Dakota Dugout

Dakota Dugout Tell you about the prairie years I ll tell you child how it was

  • Title: Dakota Dugout
  • Author: Ann Turner Ronald Himler
  • ISBN: 9780027897005
  • Page: 154
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Tell you about the prairie years I ll tell you, child, how it was.

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      154 Ann Turner Ronald Himler
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      Ann Warren Turner is a children s author and a poet.Ann Turner wrote her first story when she was eight years old It was about a dragon and a dwarf named Puckity She still uses that story when she talks to students about writing, to show them that they too have stories worth telling.Turner has always loved to write, but at first she was afraid she couldn t make a living doing it So she trained to be a teacher instead After a year of teaching, however, she decided she would rather write books than talk about them in school.Turner s first children s book was about vultures and was illustrated by her mother She has written than 40 books since then, most of them historical picture books She likes to think of a character in a specific time and place in American history and then tell a story about that character so that readers today can know what it was like to live long ago.Ann Turner says that stories choose her, rather than the other way around I often feel as if I am walking along quietly, minding my own business, when a story creeps up behind me and taps me on the shoulder Tell me, show me, write me it whispers in my ear And if I don t tell that story, it wakes me up in the morning, shakes me out of my favorite afternoon nap, and insists upon being told from eduplace kids tnc mtai


    1. The story is told by a woman in the prairie years over a century ago. The illustrations and wording really convey the emotion of the book.

    2. This book captures the essence of living on the prairie as a woman recalls her experiences to a young child. The woman moved from the city to the prairie to live with her husband. As a reader, you travel back in time and learn about the many hardships of living on the prairie that each season brings. The illustrations are the story's biggest strength; these black and white sketches evoke emotion and set the tone of life in a simpler time. In the end, the woman and her husband move to a wood hous [...]

    3. This week I also read Dakota Dugout by Ann Turner. This book is about a pioneer woman and her move from the city to a sod house, or "dugout," on the prairie. The author evokes a vision of an elderly woman telling her story to a younger child. The narrator's descriptions of the sights and sounds of the pioneer times leave the reader with a strong visual image. The simple black and white illustrations aid the reader in developing an image of life in simpler times. The reader travels along with the [...]

    4. The first thing that I noticed about this book were the illustrations. It looks they were drawn back in the time period of the prairie days, so it made it easier reading the story to connect with the what was going on. Also, I just really liked them because there are not very many picture books nowadays that are in just black and white, so I found that element of it rather enjoyable. Also, what I took from the story was that life on the prairie was not that great, but it was still a great life n [...]

    5. I am from "the prairie" so when I saw this book it immediately struck a cord with me. It reminds me of my grandparents and the stories they would tell about storms and droughts, floods and corn. As with life in this place the terse and direct nature of the writing is mirrored in its illustrations. The graphite on paper is perfect for this type of story and this book. It may not have all of the pomp and circumstance of a color book or one of the perennial story-lines that will last forever but it [...]

    6. I enjoyed this book because it takes you back in time. I thought it was very education but interesting at the same time. This would be a good book to read to students to teach them about different eras. It also teaches us about how to survive in the worse circumstances too. Life throws us so many curve balls but its what we do to overcome them. I love the black and white images and the meaning behind this book.

    7. This is a simple little book about what it was like to move west to the Plains and try to make a living there. The description of how this couple create their house and make a living out on the plains is also the story of my family so it was awesome to see it with these lovely black and white pictures and spare text. Great quick read.

    8. This book did an amazing job at describing what life was like on the prairie. The descriptions were so well done, I actually felt as though i was in the dugout. I heard what she heard smelled what she smelled, and saw what she saw. I enjoyed talking this little trip back in time through the seasons.

    9. I didn't really enjoy this book. I did like how it took you back in time and told their story of what times were like. However, I did not like the flow of the book. I wouldn't read this again unless it was for an assignment.

    10. A women decides to move to the prairie with her husband and they face hardships, but will their love be enough to keep them going?

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