Carried Away

Carried Away THEY ARE THE PROUD DESCENDENTS OF A HIGHLAND CLAN TWO BROTHERS AS DIFFERENT AS NIGHT AND DAY Now living on a secluded Maine island Calum and Eachann MacLachlan have one thing in common they want bri

  • Title: Carried Away
  • Author: Jill Barnett
  • ISBN: 9780671521448
  • Page: 129
  • Format: Paperback
  • THEY ARE THE PROUD DESCENDENTS OF A HIGHLAND CLAN, TWO BROTHERS AS DIFFERENT AS NIGHT AND DAY Now living on a secluded Maine island, Calum and Eachann MacLachlan have one thing in common they want brides When Eachann s two unruly children are expelled from school, he is even determined to wed Following an old Scottish custom, Eachann decides to solve the problem forTHEY ARE THE PROUD DESCENDENTS OF A HIGHLAND CLAN, TWO BROTHERS AS DIFFERENT AS NIGHT AND DAY Now living on a secluded Maine island, Calum and Eachann MacLachlan have one thing in common they want brides When Eachann s two unruly children are expelled from school, he is even determined to wed Following an old Scottish custom, Eachann decides to solve the problem for both himself and his brother Spying on a fancy society party, Eachann spots debutante Georgina Bayard basking in the spotlight Meanwhile, pretty Amy Emerson is valiantly struggling to conceal her first broken heart Swept away by this strange Scotsman, both young women become captives Kidnapped and furious, Amy and Georgina have a choice fight for the life they d previously known or let their hearts get carried away.

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    1. Jill Barnett

      New York Times Bestselling Author Jill Barnett is master storyteller known for her beautifully written love stories rich with humor, emotion, and poignancy She is the winner of Lifetime Achievement Awards for Love and Laughter and Historical Romance and is a six time Romance Writers of America RITA nominee and winner of both a Persie Award for Literature and a Waldenbooks Award Her books have been named Best of the Year by Dallas Morning News, Detroit Free Press, and Kirkus Review and she was the first historical romance author to ever receive a starred review from Publishers Weekly She stands alongside Judith McNaught as one of only two authors to ever receive a six star review from Affaire de Coeur Magazine and her work has been published in 23 languages and appeared on numerous bestseller lists She lives in the PNW with her family.


    1. Jill Barnett belongs to that special group of writers who I loved in my youth together with Julie Garwood, Jude Deveraux, Mary Jo Putney and the like. I have read most of her books. Some I really loved and others I liked well enough. This is the first Jill Barnett book that I felt oh well, I probably did not have to read this book. This book is about 2 brothers Calum and Eachann. From their names you could tell that they were Scots. I am kind of fuzzy on the timefram in this novel. lists this b [...]

    2. Carried Away by Jill Barnett is the story of Calum, Amy, Georgina and Eachann. This book cover has been updated to one that I like a lot better. Arrant Island, Maine Fergus MacLachlan was Calum and Eachann cousin and somewhat father to them. Fergus wanted Calum married along with hopefully setting up Eachann too. Calum being the oldest of the brothers is getting tired of Fergus parade of women to marry. Eachann has been married before and has two kids but Fergus feels he should be married again. [...]

    3. First let me say that I enjoyed IMAGINE by Jill Barnett. The anti-hero, strong heroine and humor enchanted me until the end. So when I picked up CARRIED AWAY I expected the same. The novelty of one brother kidnapping two ladies so they would each have a wife attracted meRRIED AWAY was another island adventure. Calum and Eachann Maclachlan could not be more different from one another. Calum liked things clean and orderly. Eachann was a slob, to put it mildly. Both handsome in their own way, Calum [...]

    4. I really enjoyed recording the audiobook version of CARRIED AWAY. The characters are delightful and the relationship between Amy and Calum brought a tear to my eye several times. That's most unusual for me. Below is an excerpt from my review: For readers who fail to see the positive attributes of Rochester (Jane Eyre) and Heathcliff (Wuthering Heights), this book will be a supreme disappointment as a romance. On the surface, Eachann McLachlan is the epitome of the arrogant, self-absorbed macho [...]

    5. Calum and Eachann MacLachlan have one thing in common they’re both in need of a bride. Eachann's two unruly children are expelled from school and now he is even determined to wed. Calum is scared of women they continuously chase him and he wants no part of it, but their Uncle Fergus keeps sending women to the island for them wed. Eachann takes things into his own hands the old fashioned way and kidnaps two women from a high society ball. Georgina Baynard is hosting a society ball when Eachann [...]

    6. I am voluntarily submitting my honest review after receiving an ARC of this ebook from NetGalley.This is a fast-paced, entertaining read. While I found Calum and Amy's love story heartwarming and authentic, Eachann and Georgina's journey felt contrived and forced. After Eachann ruined Georgina's reputation and cost her everything, including her last chance to save her family home and legacy (no matter how far fetched that hope seemed), then relegated her to the role of hired help, the likelihood [...]

    7. This book was originally published in 1996 and is an historical romance. Calum and Eachann MacLachlan live on a small island off the coast of Maine. They enjoy their Scottish heritage and when life becomes to chaotic , Eachann kidnaps two debutantes and brings them home. The ladies, Georgina and Amy must decide to tame the wild brothers and love them or go back to their old life. I'm not much of a historical fan, this was a good read and I'm sure lovers of Scottish romance will love this. I pick [...]

    8. A cute sweet and emotional story. It is exciting, interesting,suspenseful and heartbreaking all at once. These two brothers want something and when one of them claims someone this someone is definitely not happy about it. I was given a review copy by Net Galley and voluntarily review it.

    9. 3.5 StarsWhen I read the summary for this book, I thought that it took place “way back when” and if not in Scotland then in England. However, when it says, “displaced Highland clan” they mean displaced to an island off the coast of Maine. There are two brothers (very different), Calum and Eachann. Eachann was married once before but is now a widower with two children he doesn’t know what to do with. Calum is the chief of this little displaced clan and very meticulous. I enjoyed the las [...]

    10. I found this on the daily deal. The description sounded good so I thought I would try it. I was a little disappointed. It could have been a good story, but I think it would have been better as two separate stories. I also felt that there was a lot of detail that was irrelevant. I felt the author didn't focus the detail in the areas that really could have used it. When they first arrived on the island the author focused on when they arrived and then it was a couple of weeks later, and time to go [...]

    11. Must stop buying daily dealsAgain I am in a book rut so I picked up a book that was on sale via for .99 and while it was enjoyable to read for a few chapters, it quickly grew overly descriptive and aggravating. The dialogue was great, and I loved the banter between the characters. But I literally found myself skimming over descriptive words because it just became too much too often for me.

    12. I tried with this book, but when the first 4% of the book is mainly just descriptions of things and metaphors about how things work, a girl loses interest kind of quickly. I didn't make it much past the 4% mark before I realized this just isn't my type of writing and put it down. It is overly descriptive and a vast array of metaphors. That isn't to say it is a bad book overall, I just couldn't get into it and it isn't my style.

    13. Really love JB's humor. Kinda 2 stories in one. Liked it a lot! Just would of liked it to be 2 seperate books with more details about the caracters.Audiobook: Narrator: Robert ArminDoes not have the voice to do romance.No emotions it felt like he just read the book. Reminded me of actors who do not know how to act, they just repeat their lines.

    14. It was nice to read a book where no one was what he or she seemed. I have always enjoyed Jill Barnett's humor. The house divided to cope with men who were an earlier version of the "Odd Couple" was hilarious.

    15. Kelemahan dari buku ini adalah karena menceritakan ttg dua pasangan sekaligus dan sering berpindah POV, saya malah merasa chemystry-nya masih belum cukup. Mungkin harusnya ceritanya lebih panjang lagi kali ya?

    16. Again jill is a great time , and a fun, fast read . These books are great escapes with wonderful characters and great stories. Even if you are known to look your nose down on romance I guarantee , that one Jill barnett novel will change your mind

    17. Jill Barnett Has a Way of Making Characters Come to LifeJill Barnett has a way of making characters come to life. She has the perfect pairing of MCs. Good book and well worth the read. A true romance novel.

    18. Enjoyed this book. I was so lost in this book and loved all four main characters. I had some really good laughs.

    19. The premise of the story sounded good. It just didn't deliver. Somewhat boring and it took me too long to get through it. Definitely not one of those books that you can't wait to pick up again.

    20. Portions of this book were funny. The romance is light and based on respect more than lust. It was quite refreshing and a fast to read.

    21. Almost embarrassed to say I read this. Easy read. Simple story line. You have to get past the two rather explicit sex scenes. Not one I would recommend.

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