Cold Justice

Cold Justice A teenage girl stumbles across the body of her classmate Tim Pieters hidden amongst the bushes His family is devastated the killer is never found Eighteen years later political pressure sees the m

  • Title: Cold Justice
  • Author: Katherine Howell
  • ISBN: 9781405039277
  • Page: 151
  • Format: Paperback
  • A teenage girl stumbles across the body of her classmate, Tim Pieters, hidden amongst the bushes His family is devastated, the killer is never found.Eighteen years later, political pressure sees the murder investigation reopened Detective Ella Marconi tracks down Georgie Riley, the student who found the body, and who is now a paramedic Georgie seems to be telling the trA teenage girl stumbles across the body of her classmate, Tim Pieters, hidden amongst the bushes His family is devastated, the killer is never found.Eighteen years later, political pressure sees the murder investigation reopened Detective Ella Marconi tracks down Georgie Riley, the student who found the body, and who is now a paramedic Georgie seems to be telling the truth, so then why does Ella receive an anonymous phone call insisting that Georgie knows And is it mere coincidence that her ambulance partner, Freya, also went to the same high school Ella s confusion increases when Tim s mother, once so willing to get the police involved, suddenly turns her back on the investigation Meanwhile, Tim s cousin, the MP whose influence reopened the case, can t seem to do enough to help.The Ella digs into the past, the the buried secrets and lies are brought to light Can she track down the killer before people are hurt

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    1. Katherine Howell

      Katherine Howell worked as a paramedic for fifteen years while completing her Bachelor and Masters degrees in creative writing Her first novel, Frantic, was published in 2007 by Pan Macmillan and set a paramedic alongside Sydney police detective Ella Marconi in an adrenaline rush of a thriller Sydney Morning Herald It won the 2008 Davitt award for best crime fiction Her second book, The Darkest Hour, continued the pattern with Ella and another paramedic in a finely paced and engrossing novel Guardian UK The third in the series, Cold Justice, made the Australian bestseller list, saw Katherine travelling on a PO cruise as guest author, and was described by NYT bestselling author Tess Gerritsen as one of my favourite books of the year It also won the 2011 Davitt award for best crime fiction, making Katherine the only author to have won twice Her fourth book, Violent Exposure, was described by Bookseller Publisher as arguably her best yet four stars , while the fifth, Silent Fear, was chosen as a Guaranteed Book You Can t Put Down by the national Get Reading programme Katherine s books are published in multiple countries and languages and have been likened to the work of Karin Slaughter and Patricia Cornwell Katherine is studying female doctor investigators in crime fiction for her PhD at the University of Queensland, and teaches writing and editing She lives in Queensland with her partner, who owns a bookshop.


    1. 3.5 stars from me. Another quick moving instalment. I don't remember Detective Ella Marconi being shot, though! (In the prior book). I think the detective takes the back seat in these books, and I quite like that actually, as the author is an ex paramedic, and now registered nurse, her scenes on the job are very realistic. I'm always left feeling like I'm in safe hands. These stories are very local. I read about Pennant Hills, Pendle Hill and the Great Western Highway it's a bit of a treat. I'm [...]

    2. A sad moment for me as I finish the last book I still had to read from the Ella Marconi series. I am very sad that the author has finished writing them as I have enjoyed every single one! This one was excellent as always. I must admit I always prefer the chapters about the police more than the paramedics but together they do make an interesting book. I very much enjoyed having the story set in my own local suburbs. That was fun! The pace of the book was excellent and made it hard to put down and [...]

    3. Brilliant! Katherine Howell has written another captivating novel with Detective Ella Marconi. This grabbed my attention from the beginning with twists and turns that kept me guessing until the final clues fell into place revealing an unexpected conclusion! Highly recommended!

    4. Nineteen years ago the body of Tim Pieters was found hidden amongst bushes and now the case is being reopened. Leading the investigation is Detective Ella Marconi who knows this case won't be easy. Trying to find witnesses from nineteen years ago will be a challenge and seeing what they can remember may also be a tough ask.Georgie is a paramedic and the last person she expected to be partnered with is Freya. Georgie and Freya were best friends when they were younger until the day when Freya left [...]

    5. Georgie Riley has been assigned to work with Freya Craig as a paramedic operating out of The Rocks ambulance depot. Georgie is returning to work after sick leave, during which she spent time in a psychiatric ward, due to PTSD. Freya is her assessor, and it is a big surprise when they realise they were in the same class at Macquarie High School twenty years previously. They had been best friends until Freya abruptly left the school a couple of days following the murder of Tim Pieters.Ella Marconi [...]

    6. Cold Justice is book three of Detective Ella Marconi series by Katherine Howell. First day back at work for Detective Ella Marconi after shooting was assigned a cold case on the death of Tim Pieters. Paramedic Georgie Riley was sent to The Rocks Ambulance Station to have a review of her ability to be a Paramedic after an incident at Woolford Ambulance Station. Detective Ella Marconi and Georgie Riley paths cross due to the Tim Pieters case. The Readers of Cold Justice will continue to follow the [...]

    7. Another great entry in the series. These are real page-turners: don't start reading unless you've got a few hours to spare!In this one Detective Ella Marconi has been moved to the Unsolved Crimes Division, and it's not long before she's working on the cold case of a teenaged boy who was found dead by the side of the road one morning--by a girl who went to his school. That girl, Georgie, is now an ambulance officer on probation, and her new partner is also an old school friend, who doesn't seem q [...]

    8. Getting use to the Aussie lingo and this author. From a paramedic's point of view and a detective's, two intertwining stories, a fairly large cast of characters - new paramedics, but same detectives. Who really is guilty of what and why. If you can solve one of the questions, can you solve them all, or does it lead to more questions? Yes to both :)Once I had separated out the characters into their respective "cases", and the traveling between 2 different time periods, I was all set. An old case [...]

    9. Although still an interesting read, I didn’t find this one quite as gripping as the second in the series which I read earlier this month. I also felt that I’d either missed something in the development of the characters or something seemed to have been fast-tracked. Without giving too much away, there was a singular event that occurred at the end of the second book that all of a sudden seemed to be a well-established occurrence in the third, and that threw me initially.Still a good read - 3. [...]

    10. A rollicking police yarn featuring three women all dealing with traumatic pasts.Ella, the detective, is returning to work after being shot. She is given a cold case to solve.Georgie, a paramedic, has been relocated to Sydney for assessment after experiencing trauma from a drowning and the worse case of workforce bullying I've read about.Freya, Georgie's paramedic partner and assessor, has darker secrets from her school days.The various storylines come together. The women are all believable and l [...]

    11. It's nearly impossible for a reader to understand what it must be like to write a series of books, based around the same characters. All we can do is be extremely grateful that writers like Katherine Howell can do it, book after book, maintaining the same high standard, giving us new stories, and new situations for the characters to appear in, keeping the series fresh and interesting all the time.Following on from FRANTIC and THE DARKEST HOUR, the third book COLD JUSTICE again simply does not mi [...]

    12. Wow, Howell is a masterful storyteller. Her writing is sharp, her action is clear, and her clever interweaving of conversation and clues with active, energetic scenes makes this book almost cinematic.I did have a hard time separating the multitude of characters - there are at least 6 point of view characters & every one of them comes with a full background of lovers/friends/family/enemies. Chapters are assigned arbitrarily across the characters (& the years) so that you never get more th [...]

    13. Detective Ella Marconi has been handed a cold case involving a gruesome murder nineteen years ago of school boy Tim Pieters. Tim’s cousin, Callum, is now a member of Parliament, and has decided to push the police to re-open the case to find the killer. During the course of locating witnesses from 19 years ago, Ella tracks down Georgie who was just a teenager at the time, and also the one who discovered Tim’s body, hidden in bushes. She was at the same school as Tim, even though they were two [...]

    14. Ella Marconi returns to duty after recovering from being shot to a cold case. Tim Pieters was murdered as a teenager. His murder devastated his family and Howell shows how the wait for justice has compounded their suffering. She compares this with the effects Ella's determination to find the murderer and bring about justice has on her own family and relationships. As a teen Georgie found Tim's body and then lost her best friend. Watching the responders that day inspired her to become a paramedic [...]

    15. I really enjoyed this book, I was able to delve into the minds of the characters of Detective Ella Marconi, who is investigating a cold case and Georgie Daniels a paramedic who had stumbled across the body of her classmate nineteen years ago. Katherine Howell cleverly brings all those from the past who have a connection with the victim, to the present day, drawing you into the mystery with tiny clues of who killed Tim Pieters and why, bringing you to a conclusion that will not only surprise you, [...]

    16. This is the third book in the Detective Ella Marconi series. It follows the same Point of View pattern as the others. One main POV from the police with Ella, and the other from the paramedics. I enjoyed both points of view equally this time. I must be tuning up my detective skills from reading the first three of these books all in a row, as I figured out "who done it" and why a lot earlier in this book than the others.

    17. Fascinating story with many twists and turns that keep you at the tip of your seat. Loved the Ella Marconi character. Loved the Australian setting. Want to read more books in this series!

    18. It’s been a while since I’ve read a crime/detective novel, and I tend to be really hit and miss when I do read them. I’ve never read them with the intention of ‘catching’ the criminal, I prefer to be taken along for the ride wherever it might take me. Which is why Katherine Howell’s Cold Justice was such a great read – it was definitely an exciting ride to be taken on!I knew nothing about this series when I first picked up the book, so for the first couple of chapters I really felt [...]

    19. Book ReviewBy Jill Smith © November 2010Title: Cold JusticeAuthor: Katherine HowellPublisher: Pan MacmillanThis is a really great read. The action and interaction between the main character and her work mate has you guessing immediately, a real hook into the story.Freya and Georgie had been friends at school and had lost touch with one another. This was a very unusual reunion. Both had secrets they were unwilling to share that dated back to their adolescence. Little did either of them know that [...]

    20. This is a really great read. The action and interaction between the main character and her work mate has you guessing immediately, a real hook into the story.Freya and Georgie had been friends at school and had lost touch with one another. This was a very unusual reunion. Both had secrets they were unwilling to share that dated back to their adolescence. Little did either of them know that an aspiring politician would raise a re-investigation of an unsolved murder that happened at their High Sch [...]

    21. After a very tumultuous ending to her last case in The Darkest Hour, Detective Ella Marconi is back at work, but she is now working in the Unsolved Unit looking into a 20-year-old murder case that has been brought back to the forefront by newly elected MP. Ella begins looking into the case and the teenage girl, Georgie, who found the body and 20 years later is now a paramedic.When things start happening to Georgie that scare and confuse her, she turns to Detective Marconi for help. After all, th [...]

    22. Opening Sentence: ‘…”There’s not much to it,” Station Officer Ken Butterworth said…’Paramedic, Georgie Daniels, and Detective Ella Marconi are both starting new jobs in Sydney on the same day, and their paths are about to cross. You see, Ella has been assigned a cold case – investigate the recently reopened unsolved murder of Tim Pieters. Nineteen years earlier it was Georgie who found the body and raised the alarm. Georgie also has other problems. After a death, and a series of [...]

    23. Katherine Howell has done it again and brilliantly. Cold Justice is a compelling, multi-layered read that combines "all that is good" from this author. Howell's attention to detail is once again, meticulous. The sights, smells, sounds and emotions of the paramedic scene are visceral, the next best thing to actually being there. When an author writes what she knows and a reader feels like a participant rather than an observer, I think it's safe to say the author has done her job superbly! I don't [...]

    24. Georgie is a paramedic sent to the city for review following some problems with her supervisor in the country. Many years ago when she was just a teenager she found the murdered body of Tim Pieters when out walking her dog. The case was never solved and has just been re-opened as a cold case with detective Ella Marconi assigned to investigate it. By coincidence Georgie has been teamed up to work with Freya, who was her best friend at school but disappeared suddenly after Tim Pieters was killed. [...]

    25. Overview: Tim Pieters was found murdered after he spent the night out with some friends. Then the case went cold until Ella Marconi is assigned the case. Who killed him and why, is at the top of her list, along with re-interviewing everyone who had been questioned earlier.Likes: It’s pretty good to run across a novel set in Australia that doesn’t have all of the slang involved.Dislikes: I didn’t care much for Ms. Howell’s style. It left me feeling confused for the most part. Plus, there [...]

    26. Katherine Howell's books are great for escapist reading. Her characters are believable. Her attention to detail is spot on; she creates a very evocative atmosphere. The plot moves rapidly along and is impossible to second guess the final result.What more would you want for a bit of escapism?I've just finished reading 'Cold Justice' which is about the fourth I've read in the Ella Marconi series.Howell's experience as a paramedic comes across in her detailed descriptions and Ella mrconi is an attr [...]

    27. Now this Katherine Howell novel lived up to my expectations! The characters are believable and the plot twists were feasible and exciting.I don't want to give a spoiler, so I will say that the ending was a surprise to me - and I am not easily caught out by the identity of the murderer, but I didn't guess who it was until almost the end.The usual characters - Ella Marconi and Murray Shakespeare are there and the MP cousin is an engaging newcomer to the stable of regular characters in Howell's boo [...]

    28. I quite enjoyed this novel and found that continuing the series was like visiting an old friend. Detective Marconi has recovered and is working cold cases. Partnered up with a new partner she is investigating a murder more than 20 years before. With an intriguing story line and well defined characters this book was easy to read and highly entertaining.

    29. Awesome once again. Only four stars this time as there were a couple of frustrating bits I wanted to shout to the detective to pay attention to but all up another great Katherine Howell book with slightly more medical detail to make it even more interesting. Can't wait for a fourth book to be written.

    30. Wow! JustWow!!! Katherine Howell's storytelling is magnificent! This book the third in the Ella Marconi series had me biting my nails. I did not pick up on who the killer was at all, not for a second! The ending certainly surprised me.A gripping crime thriller. Looking forward to reading number four.

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