Vexing the Viscount

Vexing the Viscount As children they d sparred with wooden swords She d scarred his chin and he broke her heart Now that they re all grown up the true battle is only beginningDaisy Drake needs Lucian Beaumont Tired of b

  • Title: Vexing the Viscount
  • Author: Emily Bryan
  • ISBN: 9780843961348
  • Page: 210
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • As children they d sparred with wooden swords She d scarred his chin and he broke her heart Now that they re all grown up, the true battle is only beginningDaisy Drake needs Lucian Beaumont Tired of being on the shelf, she craves adventure and Lucian holds all the clues to a long buried Roman treasure Too bad the devilishly handsome viscount doesn t want her help.As children they d sparred with wooden swords She d scarred his chin and he broke her heart Now that they re all grown up, the true battle is only beginningDaisy Drake needs Lucian Beaumont Tired of being on the shelf, she craves adventure and Lucian holds all the clues to a long buried Roman treasure Too bad the devilishly handsome viscount doesn t want her help.Until she masquerades as a French courtesan who offers to teach him all she knows of the pleasures of the love couch Of course, all Daisy knows about that she learned from the memoirs of a real courtesan, but she s always been a fast learner.In each other s arms, will they discover a treasure neither of them expected to find This book was previously published under the title Vexing the Viscount by Emily Bryan

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    1. Having read - and not particularly liked - Pleasuring the Pirate a few days ago, I decided to lower my expectations about its sequel Vexing the Viscount. My reasoning was, if I didn't expect a masterpiece, anything from the same level of the previous book would be nice. Well, I'm sorry to say that not even my low expectations were metDaisy Drake was introduced in Pleasuring the Pirate as one of Gabriel Drake's nieces. Vexing the Viscount is her story. As the story opens, she's "admiring" an anci [...]

    2. "Vexing the Viscount" is my second read by Emily Bryan and I enjoyed this one just as much as I did the first! This is a Georgian era romance and even though I'm a little skeptical regarding the freedom and behavior of the heroine for that time period, I enjoyed her very much. The sizzle between the hero and heroine was great, their banter entertaining, and even the mystery/treasure hunt held my interest.Daisy considers herself firmly on the shelf as she just can't seem to dredge up any interest [...]

    3. ++Spoilers++Man can this author write love scenes!!! Phew! Actually, the writing is very good overall IMHO.The pace was steady and there were many times I could not put the book down. The characters were pretty well developed, but could have used a little more fleshing out.The antagonists were believable, having a purpose, and were not OTT evil.The story was interesting and I liked how the author incorporated a small second (although tragic) love story within.The issues I did have with the story [...]

    4. Vexing the Viscount is a captivating blend of romance, adventure, amusing banter & saucy moments. Daisy Drake was first introduced to us as a precocious child in the story, Pleasuring the Pirate. All grown up, she is now a woman ahead of her time, one who loves nothing more than the thrill of adventure. Daisy speaks fluent French and can read ancient Latin but all that she knows of 'pleasures of the flesh' has been discovered from the journals of Blanche La Tour, an infamous French courtesan [...]

    5. Vexing the ViscountWritten By: Emily BryanPublished By: Leisure Historical Romance, Dorchester Publishing, 2009, First Edition, 320 pages, softcoverISBN 978-0843961348(Available February 24th 2009!)Vexing the Viscount is a marvellous book, full sexual tension and wonderful characters whose stories pull you into their world for a few lovely hours. The pacing is smooth and steady, with vibrant visuals and intensely amusing banter. This story is very well written with an unerring focus on supplying [...]

    6. Vexing the Viscount is a reunion romance where the heroine and the hero knew each once upon a time when they were children. The heroine annoyed the hero back then and when they meet again years later the hero is still perturbed by the fair miss. This is the third book I have read by Emily Bryan and her lighthearted historicals have been enjoyable reads. I found Vexing the Viscount to be another fun read but with some faults. Perhaps a bit silly and unbelievable at certain points, but overall thi [...]

    7. Reviewed by Andrea Williamson for Romance Novel TVPublisher: Dorchester/Leisure BooksRelease Date: February 24, 20094.25 starsDaisy Drake has loved the thrill of adventure and the lure of treasure since she was a little girl and discovered a fortune in Spanish gold beneath the stones of Dragon Caern Castle, her home in Cornwall. So naturally, when she learns that an ancient Roman treasure is the subject of a lecture at the Society of Antiquaries, where she has been denied membership numerous tim [...]

    8. Daisy Drake is all grown up and sophisticated now. She is not the clumsy little girl that Lucian Beaumont, Viscount Rutland used to play with. Daisy is hoping Lucien sees that change in her, especially since she is the one that gave him the scar on his chin. When Lucian is approached by Daisy, he is memorized by her beauty but that is before he hears why she has seeked him out. Daisy informs Lucian that she would like to fund his digging excavation to uncover Roman artifacts as long as she can c [...]

    9. From the very first page Mrs. Bryan grabbed my imagination and took it on a sassy, seductive ride. Daisy is everything I love in a historical heroine – smart, adventurous, quick-witted and most of all, she goes after what she wants!Our hero Lucian will steal your heart with his underdog status, inexperience and endearing personality. His interactions with Daisy/Blanche will make you giggle out loud while you root for him to keep her on her toes.This book started off with a perfect first meetin [...]

    10. This book was alright. It wasn't one of my favorites but it was good. I didn't really care for the plot of the story, because I'm very unfamiliar with the Romans and Londonium. Therefore I didn't did it all that exciting. I was kind of bored actually. The end seemed to rush by very quickly as well. Especially with Isabella. I feel like se deserved more of a story or even more happiness.Regardless, I liked the passion between daisy and Lucian. I wish their past relationship was more detailed but [...]

    11. Plenty of steamy scenes and side stories to keep you reading, but I felt that with all the good parts there were some bad ones. This will not be a memorable book for me. Nor will it be one that I can read over and over again. Nonetheless it wasn't bad. I've read worse it was really good to pass the time. The begining and even the middle of the book were really good, but the ending kind of fizzles out and seemed rushed

    12. I enjoyed this one humorous, quick paced, and romantic. I liked the Egyptian mystery intertwined as well. A lot of fun!

    13. Me sorprendi a mi misma riéndome en voz alta con varias escenas.No es la gran novela de romance, pero entretiene y enternece un poco.

    14. A delectably sexy tale! Taken from my review at RomanceJunkies:It has been more than a decade since Daisy Elizabeth Drake has seen Lucian. In her younger years she had followed him around like a puppy. But now, accidentally meeting him again outside the Society of Antiquaries lecture hall, he does not even recognize her. Of course, he and his family had only spent a week at her home at Dragon Caern Castle, but she has never forgotten him. It had been the most memorable time of her life. Her grea [...]

    15. Daisy Drake enjoys her life living with her great aunt Isabella Haversham (Lady Wexford). She received a generous dowry along with her sisters from her uncle Gabriel who found a treasure of Spanish gold beneath their home, Dragon Cearn Castle in Cornwall. The sudden wealth changed her family’s life forever and although her uncle may only be a baron and a former pirate, he does have money. All her sisters have married well or are currently engaged yet Daisy is not actively looking.While visitin [...]

    16. The thing I liked best about this book was the humour and the way that the H&H teased and snarked each other. I have a thing for good-quality banter, and there was plenty of that here. I also liked the fact that Daisy and Lucien were so in-tune with each other most of the time; friendship, humour and shared interests are a great basis for any relationship, and it's nice to read something that I can envisage lasting once I've read the final page.But yes, I do have a few niggles. First - despi [...]

    17. Also on sillymelodyAlrighty, for the past week I have been reading How to Vex a Viscount by Mia Marlowe. Honestly, I liked the story. So, without further ado I should tell you what the story is about and the things I liked about the book.Daisy Drake has always had an interest in antiquities and so has been trying for sometime to become a part of the Society of Antiquaries. Yet being a female, Daisy has been rejected on countless times. Sucks to be a woman in 1700s, where she is suppose to be mee [...]

    18. Review by Jennifer DrakeVexing the Viscount by Emily Bryan is a charming story about Daisy Drake and Lucian Beaumont, Viscount Rutland. Daisy, the niece of a pirate, has quite a spark and unique flare in how she lives life. She speaks both French and ancient Latin, but since she doesn’t know about the pleasures of the flesh is reading some risqué books in her great aunts library. (Luckily her great aunt's a fantastic supporter of a woman’s right to learn about these things.) Our leading Vis [...]

    19. I really enjoyed this book; it had me hooked from the first page. Emily Bryan/Mia Marlow is an excellent author for romance as she has a way of creating characters that are so full of life and have you cheering for them every step of the way. This story is a lovely treat for anyone who loved “Pleasuring the Pirate” as there are some glimpses of past characters who we all adored. This story traces the life of Daisy, Gabrielle’s favourite niece. Daisy has not changed much from that young adv [...]

    20. Quick, pleasant read. I suppose the aunt and uncle (Gabriel?) had their own book. But it's well enough to be read by itself.The search and finding of an old roman treasure is fun in itself. I liked the twist at the end! (view spoiler)[ Roman soldiers were paid in salt!(hide spoiler)] When the story was almost resolved, the author put in another slight twist (didn't see it coming) (view spoiler)[ A few paragraphs later, the reader is given another story twist- the proconsul was paid in silver! So [...]

    21. This is a refreshing take on a regency romance. Mia has woven story that reunites two childhood friends as adults. of age and still single. The hero, Lucian Beaumont, a viscount whose family is teetering on financial ruin is desperately searching for an ancient treasure that will help him restore his family's finances. Only first he needs access to immediate funding to pursue the treasure hunt.The heroine, Daisy Drake,a Lady of the realm and Lucian's childhood friend,has the money to invest in h [...]

    22. The quote most true applied to this novel is "Nothing bad could happened from too much of knowledge." Or something like that, I forgot the exact sentence. I really annoyed why Geoffrey, her great-uncle, and Lucian didn't tell Daisy outright why they prohibited her from associating with Lucian (for Geoffrey) and Sir Alistair (for Lucian). Well, Geoffrey's secretion didn't affect much but Lucian's sure did. In the end, Daisy screwed up by coming to Sir Alistair and revealed (unintentionally) their [...]

    23. I thought this was best. I'v loved daisy ever since she and her sisters cam into series. I liked that she kept her independence and remain single. I really like that Isabelle was in this book a lot and u got to see the relationship between her and Geoffrey. I love the mystery and danger in book but this book also has a lot of sexual suspense and romance, teasing to it really liked how it slowly built to a true love affair. Great HEA.

    24. Ik heb de Nederlands talige versie gelezen ( Candlelight Historische roman 852 - Als hij haar kust ) en hiervoor heb ik ook CH 786 en 844 van deze schrijfster gelezen .Ik heb ze alle drie 3 sterren gegeven . Wanneer je van lichte humor en een oversekste schrijfstijl houdt dan zijn deze tiener boekjes iets voor jou .

    25. A hero and heroine that have known one another since they were children. Two exciting, intelligently written characters that both have this predilection for adventure, history, artifacts, and buried treasure. If a reader likes adventure, romance, comedy, suspense, history, and all those things that make up a great story they should read this! I loved it!!!

    26. It was not one I would normally pick for myself, a little to risque for me, but there was a story and a friend wrote it. I would categorize this as close to erotica. I prefer more story less sex. It was well written though and the story moves along quickly. The woman has an imagination for sure.I prefer some of the other books she has written under her real name, Diana Groe.

    27. Titillating characters! While this book could be enjoyed as a stand alone read I highly recommend reading "How To Please A Pirate" first. Can be purchased as part of a 3 book boxed set (The How To series).I just loved the unique protagonist in this book! Play acting as a courtesan was very sexy and amusing all in one!

    28. (Re-read.) I love this novel, I forgot just how much since it's been a good 4-5 years since I read it the first time. Definitely one of my top Historical Romances. Sweet story, love the catch and mouse game between the characters. The 'fake' courtesan element kept things interesting.

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