Ghetto Kidz

Ghetto Kidz Teufelskreis Gro stadtghetto Der Afroamerikaner Kalon wird in eine Welt der sozialen Armut und Kriminalit t hineingeboren Unweigerlich ger t er in einen grausamen Bandenkrieg

  • Title: Ghetto Kidz
  • Author: Todd Strasser Morton Rhue
  • ISBN: 9783473352920
  • Page: 344
  • Format: None
  • Teufelskreis Gro stadtghetto Der Afroamerikaner Kalon wird in eine Welt der sozialen Armut und Kriminalit t hineingeboren Unweigerlich ger t er in einen grausamen Bandenkrieg.

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      Todd Strasser is an American author of than 130 young adult and middle grade novels and novelizations, some written under the pen names Morton Rue and T.S.RueTodd was born in New York City When he was young his parents moved to Roslyn Heights, New York Long Island Todd went to the I.U Willets Elementary school and then attended the Wheatley School for junior high and high school His best subjects were math and science He also liked to read, but he had trouble with spelling and grammar, and didn t do well in English His favorite sports were tennis, skiing and fishing Todd went to college at New York University for a few years, and then dropped out He lived on a commune, then lived in Europe where he was a street musician All the while, Todd wrote songs and poems and lots of letters to his friends back home Finally he decided to try being a writer He returned to the United States and went to Beloit College where he studied literature and writing After college, Todd worked at the Middletown Times Herald Record newspaper in Middletown, New York, and later at Compton Advertising in New York City In 1978, Todd sold his first novel, Angel Dust Blues He used the money to start the Dr Wing Tip Shoo fortune cookie company For the next 12 years, Todd sold fortune cookies than books In 1990, Todd moved to Westchester County, N.Y During the next few years, he wrote many movie novelizations, including Home Alone, Free Willy, Ferris Bueller s Day Off and Jumanji In 1993 Todd wrote Help I m Trapped in My Teacher s Body Since then he has written 16 Help I m Trapped i books, as well as several other series All together, he has published than 100 books Todd now divides his time between writing books and speaking at schools and conferences When he s at home, he likes to spend time with his children and dog, Mac He still likes to fish, play tennis and ski, but his favorite new sport is surfing.


    1. DeShawn, a teenager living in the Projects, wants to not just get by, but get out. He wants what a lot of kids in his situation have given up on, and that's a good education, but his family is nearly out of money and the only way to get good money if you're a Projects kid is to sell drugs and join dangerous gangs, two things he knows are wrong. This book gives readers insight into a dilemma that many kids sadly have to face in reality, having to give up school and safety in order to take care of [...]

    2. I loved almost all of this book. Strasser paints a very realistic picture of a good boy, a smart kid with potential, sliding down into perdition largely because of forces beyond his control. DeShawn tries different ways to get out of what seems like destiny for every black man in the projects, but his route is always blocked. A teacher advises him to apply to go to a magnet high school, but because of the bad education he got earlier, DeShawn's aptitude test scores aren't high enough. He tries t [...]

    3. Case MarinoD period English12/21/17Ms. VandenburghIf I grow upImagine a book that follows the cities and slums no one talks about. Not the ones where you can live the American dream but the projects where dreams go to die. If I grow up is a novel about a boy in the projects named DeShawn. DeShawn grows up in a poor, urban city with his sister and grandmother. The style of the writing very smooth and choppy at the same time. The book skips long periods of time because it only tells a snippet of [...]

    4. Powerful little book. The main character DeShawn wants to resist gangs but is drawn into them slowly because of peer influence. The most interesting character was Marcus, the leader of the Disciples, whom the author made very human and all the more magnetic to both us and DeShawn because of that. The author included little non-fiction snippets of info about incarceration, poverty, and black men in between chapters. I think the intensity of the story would speak to kids, who could also learn from [...]

    5. The book was good. It made me think about my own life.I would recommend it to anyone who likes drama and a bit of mystery

    6. If I Grow Up is one of the books written by Todd Strasser, a well known teen book writer who has published several novels for teenagers. Todd was motivated by going to an inner-city school and reading about what gangs do and how life was like living in the Doughless apartments in the projects. This book is about a boy named Deshawn who grew up in the inner-city and he was a good kid until he was really hungry and didn’t have any money for food. But he found a girlfriend that they loved each ot [...]

    7. IF I GROW UP is by Todd Strasser, who has many awards-wining novels, including BOOT CAMP, CAN’T GET THERE FROM HERE, and GIVE A BOY A GUN. He decided to write IF I GROW UP after visiting several inner city schools and reading about the growing problem of gangs.This book about a kid named Deshwan, who lives in the Frederick Douglas Project where people shoot each other almost every day, and almost everyone is in a gang. But deshwan is smart enough to know that gang members always end up either [...]

    8. this book was great. its abiut a young boy that lives in new york in and is very poor. he livs with his grandma and his aunt in a little appartment in the gehto. he meets this girl in his school. he likes her alot but the only problem is that she lives on the other side of town were the rivle gang is and her brothers apart of it. one day when there at her house her brother comes in and he aims a gun at him and questions him and thretens to kill hi if he ever sees him on that side of town again. [...]

    9. Through the fictional characters of DeShawn, his best friend, Terrell, and the gang leaders in If I Grow Up, Todd Strasser gives the reader a vivid picture of the pressures people face living in poverty with gang members ruling the neighborhood in the inner-city.  I really liked this book because it followed DeShawn and Terrell as they grew up in the projects and let me see a world I am totally unfamiliar with; on the other hand, it is disturbing that people in America are actually living like [...]

    10. For upper middle and high schoolers. It's about gang life in the projects, family, hopelessness, poverty, and growing up. but it is really about surviving. Strasser did his research to imagine DeShawn's life from from 12 to 28, but I was always aware of the author's voice rather than getting lost in the narrator's telling. There was a didacticism to the story that felt more like the author's project than the narrator reflecting on lessons learned. That said, I do see this book as a powerful book [...]

    11. If I grow up was a book that talks about kids growing up in rough parts of a city like Chicago. A family of four living with their grandma, lives where all the gang members work. It is very dangerous when they start to shoot because it's near. As the grandmother protects them, they stay in side the house and are not allowed to leave. As David, one of the four children, asks the go out side because his friends has something for him, he begged his grandma to go until she said yes. He goes out side [...]

    12. This is a MUST read. This is a book about a young African American boy living in the projects. Faced with his mothers death, drive bys, a selfish sister, and battling gangs, DeShawn struggles with things kids shouldn't have to even think about. He is thrown in to the gang world for reasons that are out of his control. Falling in love for the first time is a beautiful roller coaster. But when the one you love is the sister of a rival gang member things can get pretty dangerous. DeShawn wants more [...]

    13. This was a short read and it read very quickly. DeShawn lives in the projects and the novel starts out with him at age 12. He wants to get out and do something with his life, but living in a place where gangs rule, he grows up and soon finds he has no choice. I thought the story was very well done and while it was sad and infuriating and DeShawn often left me annoyed at his choices, I understood why he made them. I also felt the author really did his research and wrote a story that felt real. I [...]

    14. After reading "If I grow up", what I feel the most is that our current lives are really blessed. People in the book don't really have choices, even they are smart enough to have a better life such as the main character. DeShawn tries different ways to get out of what seems like destiny for every black man in the projects, but his route is always blocked. However the book don't really have a good ending, it is predictable. Because i picked the book randomly, the plot is not what i thought, so it [...]

    15. We often read stories of people escaping their childhood and creating something of their lives. This book shows that it is very hard to escape your culture and make something different of your life. "Three times more black men live in jail cells than in college dorms." Education equals power and freedom. This would make a great read aloud in a junior high or high school classroom.

    16. this was an awesome book i liked the action that was in the book also i liked that when he had no choice to join he had to take care of his family too.

    17. This book was an incredible read and it is about this kid named Deshawn and he lived in a really tough neighborhood in Chicago and the name of this place is called Fredrick Douglas Projects and it was definitely really tough living there. The author of this book is named Todd Strasser. Mike strasser has also made other books related to this book such as Give a Boy a Gun and Fallout. It starts of as a boy named Darnell getting thrown off of a building from the Douglas Disciples rival gang the Ge [...]

    18. IF I GROW UP by Todd Strasser is a realistic fiction Set in New York. This book is about teenagers who live in the hood they were poor no one want to go nearby because is danger is full of gangster. But they only allowed peoples live there if they know them. Kids or teenagers who live in this place call Frederick Douglass project will never have good education or become good person.DeShawn was the main character lives with his gramma and sister no parent. He the only good kid in Frederick Dougla [...]

    19. I read this book in German. If my researches are correct the original title is "If I Grow Up". Earlier this day, before doing my final researches, I was about to give this book a higher rating, because it was a book that I had to read but liked although it has a serious theme. Sadly I had to correct myself because I found out that the translator messed with the names of the characters. Why I can't say, but it feels unnecessary and makes me angry, because it makes it more difficult to talk about [...]

    20. This is the best book I have ever read it really gives a true perspective of how it is growing up in the projects. It really spoke to me about how hard it is for young adults and even kids can't get anywhere in life there. They know the education is bad so they so they turn to gangs and by doing that it makes the projects worse and worse. This is a book about a young boy growing up in the projects and has to make a decision education or turn to a life of crime. With a few of his best friends alr [...]

    21. Loved, loved, loved this book with all my heart. This was definitely not a book I'd usually pick out, but my teacher had recommended it to me and I gave it a shot.It's an amazing story, and Todd Strasser is an, amazing and talented author! I hope to definitely get my hands on his novels in the future!

    22. The theme or moral of the book is the grass is greener on the other side. The kids do their best to resist the temptation and abuse of joining a gang. They find that education and their future is more important then drugs and gangs.

    23. This book was eye opening. The subject is still very important today and this book is very informational.

    24. This book was very good, I loved how they showed the main characters journey through childhood throughout the book

    25. I liked this book because I have never read about the city folk. I'm more of a country dude and this was a nice change of scenery.

    26. *Spoiler Alert*I know that may not have grown up in the "low class" minority suburban area that we know as the ghetto. But you may have friends or family that do live there. You can just ask them how hard it is to grow up in that kind of area, to survive even. I can say for sure that this is a gritty, urban drama. In the heart of the Frederick Douglass District, gunshots and violence rings out day in and day out. Everyday, teenagers drop out of school to join the local gang, the Douglass Discipl [...]

    27. In a place where unexplained murders occur frequently, drugs and alcohol are used by people of all ages, and it's a basic procedure to drop to the floor when you hear gunshots (which is frighteningly often), can anyone feel safe? Not to mention the gang violence, often leading to deliberate murder and the deaths of innocent people. DeShawn wants to believe that there's something better for him, for everyone that lives in the Frederick Douglas Projects, where all of this goes on every day. But he [...]

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