Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror

Meg A Novel of Deep Terror On a top secret dive into the Pacific Ocean s deepest canyon Jonas Taylor found himself face to face with terror The sole survivor of the mission Taylor remains haunted years later by what he saw Wr

  • Title: Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror
  • Author: Steve Alten
  • ISBN: 9780553840162
  • Page: 392
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • On a top secret dive into the Pacific Ocean s deepest canyon, Jonas Taylor found himself face to face with terror The sole survivor of the mission, Taylor remains haunted years later by what he saw Written off as a crackpot, he insists that the prehistoric shark known as Carcharodon megalodon still swims the deep underwater chasms.Only an urgent call for help from one ofOn a top secret dive into the Pacific Ocean s deepest canyon, Jonas Taylor found himself face to face with terror The sole survivor of the mission, Taylor remains haunted years later by what he saw Written off as a crackpot, he insists that the prehistoric shark known as Carcharodon megalodon still swims the deep underwater chasms.Only an urgent call for help from one of his oldest friends can persuade him to return to those deadly waters Now Taylor will relive his darkest nightmare, only to find that what he saw before was only the beginning For what lies deep beneath the waves is a horror that could turn the tides blood red until the end of time.

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      Steve Alten grew up in Philadelphia, earning his Bachelors degree in Physical Education at Penn State University, a Masters Degree in Sports Medicine from the University of Delaware, and a Doctorate of Education at Temple University Struggling to support his family of five, he decided to pen a novel he had been thinking about for years Working late nights and on weekends, he eventually finished MEG A Novel of Deep Terror Steve sold his car to pay for editing fees On September Friday the 13th, 1996, Steve lost his general manager s job at a wholesale meat plant Four days later his agent had a two book, seven figure deal with Bantam DoubledayG would go on to become the book of the 1996 Frankfurt book fair, where it eventually sold to than a twenty countries MEG hit every major best seller list, including 19 on the New York Times list 7 audio , and became a popular radio series in Japan.Steve s second release, The TRENCH Meg sequel was published by Kensington Pinnacle in 1999 where it also hit best seller status His next novel, DOMAIN and its sequel, RESURRECTION were published by St Martin s Press Tor Books and were runaway best sellers in Spain, Mexico, Germany, and Italy, with the rights selling to than a dozen countries.Steve s fourth novel, GOLIATH, received rave reviews and was a big hit in Germany It is being considered for a TV series MEG Primal Waters was published in the summer of 2004 A year later his seventh novel, The LOCH, hit stores a modern day thriller about the Loch Ness Monster Steve s eighth novel, The SHELL GAME, is about the end of oil and the next 9 11 event The book was another NY Times best seller, but the stress of penning this real life story affected Steve s health, and three months after he finished the manuscript he was diagnosed with Parkinson s Disease Steve s ninth novel, MEG Hell s Aquarium, is considered to be the best of the best selling MEG series Steve says his best novel is GRIM REAPER End of Days The story, a modern day Dante s Inferno, takes place in New York when a man made plague strikes Manhattan.Steve s novels are action packed and very visual He has optioned DOMAIN, MEG and The LOCH to film producers Steve has written six original screenplays His comedy, HARLEM SHUFFLE was a semi finalist in the LA screenwriting contest, his comedy MINTZ MEATS was selected as a finalist at the Philadelphia film festival as was his psychological thriller, STRANGLEHOLD Steve s reality series, HOUSE OF BABEL won at Scriptapalooza He has also created a TV Drama, PAPA JOHN, based on his years coaching basketball with Hall of Fame coach John Chaney.Over the years, Steve has been inundated with e mail from teens who hated readinguntil they read his novels When he learned high school teachers were actually using his books in the classroom MEG had been rated 1 book for reluctant readers Steve launched Adopt An Author, a nationwide non profit program designed to encourage students to read Teachers who register for the program it s free receive giant shark posters, free curriculum materials, student author correspondence, an interactive website, and classroom conference calls visits with the author To date, over 10,000 teachers have registered, and the success rate in getting teens to read has been unprecedented Steve now spends half his work week working with high schools For information click on AdoptAnAuthorAs an author, Steve has two goals First, to continue to work hard to become a better storyteller and create exciting page turning thrillers Second, to remain accessible to his readers Steve reads and answers all e mails, uses the names and descriptions of his loyal fans as characters in all his novels, and even hires readers as editors, depending on their particular expertise.


    1. 3.5 *If you see her glow, it's too late* starsDuunnn dunnn duuuunnnn duun duuunnnnnnnn dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnn dunnnn.As you all know by now, I love sharks. I love reading about them and watching horror movies about them. Deep Blue Sea, The Reef, Open Water, Jaws 2… Those are the movies I consider my guilty pleasures. But there's one more that stands above the rest. Yes, you guessed it. Jaws, the big daddy of all shark movies. I even watched Sharknado. I watched i [...]

    2. This book/series deserves 529 stars! Seriously! Any book with a jacket blurb stating "I have just two words for you: JURASSIC SHARK!" deserves the Nobel Prize for first class airport literature.This is what pulpy, guilty-pleasure reading is all about. You've got action, sex, and PREHISTORIC SHARKS!Dan Brown's book (I've only read one and that was too much) seriously insulted my intelligence - I recognized the Fibonacci numbers from a high school class - THAT I FLUNKED! Steve Alten does not insul [...]

    3. Far-fetched but fun = that's the point of these types of books anyway. There's so much that fascinates man about the creatures of the deep, so many hidden horrors beneath the water. This goes farther than Jaws, to the original beast which grew up to 60 feet, the Carcharodon megalodon, a shark that would swallow today's Great Whites. Clearly these creatures went belly up long ago, but the author takes pains to paint a realistic enough plausibility of how one could survive, break the surface, and [...]

    4. ****HERE THERE BE SPOILERS****Do you like reading about monsters? More specifically, do you like to read about monsters of the deep that have been thought dead for millions of years? If you do, search no further -- Steve Alten's MEG will not disappoint. From the epic beginning of a T-Rex getting its terrible-lizard ass handed to itself to the absurd gastronomic defeat of the Megalodon, this book keeps the action flowing at a constant rate throughout. There is a really lame extramarital affair su [...]

    5. You'd think i'd get tired of reading this book after a billion times, but nope, still my favorite <3(reread again still love it)

    6. OMG I don't know why I took so long to read this book. Erika my friend from booktube her channel name ThePerksofBooks, has been trying to convince me and all of her subscribers to pick up MEG and read it for years. I found this handy dandy mass market paperback and at Kauai Habitat Restore for 50 cents and it was the best 50 cents I've ever paid. 5 million stars for being a fun and fast read, full of action, adrenaline and one pissed off megalodon.Our main character Jonas Taylor took a trip down [...]

    7. I agree with every single review I've read about this book. Wooden characters, cheap motivations, ridiculous set ups so people can be eaten by the shark, ridiculous climax, but the book was fantastic - in the same way SyFy's recent movie Mongollion Death Worms was fantastic: it has no pretenses that it is anything other than what it is. Some other reviewer described this as Sharknerdporn. I have to agree. I was up to three last night finishing it. I can't get through a Dan Brown book because the [...]

    8. I think it's finally time that this gets added to my favorites shelf. Me and my hubby started buddyreading this book during shark week for the past three years, and it seems like I love it more each read. The writing isn't the best and there's a really cheesy scene towards the end, but I can overlook that. And this is FINALLY becoming a movie thanks to the so sexy gore master, Eli Roth! About fucking time!! :DWhat could be better than a 60 foot shark?

    9. If you drew up a checklist of the necessary components of a B-movie creature-feature, then Meg would tick pretty much every box.Imperfect hero haunted by his past? Check ☑Beautiful heroine who loathes the hero with every fibre of her being right up to the point where she realises that she's never loved anyone more in her life? Check ☑Outrageous monster that no-one except the hero believes exists until it starts eating everyone? Check ☑Comedy deaths of unlikeable characters introduced two m [...]

    10. At the risk of sounding like the comic book guy from The Simpsons, Meg is my candidate for the worst book EVER. It has the most laughable motivation I’ve ever seen in a novel, much less a novel put out by a major publisher!Jonas Taylor is an oceanographer who had a terrifying experience in a deep dive in the Marianas Trench with a creature that is supposed to be extinct, a Carcharodon Megalodon or “Meg,” a long lost relative of the great white shark. The shark attacked his bathyscape from [...]

    11. A to Z Project, Book 11Wow, I know that thrillers are for fun and excitement, but this book is just so relentlessly dumb that I couldn't suspend disbelief for a minute.I'm not sure if it's the he-man/author stand-in lead character, the comically cardboard villains, the tsunami of cliches, or the ridiculous contortions that the author goes through to put all of his characters in exactly the right place in ALL OF THE PACIFIC OCEAN for his unbelievable big shark to attack them as opposed to all of [...]

    12. I really wanted this to be good. I do enjoy a good shark story. This is a decent, sometimes good, shark story. It's the rest of it that drags this story down. The story regarding the Meg is pretty decent and I wished the author had spent more time on the shark. Instead we are treated to a low class soap opera of stupid people. They do stupid things with a 60 foot shark. None of the people are really likeable and I ended up rooting for the Shark. I won't waste more time with this review-the book [...]

    13. I'm sure most of us have heard of or seen one of those trashy films that keep being churned out such as Sharknado or the one I watched recently, the title escapes me, where prehistoric Goblin sharks emerge from an underwater earthquakeap but fun, right?Well I expected the same with this book, crap but fun. It wasn't crap and was a hell of a lot of fun!! The shark action scenes where some of the best I've read or seen. I hope this translates well to the upcoming movie and please don't pander to t [...]

    14. God how I loved this book, I loved it like a fat kid loves ice cream. We have all seen a horror movie that we thought “Oh man, this is just so awful! I love it!” That’s what this book was for me, a made for tv horror movie. But that’s also what made me hesitate to give it four stars. Based on the technical merits of the writing it would probably be a three, based on the story alone maybe a two, but based on how much I absolutely adored it a five would be appropriate. So in the end a 3.5 [...]

    15. I don't give many five star reviews. I had to give a five to this one. I read a lot of horror and when I buy a horror novel, I do so hoping that maybejust maybeat book will scare me. I mean that's the point right? Well I'll start by saying that sharks scare the hell outta me. Ever since Jaws, I refuse to go anywhere near an ocean. So I knew what I was getting myself into when I bought this book. A killer prehistoric 60,000lb sharkI still get chills from some of the visuals I have in my head of t [...]

    16. Most writers in the late 90s trying to secure a publishing deal probably ran out and bought this book because of the story behind it's publication. Alten broke a cardinal rule and paid an agent to represent him. He sold his car to do it. Paying an agent is a huge no-no. But, it worked for Alten because he got a seven figure deal. I had to read it for that reason alone. It is a good book. Parts of it are little too on the nose. I mean, the main characters name is Jonas and he gets swallowed by a [...]

    17. I didn't think I would like this book as much as I did. I found myself constantly thinking about it when I wasn't reading it. It was very interesting. Pretty much non stop action. A little bit on the over the top unbelievable bits, but it still was a very good read and I will definitely continue on with the series.

    18. ORIGINALLY POSTED: bibliomantics/2016/07/01/Welcome to the fifth annual Shark Week on Bibliomantics, where I torture myself by reading and reviewing a shark themed novel, all in the name of something that is definitely not science.I wasn't sure which book I was going to read this year, until the adaptation of Steve Alten's much-praised Meg announced Jason Statham would be joining the soon to be a motion picture as protagonist Jonas Taylor. It also had pretty decent reviews on GoodReads so I figu [...]

    19. I don’t even know how many times I’ve read this book and the rest of the series. It’s one of my go to books when I want to just relax and enjoy the story. Plus, I love anything sharks. Who doesn’t.Jonas Taylor is one the best in deep sea submersible dives. When he’s sent down on a secret dive into the Marianna Trench, he barely makes it back alive. His claims that a Megalodon almost ended his life is met with derision by his peers and he sinks into depression. After years trying to pro [...]

    20. There's this guy at the only B-A-M in my state who I just adore. That store took over the site of the old Borders, so I was glad not to lose the bookstore. While I adore ebooks, I will never give up on paperbacks and visiting bookstores entirely.Anyways, I was on a quest and I knew that if any employee could help me, it would be him. I was looking for a new author to fill my Crichton void. I said as much and he asked what I thought of Jurassic Park. I said I liked giant animals eating people and [...]

    21. - so many typos- everything is racist- and sexist- there are two women IN THE WHOLE BOOK (if you don't count the fish) - one of them dies because two women are too many women- the other one is 20, super hot, hates the MC and for some reason ends up fucking him because old straight white dude fantasy- info dumps, info dumps everywhere- everyone's decisions are the worst- The Plan is just I CAN'T with how stupid it is- for a deepsea creature this shark is spending so much time jumping out of the w [...]

    22. "Jonás había cruzado las puertas del infierno."Desde el inicio de la novela ya nos metemos en el tema "tiburón prehistórico" a través de una conferencia que da nuestro protagonista. No nos hace esperar hasta la mitad, ni mucho menos al final de la misma para disfrutar de la parte caótica y salvaje de la historia, aunque lo cierto es que todo empieza a salirse de control en el final. Pero desde un comienzo, ya conocemos sobre el estremecedor carcharodón megalodón, sobre la terrible experi [...]

    23. Kind of hard to get my head wrapped around a review for this. Aspects of it I dug – the action scenes, the opening prehistoric T-Rex showdown. Other areas I felt “waterlogged” haha had to throw in a pun. The main character was kind of interesting sort of…maybe. For me the characters were either very cliché’ the money grubbing cheating wife for example or they were plain as vanilla ice cream. And the sub-plots of the book were just OK. Many times in the book I wanted to revoke the main [...]

    24. This book was a good mix up from my normal reads. Tons of fun and really intense. I love sharks and this book was very accurate and detailed in it's descriptions and depictions of the sharks. would recommend to anyone looking for a good thriller/ horror read, or if you just like sharks. I mean it starts out with a Megaladon attack a T-rex!!!!!

    25. 3.0 to 3.5 stars. Great concept for a story. Ever since reading Jurassic Park, I have wanted to reads a good story about a Megalodon which I have always thought was the most interesting prehistoric creature. This book was right up my alley and I thought it was pulled off very well. A fun, enjoyable read. Will definitely read the sequel.

    26. What's not to love about a giant great white shark??? MEG is a very engaging and fun adventure offering from Alten.

    27. Action packed to the very end. Jonas Taylor is an ex-underwater Marine, one day in the Mariana Trench, he sees a giant white object. And he gets scared by the object and ends up killing two men on his way up to the surface. He believes the object he saw was a Meglodon shark, a prehistoric shark that is at least 40 feet long weighing in at 20 tons.Jonas is then sent away for a couple of years and given mental help. The Tanaka Institute then offers Jonas some redemption, so they ask Jonas if wants [...]

    28. This is proof that bigger is not better. "Meg" is short for megalodon--a Jurassic Age shark four times as large as the Great White. This novel isn't anywhere near as good as Jaws though. That book and film generated its terror because it gave us a real, extant creature stalking people where we all play during the summer--in the surf off the beach, allowing us to easily imagine we could be a victim. Jaws's Chief Brody is an everyman. Meg's Jonas Taylor? A flat Marty Stu--and the style is flat too [...]

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