Hi, Cat!

Hi Cat On his way to hang out with the neighborhood kids Archie very innocently greets a stray cat who follows him and gets in the way The cat ruins everything Archie s street show is a mess and his audienc

  • Title: Hi, Cat!
  • Author: Ezra Jack Keats
  • ISBN: 9780670885466
  • Page: 280
  • Format: Hardcover
  • On his way to hang out with the neighborhood kids, Archie very innocently greets a stray cat who follows him and gets in the way The cat ruins everything Archie s street show is a mess and his audience drifts away But things aren t all bad when Archie goes, the cat follows him all the way home, too

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    1. Ezra Jack Keats

      FROM WEBSITE Long before multicultural characters and themes were fashionable, Ezra Jack Keats crossed social boundaries by being the first American picture book maker to give the black child a central place in children s literature.In the books that Keats wrote and illustrated, he used his special artistic techniques to portray his subjects in a unique manner One of these was his blending of gouache with collage Gouache is an opaque watercolor mixed with a gum that produces an oil like glaze.The characters in Keats books come from the community around him Many of his stories illustrate family life, the simple pleasures and complex problems, that a child often encounters in his daily routine To create his books, Keats drew upon his own childhood experiences, from having to flee from bullies to taking a ribbing from his pals for liking girls But these are also the experiences of almost all children growing up in neighborhoods and communities in many parts of the world This commonality explains the continuing popularity of Keats books and characters By the time of Keats death following a heart attack in 1983, Keats had illustrated over eighty five books for children, and written and illustrated twenty four children s classics.


    1. Now I do indeed realise that Hi, Cat! is an award winner, but frankly, I have not really enjoyed either the narrative or the accompanying illustrations overmuch. And while author and illustrator Ezra Jack Keats' pictorial renderings of Archie, the cat he salutes and which then follows him around wreaking havoc, the neighbourhood (as well as his friends and companions) are for the most part expressive and descriptive enough (although I would also never even remotely consider them as personal aest [...]

    2. Not as visually striking as some of Keats' books, such as the famous Snow Day, but very nice. The kids felt like real kids in a real neighborhood. I would have liked a little more resolution for the cat, like him actually having a home, but I guess this is realistic.

    3. Like most of Keats' books, this is less of a STORY story than just a retelling of a kid's day. I think that's what makes them so good, actually - they're very realistic.So Archie is walking to play with the other kids, and he casually says "Hi" to a random cat. And the cat follows him. Archie goofs off for a bit, pretending that he has a beard instead of a popsicle stain on his chin, and that he's a monster in a giant paper bag (the cat ruins that by climbing around inside), and that the dog Wil [...]

    4. Interesting old book. It's one of those 'slice of life' style books. Archie meets a cat and says hello and then the cat follows him through the rest of his day. Archie is sort of a class clown sort who wants to entertain the other neighborhood children. All of his antics this particular day are sabotaged by a dog or a cat or sometimes by both animals combined. The book ends with Archie assuming the cat is gone, but, the reader can see the cat is right outside the door, waiting. It was cute and a [...]

    5. Not my favorite but still a good story, it's about a boy named Archie who says Hi to a cat and the cat follow him all day ruining his, what I would call his "street performance." His first act was an old man, he used his ice cream to create a beard and mustache, and uses an umbrella as a walking stick. this act was actually ruined by Willie the dog. The next act was a paper bag big face. The cat went in the bag and ripped the bag to pieces. The next act was the tallest dog in the world. Willie i [...]

    6. "When Archie says hi to a stray cat, it sets off a slapstick chain of events that add up to a wonderful character study of a funny, imaginative boy. Keats’s pictures show more than his words tell, and this allows young readers to fill in the details of the story. Archie tries one way and another to entertain his friends on a slow summer afternoon, and each effort ends in a small catastrophe. That darn cat following Archie around is often the cause of the trouble. But when he tells his mother a [...]

    7. The story wasn't the strongest part of this book, but it was one of those parts of childhood many of us can relate to -- putting on a show for others. One hiccup in the plan is this adorable cat that tails our protagonist, the adorably bespectacled Archie, on his way to visit his friends and back home. The illustrations -- paint and newspaper collage -- are a beautiful, subtle, muted rainbow of colors found in the city. What's really cool about this? People of color in an everyday story in which [...]

    8. I thought this story was a little odd. For one, I was having a hard time tracking the plot, and for another, I'm not sure what the message was. Ages: 3 - 6**Like my reviews? I also have hundreds of detailed reports that I offer too. These reports give a complete break-down of everything in the book, so you'll know just how clean it is or isn't. I also have Clean Guides (downloadable PDFs) which enable you to clean up your book before reading it! Visit my website: The Book Radar.

    9. So I read to the kids at the preschool when we go inside for play, and I picked up this book to read to one of the little girls there.I was confused by it. I get that it is about how this kid runs meets a cat and it ruins the day, but I couldn't get over how choppy the whole story seemed. There was no fluidity.

    10. of course, beautiful art but maybe i missed the point of the book as it didn't grab me. repetitive but what was the story?

    11. Peter and the gang put on a spontaneous play starring Willie and a cat! The picture of the scrawny cat perched on top of a trash can reminds me of a feline I met in a similar situation in Athens Greece.

    12. Genre: Realistic FictionAwards: Boston Globe-Horn Book Award for illustrationSummary: This is about a boy named Archie who is on his way to perform a show, but on his was stops to say hi to a cat. When it comes time for the show something goes terribly wrong. The cat followed Archie and caused chaos during the show causing all the audience to leave. Prompt Questions:How would you describe Archie?Where do you think Archie is going?What is causing the bag to shake?What is Archie's feeling towards [...]

    13. "Hi, Cat!" With just those words begins the colorful, funny, thoughtful story of a boy who makes a new potential friend just by the power of a simple greeting. A couple of words of friendliness thrown out like a life preserver in a weary, watery world can sometimes be all it takes to make a person (or cat) look at you with a whole new set of eyes. Author Ezra Jack Keats does a fine job of capturing the rhythm of everyday life on a city street, with the kids providing their own entertainment by u [...]

    14. Archie was walking to meet up with his friend, Peter. Archie notices something new on his way to meet Peter, a cat. He says hi to the cat and continues on to meet Peter. Archie and Peter put on a show when the cat decides to jump up on Archie and ripped off his costume.Activities:- Word wall with vocab words from the story(different cat breeds)-Flannel board story- retelling the sequence of events in the story- reenact the story-record the story on tape-Chart- What do you think is going to happe [...]

    15. This book could be used to remind students that things do not always go as planned. People have to fail sometimes. It is part of what allows people to learn and grow. This story also shows that people and animals can show love in an unusual ways. Sometimes people do not know how to show that they care or like another person. I think it is important for teachers to recognize this, and help students grow in this area.

    16. I spotted this at the library today and gave it a read, as it was one by this authur I'd never read before. This was a fun story about an adorable cat who, once acknowledged, sticks around a little too long and causes some playful little trouble. Archie doesn't blame the cat, though, so it's all good. I loved the simple, creative fun he and his friends have. Reminds me of similar times. And it's so beautifully portrayed through the art in this book. What a treasure.

    17. Though classified as a Peter story, this picture book is really all about Archie and his silly, attention-seeking ways. A neighborhood black cat acts as his foil (and sometimes, interrupts him as he is putting on a show for the other kids who live on his block). This is a sweet, fun story by Keats.

    18. As always, Keats illustrations are beautiful however the story wasn't all the well written or very interesting. The plot in a nut shell, don't say hi to a cat because it will be your cat forever whether you want it to be your cat or not. There you go--don't say hi to a cat unless you are willing to buy some kitty liter and Meow Mix!!!

    19. As in every Mr Keats books his illustrations are (to me) more important than that of the story. They can tell the story without the words. So interesting and creative. But the story lines are always nice as well. The little boy finds a friend he didn't know he had!

    20. Ezra Jack Keats really captures the feel of children hanging out and playing together and the collage illustrations are amazing.

    21. I think I would've liked this one better without the text; it's choppy and feels dated. The illustrations and the general flow of the story are excellent. For EJK lovers.

    22. #6 in the popular 'Peter Series'. As always, by Ezra jack Keats shows the brighter side of inner city living through the eyes of children.

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