Lake Magic

Lake Magic A captivating heartwarming debut novel After the loss of her fianc Steven Jenny Beckinsdale has than a broken heart to deal with their fledgling seaplane service is going under In debt to Steven s b

  • Title: Lake Magic
  • Author: Kimberly Fisk
  • ISBN: 9780425232026
  • Page: 391
  • Format: Paperback
  • A captivating, heartwarming debut novel After the loss of her fianc Steven, Jenny Beckinsdale has than a broken heart to deal with their fledgling seaplane service is going under In debt to Steven s best friend and fellow Navy pilot, she plans to convince the sexy, cynical flyboy to help save the businessd in the process these two lost souls may find they r A captivating, heartwarming debut novel After the loss of her fianc Steven, Jenny Beckinsdale has than a broken heart to deal with their fledgling seaplane service is going under In debt to Steven s best friend and fellow Navy pilot, she plans to convince the sexy, cynical flyboy to help save the businessd in the process these two lost souls may find they re saving each other.

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      In the third grade, my teacher encouraged me to enter a school wide writing contest Horse crazy even back then, no one was surprised when my story featured a four legged hero But everyone was surprised when my story won The prize A trip to Seattle to attend the Young Author s Convention I remember that day as if it were yesterday The dress my mom made me for the big day the ferryboat ride meeting my first published author Stephen Cosgrove just in case you were wondering And my shoes New shoes Shoes with heels All of a 1 4 of an inch but, hey, a girl has to start somewhere.The writing bug bit and bit hard But real life intruded on my fictional world Marriage, motherhood and a demanding job derailed me for a few years but then something wonderful happened Actually, several pretty wonderful things After the birth of our youngest son, I decided to leave my job One day while I was busy chasing toddlers and changing diapers, my husband handed me an article from our hometown paper highlighting the local Romance Writers of America chapter A whole world of writers and readers Heaven But the wonderfulness didn t stop there Soon after joining RWA, I met the amazing and incredibly talented Kristin Hannah who was looking for an assistant Somehow I landed this dream job With Kristin s generous guidance and the support of the world s best critique group, it took me a few years to finish my first novel Okay, six, but who s counting It then took the prodding of my amazingly supportive friends to convince me to enter RWA s Golden Heart contest When they announced that I had won, I wish I could say I was speechless Surprised Yes Shocked Yes Yes But speechless How I wish No I cried Like a baby While that manuscript didn t immediately find a publisher, it did land me the world s best agency And my second book, Lake Magic, found the perfect home Besides spending time with family, ignoring my messy house and writing, I love reading, having exercised, having weeded, and having figured out what s for dinner Here are what others are saying It was late I only meant to take a peek but ended up reading BOARDWALK SUMMER in one delicious gulp, and I m still thinking about the characters A terrific read Page turning and deeply emotional You ll fall in love with these characters who have so much at stake Highly recommended Susan Elizabeth PhillipsDebbie Macomber, 1 New York Times bestselling author Lake Magic is pure magic This is a stellar debut from a writer who is destined to become a reader favorite Susan Wiggs, 1 New York Times bestselling author There is nothing quite like the pleasure of discovering a new writer to love, and Kimberly Fisk will be that writer for many lucky readers Her debut novel, Lake Magic, is a celebration of all the deepest things in life family, friendship and the healing power of love It s the perfect pairing of a good woman, a bad boy, and an emotional roller coaster of a story you ll savor right through to the last page.


    1. Heroine had no admirable traits other than a perfect body. She’s grieving and frightened until a gorgeous guy saves the dayORY BRIEF:Jenny comes from an overachieving wealthy family. She started a couple of businesses which failed, and her family bailed her out. She was engaged to Steven, a former Navy fighter pilot. They borrowed money to start a seaplane charter business. Jenny inherited her grandmother’s house on a lake, where they have the plane. Steven is killed by a drunk driver. It’ [...]

    2. Well written and edited book. I don't care for books where the couple fight and plot against one another for 2/3 of the story. I also don't believe a woman will be attracted to a man she dislikes so vehemently no matter how hot he is. The initial meeting felt contrived and like a disaster I could see coming from miles away. Jenny was often made to look silly, falling, losing her paddle in the middle of the lake, etc so Jared could save her without breaking a sweat or getting a hair out of place. [...]

    3. This was a great book!! I really enjoy books where the protagonists grow in character and experience healing of the soul together.

    4. New author to me. Excellent debut book. Hero is a Navy pilot and heroine is a fledging seaplane service owner. All around easy read with a delightful and warm story.

    5. After the loss of her fiancé Steven, Jenny Beckinsdale has more than a broken heart to deal with-their fledgling seaplane service is going under. In debt to Steven's best friend and fellow Navy pilot, she plans to convince the sexy, cynical flyboy to help save the businessd in the process these two lost souls may find they're saving each other.

    6. Kitap bir aşk kitabından çok aile bağlarını anlatıyor gibiydi,yazar nedense aşkı son elli sayfaya sıkıştırmayı uygun bulmuş,ne yazık ki ben bulamadım :)Erkek karakterimiz , Jared Worth, oldukça yakışıklı ve sert mizaçlı biri,annesi onu küçük yaşta terk etmiş, babasının kim olduğunu ise annesinin bile bildiğini sanmıyorum,yetiştirme yurtlarında ve koruyucu aileler arasında dolaşıp,durmuş,ama kariyerinde iyi bir yerlere gelmeyi başarmış zira kendisi başa [...]

    7. This book didn't work for me on so many levels I'm tempted to give it 2*. The writing was technically good, with nice prose and smooth transitions, but it was shallow. The plot, the characters, and the emotions were all shallow. None of the characters were well-developed, and several weren't even 2-dimensional, they were simply names on paper. On page 142 was this line:"Twenty-six years old and still trying to prove herself to her family. Pathetic."And that about wraps up Jenny's character throu [...]

    8. 3 1/2 starsJenny Beckinsale is trying to keep her float plane charter business afloat after the death of her fiance, Steven, nine months ago. When a "mysterious" partner arrives asking for his money from the business, Jenny is shocked and frustrated because she does not have the money. She could ask her family for the money to buy him out, but she refuses to let them bail her out another time. She has failed too many times in the past and is ready to make or break it on her own.This is a growing [...]

    9. This is a sweet romance with lots of family drama. I loved Jenny’s family and the way they all came together and loved each other even if they didn’t always get along. Jenny’s sister and nephew are important characters in the story and Jared himself is a great hero. The author does a wonderful job of really digging into Jared’s history and psyche. I really enjoyed this one, but I wish that Jenny and Jared could have been a little less physically perfect. This is what Jared though about J [...]

    10. This was okay. Nothing complex or complicated, just a fairly straight-forward romance. I liked it, but didn’t find much about it to love. I found the animosity of Jenny’s family towards her a bit confusing. If you ask me, she had a right to still be a bit of a mess 9 months after her fiance’s death. There was more history than that to it, but the outright hostility didn’t sit well with me. I also could have done without the subplot involving Jenny’s sister and her absentee husband. It [...]

    11. A great Saturday readok me on an adventure of love, family, and struggle to survive insurmountable obsticles while mixing a fairy-tale romance in for smiles. Not a novel that I would normally pick up but it was enjoyable nonetheless. I've never been one for romantic novels but his one appealed to me because of what happened to the main character and the possibility of tension within family.The characters were believable and I was carried away with what happened. If you're looking for an easy rea [...]

    12. This is a nice debut contemporary romance. It has the usual tension between the two main characters, Jenny and Jared who find themselves as business partners of a failing business. After Jenny's fiancee dies, she finds herself owning their charter plane business with an unknown partner, enter Jared on a Harley. They find themselves attracted to one another even though they despise the other. There is a nice side story going on at the same time with Jenny's sister Anna and her family. This was a [...]

    13. When her fiance, Steven, dies, Jenny is left brokenhearted and with a failing seaplane service. Steven was deeply in debt to his best friend, Jared, who wants his money back now. Jenny refuses to borrow the money from her parents and convinces Jared to fly for her in return for his investment. Over the summer they both begin to revise their initial impressions of each other and love begins to bloom. [return]I had a hard time with this story. There was a lot more language and sexuality than I was [...]

    14. This book was OK. It started off a little slow for me. I usually stop reading a book if I'm not interested in the first 100 pages. This book got interesting in the 90s. I didn't really like the hero or the heroine at first either but they grew on me as the story progressed. There was nothing special or extraordinary about the story. A contemporary romance in the truest sense. It was a little cheesy at some points, especially the end, but all in all it was your average romance. Don't think I'd re [...]

    15. A young woman unable to cope with her fiancé's death became withdrawn from life leaving her business faltering. The arrival of an unknown business partner forced her to deal with life and rescue her business from his clutches. This story showed the debilitating effects of pain from the past and moving forward can be achieved by dealing with the burden through support and action. "Lake Magic" reinforced the use of strong family support and a high evaluation on family over work to promote healing [...]

    16. *2.5the summary led me to believe i was going to get some sort of "marriage of convenience" type deal and it turned out not to be that which was SO DISAPPOINTING. i didn't hate it and liked certain parts of it (loved jenny! loved her relationship with her siblings and the fact that it wasn't perfect but at the end of the day they have each other's back! and i liked jenny/jared in specific moments) but i needed jared to be less of a jerk than he was and there wasn't enough of that for me.

    17. This is the author's first novel, and as such, it was not bad. It is the story of Jenny and Jared - reluctant partners in a seaplane charter business out of Seattle. Nothing earth shattering, but a quick read. When I looked for the author's web page, mentioned on the back cover, there is nothing there. I note that she said it took her 5 years to write this book. Makes me wonder if there will ever be another

    18. I really enjoyed reading this book. I thought it was a fun story and well written. Very touching and I loved that it was about 'Flyboys'. Loved it!I live in the Pacific Northwest, (Troutdale, OR), so I love to read books from authors who live in my neck of the woods!I hope to read more books by Kimerley Fisk in the near future.

    19. Pretty good debut novel about a woman who has lost the love of her life and clings to his memory. Of course the guy that walks in is a hunk and a half who no woman could ignore. He has his eyes set on Jenny. Oh to be so lucky. Basic storyline where the girl gets the good looking guy in the end. Fast reading book and nothing too deep or emotional.

    20. Every once in a while I read a romance novel that reminds me why I fell in love with them so many years ago. Lake Magic is one of those books. You can't help identifing with the wounded hero and failure-prone heroine. A book like this is a rare find to be treasured. I finished it all in one day, as I couldn't put it down.

    21. I loved reading this story. Kimberly Fisk brought Jenny and Jared's stories to life and I fell in love with them, as well as the secondary characters and their stories. This is such a wonderful feel-good story about wounded souls who help each other find the good in life. Thank you, Kimberly Fisk, for an excellent read. Oh, and I have a favorite scene: J+. Wow! Was that ever powerful!

    22. Ok romance book.I couldn't identify with Jenny's greiving. Her family was annoying, and like another reviewer said, Jenny had no admirable qualities other than good looks.The main guy has issues connecting to people. I don't think his issues were resolved enough at the end to let me believe their relationship/marriage would work out.

    23. Pretty classic "man emotionally abuses woman into loving him" type of story, with a little light crime thrown in to spice it up.For real, I don't care who it is or how embarrassed you might be, a man walks into your house, it's breaking and entering - call the damn cops.

    24. Bu sıralar okuduğum nadir keyif aldığım kitaplardan biri oldu Jenny nin beceriksizliği, sakarlığı , iş bitirememezliği ile Jared in karizması , inatçılığı ve her planının elinde patlamasını okumak eğlenceliydiher şey dozunda ve aşırılıktan uzak bir yalınlıkla işlenmiş

    25. I liked this. It wasn't the best book I've ever read or anything but it was a nice and pleasant read. I enjoyed the characters and their journey, although thought that Jared's background story could definitely be expounded upon. Overall a good time.

    26. This was a touching, but typical romance story. If you dislike graphic depictions of sex, steer clear of this one!

    27. This book was quite a good read although it was fairly predictable. You really felt like you knew the characters really well without it having to be established like you get in some other stories.

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