A. Lincoln

A Lincoln NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BYThe Washington Post The Philadelphia Inquirer The Christian Science Monitor St Louis Post Dispatch NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERWINNER OF THE CHRISTOPHER AWARDEve

  • Title: A. Lincoln
  • Author: Ronald C. White Jr.
  • ISBN: 9781400064991
  • Page: 357
  • Format: Hardcover
  • NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BYThe Washington Post The Philadelphia Inquirer The Christian Science Monitor St Louis Post Dispatch NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERWINNER OF THE CHRISTOPHER AWARDEveryone wants to define the man who signed his name A Lincoln In his lifetime and ever since, friend and foe have taken it upon themselves to characterize Lincoln aNAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BYThe Washington Post The Philadelphia Inquirer The Christian Science Monitor St Louis Post Dispatch NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERWINNER OF THE CHRISTOPHER AWARDEveryone wants to define the man who signed his name A Lincoln In his lifetime and ever since, friend and foe have taken it upon themselves to characterize Lincoln according to their own label or libel In this magnificent book, Ronald C White, Jr offers a fresh and compelling definition of Lincoln as a man of integrity what today s commentators would call authenticity whose moral compass holds the key to understanding his life Through meticulous research of the newly completed Lincoln Legal Papers, as well as of recently discovered letters and photographs, White provides a portrait of Lincoln s personal, political, and moral evolution White shows us Lincoln as a man who would leave a trail of thoughts in his wake, jotting ideas on scraps of paper and filing them in his top hat or the bottom drawer of his desk a country lawyer who asked questions in order to figure out his own thinking on an issue, as much as to argue the case a hands on commander in chief who, as soldiers and sailors watched in amazement, commandeered a boat and ordered an attack on Confederate shore batteries at the tip of the Virginia peninsula a man who struggled with the immorality of slavery and as president acted publicly and privately to outlaw it forever and finally, a president involved in a religious odyssey who wrote, for his own eyes only, a profound meditation on the will of God in the Civil War that would become the basis of his finest address Most enlightening, the Abraham Lincoln who comes into focus in this stellar narrative is a person of intellectual curiosity, comfortable with ambiguity, unafraid to think anew and act anew A transcendent, sweeping, passionately written biography that greatly expands our knowledge and understanding of its subject, A Lincoln will engage a whole new generation of Americans It is poised to shed a profound light on our greatest president just as America commemorates the bicentennial of his birth.

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    1. Ronald C. White Jr.

      Ronald C White is the author of American Ulysses A Life of Ulysses S Grant 2016 General David H Petraeus Ret wrote, Certain to be recognized as the classic work on Ulysses S Grant White is also the author of three books on Abraham Lincoln A Lincoln A Biography 2009 , was a New York Times, Washington Post, and Los Angeles Times bestseller USA Today said, If you read one book about Lincoln, make it A LINCOLN The book was honored as one of the best books of 2009 by the Washington Post, Christian Science Monitor, St Louis Post Dispatch, History Book Club, and Barnes Noble It won a 2010 Christopher Award which salutes books that affirm the highest values of the human spirit Lincoln s Greatest Speech The Second Inaugural, was honored as a New York Times Notable Book of 2002, and a Washington Post and San Francisco Chronicle bestseller The Eloquent President A Portrait of Lincoln Through His Words 2005 , was a Los Angeles Times bestseller, and a selection of the History Book Club White s op eds have appeared in the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, and Christian Science Monitor He has lectured at the White House and been interviewed on the PBS News Hour.He attended Northwestern University and is a graduate of UCLA and Princeton Theological Seminary, earning a Ph.D in Religion and History from Princeton University He has taught at UCLA, Princeton Theological Seminary, Whitworth University, Colorado College, Rider University, and San Francisco Theological Seminary He is a Fellow at the Huntington Library in San Marino, California, and a Senior Fellow of the Trinity Forum in Washington, D.C He lives with his wife, Cynthia, in La Ca ada, California.


    1. An excellent one-volume biography of Lincoln, written in a clear, elegant style and concentrating on essentials. White is particular good on Lincoln the writer. I learned a lot from this book and would recommend it to anyone interested in Lincoln.

    2. Some years ago, during the run-up to the bicentennial of Abraham Lincoln’s birth, I started casting about for the ideal book on the greatest president in history. That is easier said than done. The problem is not one of quantity, but quality. As it turned out, finding the right Lincoln bio is like finding the perfect cup of water in a lake. It’s tough to choose. Eventually, and to the detriment of my credit card, I purchased Michael Burlingame’s massive two-volume, 2,000 page opus on the I [...]

    3. I am a Lincoln buff and have read myriad biographies of the man, ranging fron his ardent admirers to his worst detractors. So, reading yet another one seemed redundant, but I did it anyway, and I'm glad I did. The first few pages start out with the usual retelling of his humble beginnings, but soon the revelations and insights begin. White searched through Lincoln's own notes to himself on every conceivable issue, and bases this new bio on them. Lincoln had a lifelong habit of writing down his t [...]

    4. I have read many very good biographies of Lincoln but the one by White stands out. White's expert knowledge of language allows him to analyze Lincoln's in a manner rare in historical writing. Although there is not much that is new, this book presents its information in a new and fresh light and given the ignorance about Lincoln that persists in this country, should be read widely.

    5. I thought this was an excellent biography of Lincoln. I loved that it didn't seem in any way salacious. It didn't dwell on his marriage or depression or relationships with his parents. It did dwell on his writings and speeches and spent time discussing his rhetoric, poetry, and influences, and this was so much more appealing. I thought White handled the civil war amazingly well; I am no history buff and although I needed reminding of many of the important battles and their significance, I felt r [...]

    6. In so many ways, I really enjoyed this biography of Abraham Lincoln. I learned a great deal about his upbringing, the challenges he had early in his life and the number of choices he had to make - and sometimes reverse - before becoming the savior of the Union. A. Lincoln also shined a spotlight on the conditions of the American Midwest in the middle of the nineteenth century as the pressures of an expanding country ran into the pull of slavery. This biography does an outstanding job of portrayi [...]

    7. bestpresidentialbios/2014/“A. Lincoln: A Biography” is Ronald White, Jr.‘s 2009 biography of Abraham Lincoln. White is the author of seven other books including two previous books on Lincoln. He is a graduate of UCLA and Princeton Theological Seminary and is a Visiting Professor of History at UCLA. He is currently working on a biography of Ulysses S. Grant, to be published in early 2015.There is certainly no shortage of biographies of Abraham Lincoln. So it is high praise that White’s ef [...]

    8. Though I have long been an avid reader of history - I admit I have generally avoided anything related to the Civil War/Abraham Lincoln. This probably stems from my childhood when I somehow came to the conclusion that the Civil War was . . . boring. I simply couldn't work up any interest - I was much more likely to be interested in Greek or Roman history, 20th century American history, etc. etc.I changed my mind last summer when I had the opportunity to visit the Lincoln Museum in Springfield, Il [...]

    9. Ugh. I don't know why this got recommended so highly. In fact, I don't know why White wrote this book at all, since it adds almost nothing to Lincoln scholarship. It was just astonishing to see entire topics go unmentioned in this 600+ page doorstop--a book that was billed as *the* authoritative Lincoln of our time.Interested in the debate over Lincoln's depression? How about his marriage, or his (hetero/a/homo-)sexuality? Or perhaps his management of foreign policy and Reconstruction during the [...]

    10. I consider myself an amateur historian of the civil war, so I keep looking for great books on the subject. As much as I knew about Lincoln before this book, I had actually not read a full biography of the man before. This was a big learning experience for me, especially his formative years as a young man in the midwest. We like to look back at "Lincoln, the Myth," this stern resolute figure who championed the saving of the union; however, the truth reveals a much different picture. Lincoln, judg [...]

    11. You know when you start thinking that no one can tell you anything new about A. Lincoln . . . comes a book like this. The book is just excellent. The author takes you through Lincoln's life, his evolution as a man, a politician, public servant and with special interest to me and my play . . . his evolution spiritually. The author also covers Lincoln's use of the language, the words he used, the sources of those words (many from the Bible)and his intellectual honesty and growth.If you are a Linco [...]

    12. A fair judgment of this book may have been sacrificed by my reading of it immediately after “Team of Rivals,” as much of the information was repeated. But in form and style it was very different, and presented new substance as well, offering many trivial tidbits I had not heard before. I felt bogged down at times in White’s analysis and repetition of parts of Lincoln’s most famous speeches, which I feel speak sufficiently for themselves. While I fault many authors for not naming often en [...]

    13. Incredible. Ronald White delves into the substance and implications of Lincoln's life, writing, and speeches and left me sitting in silent wonder at the courage and conviction of the man who refused to see the Union dissolved, and saved it at his own political and personal peril. Those who today would wrap themselves in the banner of Lincoln have a lot to live up to; and recent history is an indictment that they are clearly not up to the task.

    14. I really wanted to read a good bio about Abraham Lincoln. I know so little about one of America's most reverred presidents. However it seems that most biographies are either 700-1000 pages or 100 page bios for elementary school children. Why can't someone write a good 300-400 page bio? I don't need to know the text of every letter he ever wroteThis bio on Lincoln assumed you knew the major historical points of the civil war, which I do not. It mentioned historical events with a one sentence expl [...]

    15. With this year being the 200th Anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's birth, numerous scholars have come out with new material focusing on our most revered President. Ronald White's contribution to this anniversary is a one volume biography, and in my mind, it has to be the best this year. Lincoln is without question a fascinating study, and White's biography of him is one of my personal favorites.With White's background, a combination of historical and theological study, he emerges to me as one a few [...]

    16. Abraham Lincoln is an iconic figure. Considered to be among the greatest, if not the greatest President, of the United States. During much of his Presidency he was considered by many to be anything but great. After all, he presided over the disintegration of a nation and had placed thousands in harms way. Having no executive experience when he took office he had to learn on the job, and for the entirety of his presidency was consumed by the need to guide the war effort. It wasn't until Grant too [...]

    17. I don't like to hand out 5 stars, but this book required it. A. Lincoln, the president, has always been about surface knowledge. I thought I knew a lot. I stand corrected. The book appears thicker than it is to read, because of 200 plus pages of end notes and an extensive bibliography. Fascinating to me was to watch the intellectual, political, and spiritual growth of Lincoln. The seeds all existed from the beginning, but became more refine and in depth, as his life and presidency evolved. Truly [...]

    18. Excellent narrative chronicling the life of our 16th -and arguably best- president. The book emphasizes Lincoln's humble beginnings as a boy from Illinois, in the most astound way. White finds a way to accent the particular momentous points in his life with such ethos and detail, that it stays vibrant in the minds of the most easily distracted readers. White also uses detail to describe the minute parts of Lincolns life that give careful readers insight into the thoughts and motivations that dro [...]

    19. How does one distill the life of Abraham Lincoln into a manageable tome? Ronald C White Jr has provided a readable concise biography of one of America's most beloved presidents, illustrating Abraham's life-long self-development through snippets of thought that Lincoln used to ponder issues great and small. Interestingly enough, White spends considerable time on Lincoln's speeches: their development, delivery, and reception. Lincoln was a thinker, meditating on thoughts, forcing himself, as the p [...]

    20. What an excellent, excellent biography. Number 16 in my chronological reading of presidential bios, Lincoln is perhaps the most daunting figure to write about, given how much he still lives in the modern consciousness of America. White begins this book speaking about how people have always tried to define Lincoln, and whole a biography to some extent must take a stance on the definition of its protagonist, White does a remarkable job not glossing over anything in this well-researched, impeccably [...]

    21. I have read a few books on the Civil War, but this is my first biography of Lincoln. I am left in wonder and awe of our past President. As I read this biography, I hungered for more about the time, other people in this great trajedy, and especially more about Lincoln.White builds a good narrative history of Lincoln and his world that ends with Lincoln’s second inaugural address. I am deeply moved by the religious beliefs that White focused on with Lincoln’s writings near the end of his life. [...]

    22. When a writer first puts his pen to paper, there are a number of things that are being sought. More than anything else, a writer wrestles with how to take something as complex, vast and comprehensive as reality and reduce it into little, black, written letters printed on paper. The writer wants to do this in such a way that the reader, when it is taken in, will use mental powers of the imagination, filter it, and then visualize it within so that it mirrors the original reality. For the Historian [...]

    23. Written in time for President Lincoln's bicentennial year, Ronald White's new Lincoln biography tells the story of the Nation's sixteenth president. The book that this one is most compared to is David Herbert Donald's Lincoln from 1995. I like both of these works. Donald prepared more information on Lincoln and the world around him, while White has smother narrative that is strong enough for someone who reads a great deal of history but not overwhelming for a newcomer. Both are good they are jus [...]

    24. A big book about a big man, though the book turns out to have much less substance than it's subject. Broad to a fault-- indeed, it's breadth is it's biggest failing-- "A. Lincoln" purports to reveal the man behind that signature. The set pieces are all here: here is Lincoln the industrious youth, here is Lincoln the self-made railsplitter, here is Lincoln the talented young attorney, and most of all, here is Lincoln the shrewd and able politician. All these roles have been accounted to Lincoln i [...]

    25. Easily my favorite non-fiction book of the year (so far).It details the life of Abraham Lincoln from birth to death, focusing almost exclusively on what Lincoln thought and did, not much space is given to contemporaries. When there is a quote from an political opponent or from a newspaper, it's about Lincoln. In a way, that's good - I can't remember more than five names at once, anyway.It's a relatively thick, very detailed book, but it's never truly dry and boring - rather, the myriads of quote [...]

    26. In this full-scale biography of Abraham Lincoln, Ronald White does a great job of conveying both the brilliance and the humanity of this great president. As you would expect, White chronicles Lincoln's upbringing, his education (or lack thereof), and his entry into the law profession. It is clear that these years set the stage for what is to come, as you can see the character that will become so essential to his success being formed. White chronicles Lincoln's early forays into politics, his tim [...]

    27. My favorite President, Abraham Lincoln's picture hangs on our wall in our home, which was here when he was serving as President. After hearing him speak at the Genesee country village this summer ( ok, it really wasn't him, but a very good facsimile!!) I really wished he was on the ballot in November. This is a very good biography. Favorite quotes:" I am for it unless there be some valid reason against it." Now that's diplomacy ;-)"In his second inaugural address Lincoln mentioned God 14 times, [...]

    28. "A. Lincoln" took me very long to finish. I'm not sure why but I found that I went through phases in really enjoying this book and finding it to be a drag.I believe that Ronald C. White knows his subject very well. But the fact that he didn't cover the flaws of Mary Lincoln or Abraham Lincoln's supposed homosexuality was a bit nuts, especially as I felt there was build-up in the beginning of the book to righting the misconceptions about Lincoln. This was my first Lincoln biography, so I can't co [...]

    29. An unqualified "five star" effort by Ronald White that I expect will become the definitive biography of our 16th President. But the value of this book is the in depth analysis of Lincoln's writings, letters, and speeches where he penetrates to the soul of the man and brings him to life as an innovater who changed the course of America and brought real meaning to the words in the Declaration of Independence, "that all men are created equal". One is forced to wonder how different America might be [...]

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