The Coroner

The Coroner A vulnerable boy hangs himself inside a young offenders centre A teenage girl is found dead of a heroin overdose Then after dealing with these two cases Coroner Harry Marshall suddenly dies apparen

  • Title: The Coroner
  • Author: M.R. Hall
  • ISBN: 9780230709843
  • Page: 494
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A vulnerable boy hangs himself inside a young offenders centre A teenage girl is found dead of a heroin overdose Then, after dealing with these two cases, Coroner Harry Marshall suddenly dies, apparently from natural causes Jenny Cooper is his replacement she is puzzled by Marshall s strange behaviour just before his death.

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      494 M.R. Hall
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    1. M.R. Hall

      M R Hall, otherwise known as Matthew or Matt Hall, lives and works in the Wye Valley in Monmouthshire Born in London in 1967, he was educated at Hereford Cathedral School and Worcester College, Oxford, where he graduated in law.After several years as a criminal barrister in London, Matthew started writing TV drama, beginning with epsiodes of ITV s Kavanagh QC He was nominated for a BAFTA for his first oroginal series, Wing and a Prayer He went on to write over 40 hours of prime time drama His debut novel, The Coroner 2009 was shortlisted for the CWA s Gold Dagger, as was his fourth, The Flight.Matthew spends much of his spare time looking after his sixteen acres of woodland and working for the conservation of the countryside.He is also a fan of boxing and took part in his first amateur bout in April 2014.Series Jenny Cooper


    1. This was a fairly bland procedural crime novel I assume the author is setting up storylines for further novels, but it would have been nice to tie up some of the loose ends. There was just too much whinging and dragging, boring stories in this book to be good. If it had stuck with the coronial part, and cut out the pill popping lead character it might have been a little more tolerable than it was. The characters were one dimensional and I didn't really care what happened to any of them. Don't kn [...]

    2. This is first book about Jenny Cooper a newly appointed Coroner in Bristol, SW England. It introduces us to a struggling 42 woman who has endured a recent marriage break-up, with her teenage son chosing to stay with his Dad, a new remote home and a serious drug addiction following a nervous breakdown. Having lied on her application about her current medical issues she throws herself into her new job.Unfortunately, she can hardly manage with all the demands on her and when a couple of cases appea [...]

    3. It isn’t very often that a new author comes my way about whom I know nothing at all. Usually if they are good, there is a buzz about them. People start talking about the book they’ve just read and others pick up on it. I hadn’t heard a word about M.R. Hall’s, THE CORONER so I had no real expectations that this was anything other than just another run-of-the-mill crime novel. You know the type of thing. You read it and a couple of weeks later you’ve forgotten most of the plot. I am happ [...]

    4. Brave of a male author to make a female character the main protagonist, but M R Hall succeeds well enough. Though Jenny Cooper, the coroner of the title, isn't easy to like. She is in psychiatric consultation for some childhood trauma, suffering guilt pangs after a custody struggle from a messy divorce, at the same time addicted to pills and too much alcohol (a bottle of red, followed by a bottle of white, beer from the can, brandy meant to be for cooking, etc). Difficult to see how she was app [...]

    5. I have been considering reading this one for a while now and decided it was time to get stuck into it. The story follows the newly appointed Coroner, Jenny Cooper to the Severn Vale District. Jenny is recovering from a breakdown following her divorce and losing custody of her teenage son to her husband, who is a right a***hole. Jenny is a troubled soul, addicted to tranquilizers and drinking a little too much. This seems to be connected to an incident in her childhood, she has blocked out of her [...]

    6. First Sentence: The first dead body Jenny ever saw was her grandfather’s.Jenny Cooper spent 15 years practicing child-care law, but a serialized cheating, emotionally abusive husband and subsequent divorce, a missing year from her childhood, resulted in an emotional breakdown and severe panic attacks. She’s beginning to put her life back together and has been appointed local coroner in the Severn Vale District Corner, inheriting the office, and it’s rather resentful clerk, from recently de [...]

    7. I’m not sure what drew me to this one. I read a certain amount of crime, but I’m not a great lover of straightforward modern procedurals. But there are some authors who can give them that little bit extra to make them more than a generic read.Could M R Hall be one of them?The set-up was promising. Jenny had an established career as a family lawyer but, after a nasty divorce and a breakdown, she opted for a new career in a new town. As a coroner.It’s an interesting angle. One that I’d not [...]

    8. Listened to as an audiobook, and I picked it up on the recommendation of a customer at the library. I was in no way disappointed - I thoroughly enjoyed it! The main character is flawed, struggling with mental issues and dependent on prescription drugsbut how she deals with the corruption of the system she lands in, and emerges triumphant in her endeavours to get through the day on fewer pills, and STILL manages to solve the mysteries and bring the criminals to book is a great story. Even to the [...]

    9. This is the first time I've encountered a heroine/hero in a capacity of coroner, not to mention that she has a therapist. The Coroner was pretty informative on the legal aspect and job scope of a coroner so I was pretty satisfied. The plot was slow going at first and there wasn't a lot of action as most of the suspense happened in the 'court rooms', but it detained my attention and Jenny Cooper fascinated me. She's one of the few characters who made me feel frustrated for her and not at her. The [...]

    10. The Coroner's protagonist is, surprise, a coroner. Since she just starts out in this position, she teaches herself, and the reader, on the duties and rights of the coroner as needed, and as the investigations proceed, a point of view that I knew little about before I read this book. The combination of the crime story, and political issues like private prisons and the difference between punishment and rehabilitation, together with a background story of a woman struggling with mental issues, makes [...]

    11. Recommended by a friend, I think I've found another author who I'll be adding to my series list. This is the story of a somewhat damaged lawyer who takes up a new post as coroner in the Severn Valley. Jenny Cooper has taken the role following on from the death of the previous incumbent. A mysterious death and closely following the mysterious deaths of his last 2 cases. Jenny takes up the challenge, and finally exposes the truth and corruption rife on her patch. Already ordered the next bookenjoy [...]

    12. t tFantasticWhat a fantastic book I was hooked on the first page the twist in the story are mind boggling First time I have read Matthew Hall certain it will not be the last Tom Waters

    13. I've never read anything by this author before and I've never read a coroner based police procedural book either but I can tell that this will not be the last one of these i read. I loved the fact that a fair quantity of this book is based in south Wales as well. Oh and the cliffhanger ending about Jenny's past was a bit sneaky!

    14. Not bad, not great. Definitely too long (450 pages), in spite of the rather sparse script-like writing style. The villain of the piece and the nature of his/her villainy was spottable from a fair distance. And, by the way, Temazepan is not an anti-depressant. It sends you to sleep.

    15. A deeply flawed main character and totally believable. Very engrossing how she refuses to give up searching for more evidence after she finds unsatisfactory procedures and verdicts carried out by her predecessor coroner. Glad to see that this is the first of a series.

    16. Found this book a bit of a slog at first, and it took a third attempt to really get into it, but once I did I found it pretty good.

    17. Fantastic, first in series featuring the main character a Coroner. A real good story, I enjoyed it so much that as soon as I finished book I downloaded the next in the series

    18. All was well until the last few pages where the oh so convenient wrap kicked in. Have read worse and will do again - this was OK

    19. I had read book 2 of the Jenny Cooper series (The Disappeared) and I liked it. So when I got my hands on book 1, the Coroner, I thought it would be just as enjoyable. Well, it wasn't.For a start, the female protagonist, Jenny Cooper, is a pill-popping, co-dependent, manipulative, power-hungry, whiner, and by the end of the book I was skimming paragraphs just to avoid her, "Look at me, look up to me, woe is me, me, me, me," narrative. Where is this strong female character that other reviewers hav [...]

    20. Picked this up at the library and despite it being a doorstep in size, over 400 pages (plus the next one in the series first couple of chapters - I always check that these days. ) it went down well enough passing my 50 page rule, past that and I usually finish it.It is only afterwards that I ponder on whether this was the best use of my time when so many non-fiction books stare down at me from my shelves or Kindle listI liked the writing style and despite her myriad flaws the main character kept [...]

    21. I finished this book but I did not like it. Too wordy. The coroner had a divorce, was on pills for anxiety in the very beginning and still on at the end of the book. Kept telling how she HAD to have her pills and could not figure out what was in her childhood background which made her have nightmares and still didn't know by the end of the book and was still taking many pills. She also had to have her wine and drank it by the bottle. This book took a LONG time to tell because the judicial system [...]

    22. A fair start to seriesA different view of an investigative story. The background of Mrs Cooper was good and again different, although sometimes annoying as unable to control her anger with people which caused problems. Some of the story Seemed a bit far fetched, but overall enjoyed as this story was a good start to series. Will be reading next book.

    23. The coroner's investigation was very interesting but her personal problems occupied a bit too much space in the story. I will try the next book in the series but hope there will be less emphasis on Jenny's personal problems.

    24. A good read - it's a bit over the top about the insecure Coroner - but it's a good page turner and i enjoyed reading it - possibly because it's difficult not to be on the side of the underdog. Serviceable read.

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