Brette: Intentions Gone Astray

Brette Intentions Gone Astray How many times should a man propose before finally giving up He thought his adventures were over A rogue reluctantly turned rector Alexander Hawksworth prefers soir es to sermons and parties to pray

  • Title: Brette: Intentions Gone Astray
  • Author: Collette Cameron
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 240
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • How many times should a man propose before finally giving up He thought his adventures were over.A rogue reluctantly turned rector, Alexander Hawksworth, prefers soir es to sermons and parties to prayers Though impoverished, he seizes every opportunity to escape parish duties, preferring to hob nob with London s finest especially after the precocious and petite Brette CHow many times should a man propose before finally giving up He thought his adventures were over.A rogue reluctantly turned rector, Alexander Hawksworth, prefers soir es to sermons and parties to prayers Though impoverished, he seizes every opportunity to escape parish duties, preferring to hob nob with London s finest especially after the precocious and petite Brette Culpepper arrives in Town When he unexpectedly inherits an earldom, he s determined to make her his countess Until he s accused of murdering the previous earl.Then she burst headlong into his life.New to Society, Brette adores the whirlwind social scene, the stream of invitations, the slightly sensual verbal sparring with the devilishly attractive, much too witty, and oh, so unsuitable Mr Hawksworth But her fairytale existence crashes to a halt when rumors circulate she s a peer s illegitimate granddaughter, and a newly appointed guardian emerges, intent on forcing her to wed an elderly degenerate.Time is against them as Alex struggles to clear his name and deliver the woman he loves from an unthinkable fate.Caution This book contains a rector too sexy for his own good, a match making, meddling miss who finds herself in one conundrum after another, an endearing portly Welsh Corgi, and a troupe of well meaning, interfering cousins and sisters

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      USA Today Bestselling Author, COLLETTE CAMERON pens Scottish and Regency historicals featuring rogues, rapscallions, rakes, and the intelligent, intrepid damsels who reform them Mother to three, Collette admits to a quirky sense of humor, enjoys inspiring quotes, and anything cobalt blue A self confessed Cadbury chocoholic, she lives in Oregon with her miniature dachshunds You ll always find dogs, birds, occasionally naughty humor, and a dash of inspiration in her sweet to spicy timeless romances.Want her 3 book FREE starter library Join Collette s VIP Reader Club bit TheRegencyRoseBe the first to know the latest news, contests, releases, and enter her giveaways Follow Collette on Bookbub bookbub authors colleFollow Collette s blog collettecameron blue roseFollow Collette on Facebook facebook collettecameronauFollow Collette on Twitter twitter collette_authorFollow Collette on author collettecameFollow Collette on Instagram instagram collettecameronFollow Collette on Pinterest here pinterest colletteauthor


    1. Brette Culpepper finds parties boring. A born matchmaker, she agreed to bring her friend Ophelia closer to the man Ophelia fancies; Brette is not really meddling, she’s merely giving Cupid a push in the right direction, of course. Reverend Alex Hawksworth, St. Peter’s rector, on the other hand, loves the ton’s glittery parties. He of the sun-kissed handsomeness and the velvety voice unfortunately does not possess pockets lined with gold. And although he finds the fetching Brette very appea [...]

    2. This is the latest installment of the Conundrums of the Misses Culpepper series. All three books are quite enjoyable, but I honestly think that this one was my favorite. Brette Culpepper has lived her life thinking that she's Brooke's sister until one day a Mr. Shipwreck (a fitting name for what his news will do to the poor girl) comes with some unexpected news. He claims that Brette is actually a cousin, having been born to an actress (Brooke's aunt Belinda) and a wealthy aristocrat. There's mo [...]

    3. Brette: Intentions Gone Astray (Conundrums of the Misses Culpepper Book 3) by Collette Cameron is at times a humorous and compelling Regency Romance. While, Book 3, it can be read as a stand alone. I'd suggest reading the other two books in this fantastic series, I feel you would benefit from reading them to get the full benefits from "Brette", there are some events, situations, and revelations revealed, that could spoil your entertainment, by not reading the other two books in this series, firs [...]

    4. Brette Culpepper is a pint sized purveyor of kindness and mischief whose good intentions quickly go astray as her book title indicates. When rumors arrive on the ton gossip circuit that Brette is the illegitimate granddaughter of a Duke author Collette Cameron's well devised resulting turmoil was at its witty best. This writer cast her stories well and Brette's hero Alexander Hawksworth, a rogue turned rector, brought his own equally larger then life circumstances to the work when he suddenly fo [...]

    5. I am a fairly new reader to Collette's Books and this is the third book in the "Conundrums of the Misses Culpepper". I really enjoyed this story. Collette knows how to add surprise after surprise to keep you enthralled to the very end.Brette is a young lady who fancies herself as a cupid, helping other ladies land the gentleman of their dreams. Alex is handsome, witty gentleman who makes his living as a Rector. Though he knows he is really not cut out for the Church, he has to eat and when you a [...]

    6. What could the Culpepper Misses get into now? With Collette Cameron's witty sense of humor and the Culpepper's penchant for getting into mishaps one can only imagine what troubles Brette finds. However, I wasn't prepared for the bombshell that threatens everything Brette thought she knew. I admired the strength and straight-forwardness with which Brette handles her situation; not so much the way she handles Alexander Hawksworth and their mutual feelings. But I do have to hand it to Alex, "Hawk", [...]

    7. I LOVE Collette Cameron's historical romances! Brette's story is the third book in the Conundrums of the Misses Culpepper series. Brette was always trying to set everyone else up in a love match, but she kept finding herself in the most uncomfortable situation when it went all wrong. Making a love match for herself was going to be difficult because the man she was attracted to wasn't in the same standing as she was. Alex had no business being attracted to Brette because they weren't considered t [...]

    8. Miss Brette Culpepper is a young woman with far too much time on her hands and a romantic heart. She is known for her matchmaking. Unfortunately not all of her matches have been successful. She has a very upsetting time coming to her in this story. Rector Alexander Hawksworth has lectured Brette before about interfering in matters that should not concern her. He will find her something to do. He has also got a big surprise coming. Family can be a God sent blessing or the Devil's curse. Read the [...]

    9. Once again, Collette Cameron has brought us a delightful story in book #3 of The Misses Culpepper series. This story will tug on your emotions as you follow along with Brette Culpepper and her (mis)adventures. What would you do if you found out you are not who you've always believed you were? And who can you possibly trust when you find your whole life has been a lie? Fight alongside Brette as she discovers the woman she really is, and what a man will do to help and keep the woman he loves no ma [...]

    10. A fun new addition to the "Conundrums of the Misses Culpeppers" series! This series is one of my favorites to read, and Brette kept that enjoyment going with some great twists, funny moments, and wonderful characters! In the first two books, Brette seemed to be the shy one of the groupbut the developments in this story make her one of the most interesting, just for the fact you never saw it coming! I can't wait to read about the twins when their book(s?) get released! Please note: I received an [...]

    11. ExcellentThis was a five star easily. The third installment of the Culpepper sisters novels I thoroughly enjoyed it and recommend it. However, don't wait so long between the stories as I did. I had to constantly remind myself of the relationships and backgrounds!

    12. The Third CulpepperI love these stories about these girls. This one has some surprises that will keep you guessing till the very end.

    13. This audiobook was delightful! The story is lovely, as is Collette Cameron's main character, BRETTE. She reminds me a bit of Jane Austen's Emma, and not just in her desire to be a matchmaker, but in her charm, confidence, and general way she maintains control of her own life and choices. She does what she believes is the right thing for those she loves. Alexander "Hawk" Hawksworth was also easy to admire. He claims roguish ways that he feels make him ill-suited to be a rector, but is in fact kin [...]

    14. Meeting the Misses CulpepperHaving finished this, the third of three in the series, I have developed an affinity for the Culpepper ladies. I sincerely enjoy the writings of Ms. Cameron. My dearest friend, my sister passed 16 years ago. While I read through the stories I found myself relating their stories to many experiences my sister and I shared as children nearly sixty years ago. I feel grateful for the memories brought forward. I wept, I laughed, I trembled and I remembered. Well worth shari [...]

    15. IntentionsThis is a very good book. I really enjoyed this series. Alex and Brette were fabulous. I really enjoyed Alex's charm and banter. He had me smiling several times. The heroes in this series all had a problem. Alex was a Rector and really didn't want to be one. The Marques was publicly embarrassed by his father when he was a young teen, which he came to grips with. Heath had a problem with dyslexia, but I don't feel like it was dealt with?

    16. Enjoyed readThis series is one of best I have read in awhile I can't wait to read the rest of the series. Don't miss this series. You will love ok t as much as I did when a story makes you feel love hope and laugh then the author has achieved the best of all. A great story.

    17. Originally posted on lampshadereaderI voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book. So loving Brette right now! The latest installment of the Culpepper sisters provides some added drama and revealed secrets. Of course I wasn’t expecting the scandal that poor Brette faced in this story. Collette Cameron sure likes to tease her heroines.  Intentions Gone Astray Brette and her matchmaking abilities (or actually lack thereof) wind up causing her some problems early in the story. Hence [...]

    18. Brette Culpepper is petite, beautiful, and kind hearted. She enjoys the whirlwind of society and loves matchmaking. The problem is she is not very good at the matchmaking part. Alex Hawksworth, who was once a rake and is now a rector, is absolutely head over heels in love with Brette. And now, to each his own conundrum. As she prepares for what she is sure to be exile in the country due to her latest matchmaking attempt gone astray, Brette receives news that her father has just died and left her [...]

    19. *Reviewed for Books & Benches*Good book . . .Brette: Intensions Gone Astray was fun to read! It's the second love story of Collette Cameron's Conundrums of the Misses Culpepper series. BRETTE is one of the many books I've read by this talented author, and while I liked it, I didn't love it. The story was interesting enough, but it didn't grab my attention right away.The chemistry between Alexander and Brette makes them perfect for each other! These charming characters were lively and likeabl [...]

    20. Brette: Intentions Gone Astray ⭐⭐⭐⭐by Collette CameronAlexander Hawksworth meets his match with Brette Culpepper.Brette is a hopeless romantic as well as a born matchmaker. She loves seeing the love forlorn together and especially under her efforts. Alex is the local Vicar. Somewhat of colorful by nature is loves acting and parties. When the beautiful Brette tries her matchmaking skills and learns she has been bamboozled by her friend she is disgusted. Alex, too, reprimands her interfere [...]

    21. I enjoyed Brette's story and I'm gland she found Hawk, they seem like a great pair and I hope to see more of them in future books about the Culpeppers.

    22. Beautiful ,fun and sweet story. This story in The Conundrums of the Misses Culpepper series is my favorite to date. I loved the smart and match making Brette ,she had so many disheartening facts come to light and for a woman of her time are pretty social killing.The male lead Alex was such a good hearted character and he had so many things to overcome with both his head and his heart,not to mention family, during the story. I thought they complimented each other perfectly, I loved hearing how th [...]

    23. Fun story!This story is so worth the read. It's a quick story. There is plot twists, fun charismatic characters, and of course puppies. I love the story of Alex and Brett finding their happily ever after.

    24. A fun historical romp romance, where a spirited heroine finally captures the heart of her hero. I love how Alex just couldn't get why Brette kept turning him down. A fun cast of characters with plenty of intrigue to keep one interested in the story.

    25. This is the first Collette Cameron book I've read, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I liked it because the heroine wasn't a total ditz and she wasn't a mean girl. She was just normal. I'm getting REALLY tired of authors trying to portray strong women, but all they accomplish is writing women that no one would want to be friends with, let alone build a life with. They are just so mean! And since when is selfish a synonym for strong? Anywayis book is not like that. Brette is relatable.A couple of disc [...]

    26. *********3.5 Star Review*********The Conundrums of the Misses Culpepper is a fun and effervescent series and Brette's story is a great additional to this enjoyable series. The Culpepper's have turned London Society on their heads. Their whirlwind introduction has cause quite a stir and Brette has no problem adding her own mischief by playing matchmaker to the ton's misses. However, Brette is no cupid and has had a few attempts ended in disaster. The one thing Brette seems to succeed at is her bi [...]

    27. Loved the story of Brette and Alex! Brette just stood out as not taking crap from anyone in any situation. She has the witty sarcasm that I only dream of spouting. Alex is her perfect partner in all of this. Now we get to see what the twins have been up to next! (Thank goodness Heath still has all his hair.)

    28. Hero: Alex/Hawk Heroine: BretteReading Enjoyment:4.5* I enjoyed reading this fun and witty short story that is well written with charismatic characters, and was an exciting/ tantalizing story. Very intriguing and entertaining was I started it could not put it down. This story has a very happy and satisfying HEA!!

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