Besieged The ancient gods are alive and well in the modern world in this hilarious action packed collection of original short stories featuring Atticus O Sullivan the handsome tattooed two thousand year ol

  • Title: Besieged
  • Author: Kevin Hearne
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  • Page: 151
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The ancient gods are alive and well in the modern world in this hilarious, action packed collection of original short stories featuring Atticus O Sullivan, the handsome, tattooed, two thousand year old Irishman with extraordinary magic powers from Kevin Hearne s New York Times bestselling Iron Druid Chronicles.

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    1. Kevin Hearne

      Kevin is the NYT bestselling author of the Iron Druid Chronicles, as well as two forthcoming series The Seven Kennings, an epic fantasy trilogy, and Tales of Pell, a fantasy series co authored with Delilah S Dawson Books 1 8 of the Iron Druid Chronicles are out now BESIEGED, a collection of new Iron Druid stories, will be out July 11 A PLAGUE OF GIANTS, the first book of The Seven Kennings, will be out Oct 17.


    1. I would describe the book "Besieged" by Kevin Hearne, a collection of stories about some of the various characters that inhabit is "Druid" series of books, suffers, from the problem of 'too much of the same'. That's not to say the book lacks entertainment, as it is presented. Many of the stories have a similar format. A character reminisces about events in the past, either as a fireside tale or a general recollection of past events. For me, this immediately creates the problem popping the balloo [...]

    2. This is pure candy. What else can we expect out of a collection of novellas and short stories set in between the long-running Iron Druid series? Of course, we need to have some passing familiarity with the events, but for the most part, these snap right along and give us cute, sometimes, funny, and sometimes horrific scenes of an immortal druid battling demons in the wild west or taking on carnies. Say what?Well, yeah! And running from Bast in ancient Egypt! Oops. Well, we always knew that Attic [...]

    3. In many ways, this was the Iron Druid book I’ve been waiting for.I love Kevin Hearne’s writing, love the characters he’s created and the world building based on world myth and legend. I’ve read all the Iron Druid books and like them all. But some of the novels have been a bit stretched out, some of the plots a touch watered down. What has always fascinated me, though, is the depth of his creation and the potentiality for so much more. It's kind of like how the Marvel films are great, but [...]

    4. Interestingly enough, I am not a big fan or either Harry Dresden or Neil Gaiman, but I really enjoy the Iron Druid series. This is why I do not like title dropping in the book blurbs. I wish people would stop doing that. It never works out well for the book. Either you skip it because you didn't like the books mentioned or you read it, but you're disappointed by the comparison. Besides, why compare this book to others when the series is solid enough to stand on its own? I'm still going to read t [...]

    5. I HATE that the synopsis compares this so heavily to Dresden. Dresden takes itself so seriously that it is absolutely insufferable. Atticus O'sullivan is always done in good humor and tongue in cheek fantasy tropes. He isn't getting beaten to near death every fifteen pages and expected to save the entire universe by the end of every book. It's much more light hearted and therefore much more bearable than Dresden's constant whining about the paper cut a random ass kid in Saudi Arabia got while re [...]

    6. Reviewed by: Rabid ReadsE EYE OF HORUS ~ 4 StarsThis is a campfire tale narrated by Attitus to Granuaile and Oberon, but it predates the IRON DRUID CHRONICLES, so Luke Daniels adopted an old Irish accent for the dialogue which was almost as fun to listen to as Owen's. Readers discover in part how the protagonist became the Iron Druid which is a tidbit that's mostly glossed over in the full-length books, thus I really enjoyed unraveling that mystery, plus the usual Siodhachan takes on an impossib [...]

    7. I LOVE the Iron Druid Chronicles. They are so much fun. And to think I never would have even started this series if it wasn't for a book club that I have on facebook and the first book, Hounded, got picked for the book of the month. I was not excited. I took one look at the cover and cast some serious judgement. Well I was wrong to do that and found a series that I want to devour every morsel of. This particular book started off slow. I was expecting stories that happened in between books of the [...]

    8. First off,this made me love Owen even more. Also, fun fact: cover Owen looks like a mashup of my dad and my husband, so he wins even more points.Anywho.Oftentimes, short story compilations are sort of a consolation prize while readers wait for the next book -- kind of a greatest hits of cut scenes that don't really move the plot forward. However, Besieged is not one of these books.While most stories are told from the viewpoint of Atticus, there are stories told by Granuaile and Owen, too. Each o [...]

    9. An anthology of nine short stories with eight of them new in The Iron Druid Chronicles urban fantasy series and revolving around a 2,000-year-old Druid and his (mis)adventures. (Hearne considers this anthology to fall in at 8.5 in the series, publication-wise, after The Purloined Poodle, which is actually 8.5.)The Series"The Eye of Horus", 4.1"Goddess at the Crossroads", 4.2"The Demon Barker of Wheat Street", 4.6"Gold Dust Druid", 4.7"The Bogeyman of Boora Bog", 8.1"Cuddle Dungeon", 8.2"Blood Pu [...]

    10. This was a great group of short stories (all new except for one), most of which tied together and led in nicely to the next book. I can’t wait to get my hands on it! I particularly liked how a bunch tied together, but were told by different characters’ POV. And dang you Morrigan for leaving us with that warning to end on.

    11. One thing I'll admit to right out of the gate is that I'm a SUCKER for in-world vignettes, shorts, and novellas. I spoke to this at length a couple years ago on my blog, and it still holds true today. There isn't much I don't love about them - the quick format, the background story info, the chance for the author to expand on their world with bitesized adventures. Iron Druid already has that feel to it as a series, to a degree, and seems a perfect fit for even more of these shorts. With the seri [...]

    12. Kevin Hearne is the author of one of my favorite fantasy series, and he just released this book of 9 short stories that occur at different times within the 12 books I've already read, so it was really fun. He also sets up his next book (I assume) that will deal with Ragnarok, a coming apocalypse that has been alluded to in several other of his books. And, as I often do when talking about Kevin Hearne, I'll mention again that if you like Jim Butcher, you're going to enjoy this as well.

    13. Can I just say that I often forget how much I like this series until a new one comes out and then I read the newest and I want to go back and read them all again? This book may entice a new reader to the series, but I'd really recommend that you read the other books before this one, it will make far more sense. This is a short story collection of Iron Druid stories, mostly taking place between or after the other published books. We get some stories of Atticus visiting a variety of locales like E [...]

    14. ★★★☆☆ The Eye of Horus★★★☆☆ Goddess at the Crossroads★★★★☆ The Demon Barker of Wheat Street★★★★☆ Gold Dust Druid★★★★☆ The Bogeyman of Boora Bog★★★☆☆ Cuddle Dungeon★★★☆☆ Blood Pudding★★★★☆ Haunted Devils★★★★☆ The End of Idylls

    15. Besieged is a collection of tales all set in the Iron Druid world. All but the last few are not directly related to the current storyline. Many are fun recountings of events in the long lives of these characters. *Note: I could not find a listing of the story titles within the book, so I did my best trying to catch the names when listening to the audiobook."Eye of Horus"This is a story Atticus shares with Granuaile and Oberon; told between Tricked and Two Ravens and One Crow, when Granuaile is s [...]

    16. The Eye of Horus★★☆☆☆ Mostly bored by this story except the very end and Oberon's comments.Goddess at the Crossroads ★★☆☆☆ I literally read this with the first 4 novellas in the compilation and remember thinking, MEH. But cannot even remember what it was about.The Demon Barker of Wheat Street ★★★★★ I read/listened to this in Carniepunk compilation and was so unimpressed by the voice of Oberon that I didn't really end up connecting with it. I thought the story was in [...]

    17. It is always difficult to write a review of a short story collection, after all there are usually both high and low points, things you loved and things you didn’t, but that’s not really an issue with Besieged by Kevin Hearne. Full of little gems, Besieged offers little glimpses into the lives of characters that we’ve come to love over eight novels, a couple novellas and a few earlier short stories, offering us the chance to see the little stories that the main narrative thread doesn’t re [...]

    18. This was a mixed bag for meDone stories I loved, others didn't do it for me. I'm not a big fan of Granuille, so that story wasn't my favorite, though at least she gets to do some ass kicking, which made it one of her better arcs. Why she thought the mercenary was so HOT and if she should have a bit of fun with him I don't know. Not because she's not allowed that, bit because A) I just don't care and B) it came all of sudden and just felt off.I didn't need Perun and his spouse in the "cuddle dung [...]

    19. This was an enjoyable addition to the Iron Druid chronicles. There was nothing essential in the stories and many of them take place in the past but a few deal with events between books 8 and 9. Its a good read for anyone invested in the series who want to read some quick side stories. I would love to see more stories with Owen and the apprentices and maybe even a spin off series focusing on their training in the vein of Young Jedi Knights but I know that's rather unlikely. If you like the series [...]

    20. A fun collection of short stories in the Iron Druid series. There's some great stuff here, but also a couple of duds.To start with, the negs:"Goddess at the Crossroads" should have been one of my favorites, as it has Shakespeare, witches, vile transformations, etc. Instead, I actually forgot about it and had to take a second look before it would register. Literally forgettable, kinda dull;"Blood Pudding" shows that Hearne still has a hard time writing from a female POV (mostly doesn't write wome [...]

    21. I really love this series, and I was happy to have some short stories to get me through until the next book. I enjoyed them all, but I think Perin, Owen, and of course Oberon were the best. Owen's views on how we're "cocking up the planet" are hilarious to me!

    22. All of these short stories are setup for the final book in the series. If you've been following the Iron Druid Chronicles this is a must-read.

    23. Originally reviewed for & posted at Vampire Book ClubReview source: copy provided by publisher in exchange for an honest reviewRating (out of 5): 4 stars Note: While this review will be spoiler free, it may make references to previous books in the series.Let me preface this by saying, me and anthologies… we’re not the best of friends. I very rarely read them, and even more rarely review them. But if any pair can tempt me to open the cover of one, it’s Atticus and Oberon. The fact that [...]

    24. This is a collection of short stories in the Iron Druid universe. I found most of the stories to be rather bland - same stuff, different day. There were one or two stories that were different, but most were of the all-powerful druid killing the bad guy variety. In short, an ok read but I know the author can do better and I wonder if he hasn't got bored with this story.

    25. Four stars: A delightful set of tales that delve into Atticus’ past, while also preparing the readers for the upcoming finale. Being a long time fan of the Iron Druid Chronicles I had to get my hands on this collection of short stories. I liked that this set of stories was a mix of past and present. I loved delving into Atticus’ past, and I especially enjoyed the story involving William Shakespeare. There are also stories from Owen’s and Granuaile’s points of views. The final two stories [...]

    26. Story collections are usually like baseball games. Sometimes they hit it out of the park and other times they don’t even make it to first base. Some are the result of really good ideas that provide enough material for a great story but not enough for a book. Others are used to fill in minor holes in a book series. Others are nothing more than the literary equivalent of doodling. The nine stories that make up Besieged take place at different times throughout the Iron Druid series and readers wh [...]

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