Fata Morgana

Fata Morgana A blend of fantasy tale and hard boiled detective story set in Paris in features a French police detective who sets out to investigate a conjurer whose fortune telling machine is sweeping Paris R

  • Title: Fata Morgana
  • Author: William Kotzwinkle Joe Servello
  • ISBN: 9781569247877
  • Page: 500
  • Format: Paperback
  • A blend of fantasy tale and hard boiled detective story set in Paris in 1861 features a French police detective who sets out to investigate a conjurer whose fortune telling machine is sweeping Paris Reprint NYT IP.

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    1. William Kotzwinkle Joe Servello

      William Kotzwinkle is a two time recipient of the National Magazine Award for Fiction, a winner of the World Fantasy Award, the Prix Litteraire des Bouquinistes des Quais de Paris, the PETA Award for Children s Books, and a Book Critics Circle award nominee His work has been translated into dozens of languages.


    1. Magic carpets to the stars, noble suckers, magic carpets for all! Fata Morgana is a mirage, a trick of the light, a sleight of hand from a skilled magician that cons the audience into believing for a moment in the presence of supernatural forces. Yet, after the show, you go back to the real world and shake your head in wonder at how you've been played. The novel succeeds in creating this special atmosphere and maintaining an air of secrecy and ambiguousness, but for me it was just a step too cle [...]

    2. Perhaps this is the story Sir Arthur Conan Doyle would have penned were he apprehended at a circus performance and dispatched straight to his typewriter. Fata Morgana is a solid mystery with fantasy elements that elevate it from sleuth versus villain into an enigmatic and elusive tale tinged with Gypsy mystery, parlor games and extortionist magic.Inspector Picard, (career descending and body weight ascending), is on the trail of Ric Lazare who is bilking high-society members out of considerable [...]

    3. William Kotzwinkle’s Fata Morgana. I’m surprised because it reminds me that for 12 years I was trapped in Fata Morgana. Thank you, author of Doctor Rat, your other great book. Both books speak of the possibility of slipping into Fata Morgana, and then one becomes just like Doctor Rat or a Toy. The danger is when one starts believing that one can weave the Fata Morgana oneself. It is the ultimate Delusion of Grandeur. Or of Persecution.Then, of course, it is a pleasure to follow Inspector Pic [...]

    4. I really enjoyed this book; it's one of the better books I've read this year. I was having a great deal of fun following Parisian police detective Picard's efforts to nail the mysterious Ric Lazare, and was looking forward to their inevitable fatal confrontation.I was definitely flirting with a four-star rating.But then - aaaagh! It turns out to be a hallucination contrived by Lazare to convince Picard he's in over his head.It still gets a strong 3.5+recommendation for the writing quality and Pi [...]

    5. Probably the best known (and certainly best reviewed) of all Kotzwinkle's work, Fata Morgana is a detective story with a big slice of fantasy on the side. Set in Paris of 1861, there is a mysterious fortune telling machine, a beautiful woman who is bought and sold, and a sense of larger forces being at work. Highly recommended.

    6. An 18th-century policeman chases the trail of a mysterious occult conman (or is he?) across Europe. Along the way, there is much danger, deception, magic and mystification and a good deal of sex as well. There are some brilliant set-pieces, lots of picturesque minor characters, and a fascinating ride as the magician catches the policeman in his web, in a most unexpected manner.

    7. I'm not going to lie, I 100% bought this book because of the cover. My local bookstore had a 1st edition in amazing shape from 1977 and I took a chance on it without really reading the description. What's not to like, mysterious shadowy man leering over a prone have naked woman in a giant moon mask. It's basically a detective story in Paris 1861 with the detective trying to build a case against a magician and his beautiful wife. Loved it! The characters were great, the feel & dialog acceptib [...]

    8. Kotzwinkle wrote The Bear That Went Over the Mountain (which was hysterically funny) and E.T. each a different style and this is yet another style. Set in Paris a Police Inspector who is not in the good graces of his department searches for the history of an obvious charlatan. He becomes obsessed and we are surprised (at least I think it would be we) at the surprising ending. The main character is really not very likable - insecure, overweight, fond of "loose women" and given to melancholy he fe [...]

    9. A really fascinating detective story set in Paris in the late 19th Century, with a mystical bent involving a fortune teller who is more than the charlatan he seems, and an exciting story. One of my favorite Kotzwinkle books, and I do hope a new generation discovers his novels and short fiction. He wrote the ET book after the movie came out, all from the alien's point of view, and it was the best of the genre of such movie tie-ins, a great fantasy story in its own right, and in some ways better a [...]

    10. I liked the style, the general tone of the writing was evocative of what I would think Paris was like in the 1800s. I liked the hard-boiled plot. The dark, Circus freak / Steampunk-ish setting was captivating.When I got to the end, I felt like I'd been hit between the eyes with the ol' one-two (maybe I should've paid better attention; it is a detective novel after all). Also, despite the character development that explores Picard's appetites, I thought the way Kotzwinkle represented women was de [...]

    11. When I was in the middle of the book I was thinking "Yeah, I like it, but it just isn't stellar" because things weren't happening too fast and answers weren't coming. But then the ending came and it redeemed a lot of what I was feeling.Pros: Very good on 19th Century Paris/Europe, Characters, fantastical plot grounded in "reality"Cons: Plot has quite a lot of loose ends and unexplained things for a small book!

    12. I preferred The Fan Man, but it didn't keep me from enjoying this book of fantasy and magic. Everything was so vividly described that pictures just swam around in my head. I loved the ending.

    13. wonderful, 19th century detective story set in Paris and throughout Europe. this time around the always unpredictable Kotzwinkle is mystical, bawdy, and oh-so clever.

    14. Didn't love this not the plot, not the characters, and it would be only two stars if it weren't for the actual writing which was occasionally lovely. This book falls into a genre I think of as 1970s sensual foggy pseudo-fantasy it doesn't read as sharp and crisp (think Jane Austen) but more dreamlike and swoony (which in other hands can be terrific--I loved The Unconsoled, for instance). But this story it may have seemed edgy when written (and I've been meaning to read it since then!) but now [...]

    15. Neat serpentine puzzle of a novel. The title and cover drew me in, but Kotzwinkle did the rest with his lavishly atmospheric writing bringing the readers into the 19th century Europe in all of its decadent magical glory. If viewed from a detective chasing suspect story, it's a mystery. Different approach may reveal it to be an occult drama or drama of the occult. It's quite stunning to read, the opulence of costume balls, magicians, intrigues's only the old trick ending (all that we see and seem [...]

    16. Δεύτερο βιβλίο του Γουίλιαμ Κότζγουινκλ που διαβάζω, μετά το novelization της ταινίας Ε. Τ. ο εξωγήινος, του Στίβεν Σπίλμπεργκ, που σε γενικές γραμμές μου είχε φανεί μια χαρά, αλλά χωρίς παραπάνω πράγματα σε σχέση με την πολύ καλή ταινία. Ο συγγραφέας είναι γνωστός για την σειρά πα [...]

    17. Bawdy romp through Europe circa 1861. Follows inspector Picard as he tries to apprehend the elusive and mysterious Ric Lazare and solve the enigma of his fortune telling machine. Highly entertaining but a bit short with some loose ends not entirely cleared up.

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