House of Reeds

House of Reeds In five short centuries the mighty Empire of the M xica descendants of the ancient Aztecs allied with Imperial Japan has spread out to conquer the Earth left the homeworld and set its sights on t

  • Title: House of Reeds
  • Author: Thomas Harlan
  • ISBN: 9780765341143
  • Page: 190
  • Format: Paperback
  • In five short centuries, the mighty Empire of the M xica, descendants of the ancient Aztecs allied with Imperial Japan, has spread out to conquer the Earth, left the homeworld, and set its sights on the stars But the universe is a dangerous place, filled with hidden powers and the relics of ancient civilizations The M xica are only the latest of the great Imperial powersIn five short centuries, the mighty Empire of the M xica, descendants of the ancient Aztecs allied with Imperial Japan, has spread out to conquer the Earth, left the homeworld, and set its sights on the stars But the universe is a dangerous place, filled with hidden powers and the relics of ancient civilizations The M xica are only the latest of the great Imperial powers to reach for the stars But that doesn t stop Imperial M xica from claiming control Xenoarcheologist Gretchen Anderssen had hoped to enjoy her well earned vacation She hadn t seen her home world or her children for many months But the Company has other plans for her when she checks in for her transport, she finds new orders for her team It looks like only a small diversion a quick trip to the Planet Jagen, to investigate reports of a possible First Sun artifact She doesn t have to run an excavation, or even gain possession of the artifact Just file a report But it smells bad, says Gretchen s Hesht companion, Magdalena David Parker, the Company pilot assigned to Anderssen s analysis team agrees And they are so right.Gretchen, Magdalena, and Parker find themselves in very dangerous territory indeed Because, unbeknownst to anyone at the Company, the Imperial M xican Priesthood has decided to wage a war on Jagan a war not of conquest or defense, but a flowery war , planned and fomented for the purpose of blooding the Emperor s youngest son Gretchen and her team are headed right into the middle of the battle.It may be a War of Flowers, but many people will die, and blood will flow in the streets.

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    1. Thomas Harlan

      Fantasy, alternate history and science fiction writer Thomas Harlan is the author of the critically acclaimed Oath of Empire series from Tor Books He has been twice nominated for the John W Campbell Award for Best New Author in 1999 and 2000 In May of 2001, he received the SF 2 Award for Best New Fantasy Author His first novel, The Shadow of Ararat was selected as one of the Barnes Noble Top 20 Best SFF Novels of 1999 The sequel, Gate of Fire, was chosen as both a BN Top 20 book and placed on Locus Magazine s Recommended Reading list for the year 2000 The third and fourth Oath of Empire novels, The Storm of Heaven and The Dark Lord were released in May of 2001 and 2002 A new series followed the cataclysmic end of Oath an alternate history science fiction archaeological combat series called In the time of the Sixth Sun The first book, Wasteland of Flint, was published in 2003 and received a starred review in Kirkus House of Reeds followed in 2004, and Land of the Dead in 2009.Thomas has published a variety of very well received short fiction in Dragon magazine, as well as the largest adventure module ever published in Dungeon Twenty years of game design have produced a number of play by email systems, of which the long running and increasingly complex Lords of the Earth is the best known Lords is a historical simulation game, encompassing the whole of the Earth, modeling political, economic and military conflict from the early Iron Age to the late 1800 s There are over forty Lords of the Earth campaigns currently in progress, in English, Spanish, and Italian The initial campaign has been running for over twenty years and has chronicled the period from 1000 AD to 1770 AD Lords of the Earth was nominated for an Origins GAMA award for Best PBM Game of the Year in 2003.Thomas was born in Tucson, Arizona on February 25th, 1964 He was raised by archaeologist dendrochronologist botanist parents and traveled widely throughout the American southwest and overseas as a result A steady diet of Tolkien The Lord of the Rings , Herbert Dune , Herge Tintin , Goscinny Uderzo Asterix , John Buchan Greenmantle, The Thirty Nine Steps, etc , Talbot Mundy The Nine Unknown, Jimgrim, King of the Khyber Rifles , Edgar Rice Burroughs John Carter of Mars , Kenneth Bulmer Prescot of Scorpio and other purveyors of the fantastic inform his literary background An excessively long stay in college provided him with a moderate background in creative writing, history, art and other sundry skills helpful to a novelist.Aside from his literary career, Thomas spent too many years in the information technology industry as a developer, manager and architect for government, education and healthcare He currently lives in Salem, Oregon.


    1. This is the second book in Harlan's action SF trilogy set in an alternate future where an Aztec-Japanese alliance repulsed the European invasions and the Mexica eventually rose to world domination. (The first is Wasteland of Flint.) The books are set in a standard human-led interstellar empire based on Old Earth, but the Aztec pre-history allows for some unexpected plot elements. One of those is the basis for this book: in order to blood the sons of the Mexica nobility in combat, a secretive ord [...]

    2. The second installment really upped the ante. It's at a slightly more macro level, politics, warfare, and that sort of thing. Which I really appreciate, the first book felt just a bit too narrow in scope. This one is much more expanded. We also get several new characters which are hard to keep track of at first but are all very interesting and fun to follow. New alien races and technologies that the author describes very well, I also really like how attuned he is to how such theoretical alien ra [...]

    3. Huh? Expecting a continuation of book One, which left several threads hanging, we go to a whole different plant and are introduced to the insanity and malevolence of the Mexica empire. Lots of battles and weaponry. Not much plot development. A sinister thread left dangling at the end. Not half as scary and intriguing as #1, although some interesting new characters. And some humor, grimly lacking in #1.

    4. House of Reeds felt a lot like the mid-point of a trilogy to me, though it's actually quite self-contained and requires little or no knowledge of what happened in Wasteland of Flint, because while the characters return, that's about it. However, the plot feels like it's explicitly designed to set things up for the future, what with the long-term threat to the Méxica Empire from a mysterious alien race from elsewhere and the continued mention of First Sun artifacts and ruined alien civilizations [...]

    5. The House of Reeds is the sequel to Wasteland of Flint, a book I thought very highly of and gave five stars to in this review: /review/show.In this current book, xenoarcheologist Gretchen Anderssen and her team return and are sent to the planet Jagen – just to file a report, for big money, which must mean something bad. Also, in this book, we find Imperial cruiser, the Henry R. Cornuelle, has been sent to the same location (Jagen), again captained by Captain Hadeishi Mitsuharu of the Imperial [...]

    6. I won't lie, I picked this one up because of the illustration on the jacket. I checked it out of the library because the idea of an alternate future where a South American hegemony called Mexica rules a multi star-system empire sounded pretty fascinating.I was hooked after the first chapter, where the commander of a valiant but aging light cruiser receives unwelcome news and surrepetitiously (and illegally) trashes it and fakes a malfunction to cover it up.The alien cultures, the intrigue, the f [...]

    7. This book is much more interesting than the introductory novel, Wasteland of Flint. The aliens are much more easy to relate to than in the first novel, though the Lengian is still 'alien' and off-putting and still a bit of a mystery and might be connected to aliens in first novel. The pace and action is very good, especially post midway. There are hints of hidden connections among major characters which makes further reading compelling. The start may have been a little slow, but sometimes it tak [...]

    8. Re-read in 2009 after original read twice on publication in 2004; after reading volume 3 which was superb, I started re-reading volumes 1 and 2 before I could leave this wonderful universe and this one was also as good as i remembered though not quite at volume 1 or 3 level being more of a side novel in the series; same superb writing and world building though

    9. I read the first book in this series and really enjoyed it so I went out and got this second book. I didn't enjoy it quite as much. There seemed to be too much jumping around from character to character. The black 'cat' is what kept me going. I kept waiting and waiting for the third book, but by then, I had forgotten enough about the first two books that I didn't ever get the third book.

    10. Another great read by Mr. Harlan. I wish there was more of the "powers" from Green Hummingbird, that Gretchen possesses, used throughout the story. I, yet again, feel sorry for Gretchen and her crew for not getting something that grants them some sway with "The Company" and puts some quills in their pockets; but there's the next adventure

    11. Overall, this is a stronger effort than his Oath of Empire series. I enjoyed OoE, but those books gave me the impression the guy had bitten off a bit more than he was able to chew as far as keeping his narrative free from problems and holes. So far, this series is tightly written, exciting, and I immediately moved on to the book three.

    12. Mr Harlan creates a wonderful alternate history and an amazing future for the reader to explore. His. Characters are novels and make you want to know more about them. The story's are rich in detail, complexity, and make a great read!

    13. Adventure, action, and intrigue thicken the plot and continue to develop the relationships between characters while opening up new cultures and glimpses of the broader universe. A satisfying read that begs for further exploration and the attendant adventure.

    14. First book in the series was better over all, but this one had a better narrative flow that made it easier to finish in a shorter time.

    15. Thomas Harlan'ssecond instalment of Aztec SciFI is just as good as first one. You do not drop the book until done, although you can find some characters a bit inconsistent.

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