francisco Bay Area I studied art at San Jose State but fought too much with my art teachers I was very opinionated I wanted to do my kind of art they wanted me to do theirs So I transferred to the University of California at Berkeley where I didn t take a single English or Art class Mostly I took history where I learned how to do research, tools that have helped me in making the historical journals and working on my Young Adult novel Then I took classes at the California College of Arts and Crafts for a year since I didn t want another degree and a year s tuition was all I could afford I just wanted some guidance on how to break into childrens books.I waited tables while I sent out stories, waiting for some editor to fall in love with my work There was no fall back plan, no alternative career I d still be waiting tables if I weren t lucky enough to have gotten that first book And after that, the second one, and then the third and the fourth and the fifth Each new book is still a challenge It s hard work and I love every minute of it.


    1. Reviewed by Jaglvr for TeensReadTooWho doesn't dread the words "science fair?" For anyone in middle school, these two words can be pure torture. Coming up with a science fair project can be agony. Well, for Amelia it's worse than that. Not only does she have to deal with a science fair, her science teacher has given her two more words that she can't stand to hear - "group project." Amelia doesn't have any friends in her science class. Her best friend, Carly, is in a different science class, and [...]

    2. Middle grade readers will relate to Amelia's dilemma concerning her science fair project and being assigned to a group. If this were the first time she'd been a member of a group that is less than ideal, that would be one thing. But this assignment is just another in a long line of project disasters. While her friend Carly seems to have the ideal group with everyone pulling his/her own weight, Amelia is saddled with the overly-friendly and talkative Sadie who behaves as though they are the best [...]

    3. Amelia and her classmates have just been told by their science teacher that everyone will be assigned a group project for the upcoming science fair. When Amelia hears this, she is upset. First of all, her best friend, Carly, is not in her class. Second, she doesn’t think any of her classmates would make good partners. When her teacher pairs her up with Sadie, the annoying girl who asks too many questions, and Felix, the boy who sleeps through class, Amelia is not happy. Worst of all, Sadie is [...]

    4. I've read other Amelia books before.ey are pretty accurate about what life is like for a contemporary 7th grade girl. This one explores the dynamics of group projects, (there is always someone that doesn't do much work), and science fairs.

    5. I liked this more for the difficult-friendship angle than for the science fair angle. At least Amelia's project turned out to be an actual experiment. This was definitely a breezy read; a good addition to a deservedly popular series.

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