Holler Loudly

Holler Loudly Holler Loudly has a voice as big as the southwestern sky and everywhere he goes people tell him to Hush From math class to the movies and even the state fair Holler s LOUD voice just keeps getting

  • Title: Holler Loudly
  • Author: Cynthia Leitich Smith Barry Gott
  • ISBN: 9780525422563
  • Page: 325
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Holler Loudly has a voice as big as the southwestern sky, and everywhere he goes, people tell him to Hush From math class to the movies and even the state fair, Holler s LOUD voice just keeps getting him into trouble But when a huge tornado comes twisting into town, Holler with that voice of his saves the day Readers will cheer for this rollicking story about celebHoller Loudly has a voice as big as the southwestern sky, and everywhere he goes, people tell him to Hush From math class to the movies and even the state fair, Holler s LOUD voice just keeps getting him into trouble But when a huge tornado comes twisting into town, Holler with that voice of his saves the day Readers will cheer for this rollicking story about celebrating our unique gifts, and Barry Gott s bright, fun illustrations will have you hollering for .

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      Cynthia s fiction is noted for its diversity, humor, lyricism, and mid to southwestern settings Still early in her career, she has shown tremendous range and loves to experiment.JINGLE DANCER, illustrated by Cornelius Van Wright and Ying Hwa Hu, Morrow Harper Collins, 2000 ages 4 up was a finalist for the Oklahoma Book Award, runner up for the Western Writers Association Storyteller Award, and Notable Children s Trade Book in the Field of Social Studies It was also named to the Texas 2 x 2 List School Library Journal said, a welcome addition to stories about traditions passed down by woman of a culture Book magazine named it among Debuts that Deliver RAIN IS NOT MY INDIAN NAME HarperCollins, 2001 Listening Library, 2001 ages 10 up also was an Oklahoma Book Award finalist and earned Cynthia the title of 2001 Writer of the Year from Wordcraft Circle of Native Writers and Storytellers Kirkus said it was tender, funny and full of sharp wordplay School Library Journal called it, a wonderful novel of a present day teen and her patchwork tribe Audio File adds, Rich with sorrow and the longing for resolution in a life diminished by loss, the story of Rain s journey toward her own identity is captivating and exceedingly hopeful And Bob Langstaff at WAMV AM Amhert, VA noted, It s kind of like a combination of Northern Exposure and Party of Five The audio production was aired as the November 2005 Book of the Month by Red Tales, Aboriginal Voices Radio, The Earth 106.5 based in Canada.Cynthia also is the author of INDIAN SHOES HarperCollins, 2002 ages 7 up Kirkus declared A very pleasing first chapter book from its funny and tender opening salvo to its heartwarming closer An excellent choice for younger readers School Library Journal hailed a good book for any elementary aged reluctant reader and a necessity for indigenous children everywhere INDIAN SHOES has been named a Notable Children s Trade Book in the Field of Social Studies, a finalist for the Texas Institute of Letters Award, to the 2003 Best Children s Books of the Year, Bank Street College of Education and to Choices 2003, Cooperative Children s Book Center It also was named to the NEA Native American Book List and the 2004 2005 Crown List Most recently, INDIAN SHOES was chosen as the featured intermediate title for Read On, Wisconsin an online book club for students sponsored by the state s First Lady in March, 2005.Cynthia s latest picture book is SANTA KNOWS Dutton, 2006 , a holiday title, co authored by her husband, Greg Leitich Smith, and illustrated by Steve Bj rkman SANTA KNOWS is Cynthia and Greg s first book written together The Horn Book Magazine named it among Holiday High Notes Kirkus Reviews called it a newly minted winner Publishers Weekly cheered it as fantastic, and The Miami Herald highlighted it among Worthy Titles for the Holidays Cynthia s first upper YA novel is TANTALIZE Candlewick, 2007 Listening Library, 2008 Walker U.K 2008 , a gothic fantasy aimed at ages 14 up It s one of the new books that signal an expansion of her writing from contemporary realistic fiction to also embrace fantasy TANTALIZE also is her first title set in Austin, where she now makes her home The Horn Book calls the novel an intoxicating romantic thriller BookPage says the book will appeal to fans both teens and adults of Buffy the Vampire Slayer TANTALIZE was named a Borders Original Voices Nominee in March 2007 and Chapters Canadian bookstore chain named it a Junior Advisory Board Pick In addition, the novel was chosen for the 2007 Texas Book Festival and the 2007 National Book Festival The Bloomsbury Review cheers, Cynthia Leitich Smith is the Anne Rice for teen readers Cynthia s latest YA Gothic fantasy is ETERNAL Candlewick, 2009 , a companion book to TANTALIZE.Cynthia has published short stories, including The Gentleman Cowboy


    1. Contemporary tall tale, like Granite Baby by Lynne Bertrand and Sitka Rose by Shelley Gill, set in today's Southwest. Texas is my guess, since that is where the author lives. The eponymous hero has a big voice, a REALLY big voice. He upsets people with his loud voice. (He reminds me just a little of my ex-husband, a pastor who, when he sang in church or elsewhere, made our then baby son cry.) But Holler's voice is so loud that when he enters a hog-calling contest, he shuts down the entire fair. [...]

    2. Holler Loudly by Cynthia Leitich Smith is a fun book for children to read. It is about a young boy that is told to "hush" by everyone in his town. A lot of kids can relate to this because they are probably often told by their parents to quiet down while they are in public places. Smith does a great job throughout the text of emphasizing the times that Holler is loud and obnoxious to the people around him. She enlarges and bolds the text so the reader can tell how often holler is being loud.Smith [...]

    3. The town gives Holler a great reward, but I am definitely biased. Who wouldn't want a library statue? #picturebookparty #hollerloudly.24 Mar Favorite Reply Delete»Sarah Wgeintraining Sarah W.Points to the book for using the word skedaddle #picturebookparty #hollerloudlyThe first sentence well sets the mood for this book: Mama & Daddy Loudly named their baby Holler because he cried so loud. The baby cried so loud "the armadillos work from their naps and the turkey vultures dropped their feat [...]

    4. Holler Loudly comes from a family where one lucky Loudly baby is just born loud and Holler is that one. Ever since he was a baby, he can cause chaos with his unnatural and powerful cries of sound. Everyone has always tried to "hush" Holler, but to no avail. No one appreciates his loud outbursts when he likes something in particular such as "Yippee Ti Yi Yo! I Love Math!" and "Yee Haw! I Love Movies!". While visiting the state fair with his family, Holler is the only one who notices what looks li [...]

    5. Holler was born into the Loudly family. He was named Holler because he cried so loud when he was a baby. Be as he grew, so did his voice. He was so loud that he shook the tress, messed up family moments and annoyed people. His parents tried to get him to be quiet, but every once in a while a baby is born into the Loudly family that is just plain loud. And nothing his parents did or said could get Holler to be quiet. But one day a very strange thing happens and Holler learns that there is a time [...]

    6. Holler Loudly is a tall tale which proves that everything truly is bigger in Texas, even voices. Every few generations a Loudly baby is born with an enormous voice, and Holler is the newest inductee to this hall of fame. The good townsfolk shush Holler everywhere he goes until one day he realizes the value of quiet. However, soon thereafter, they learn to appreciate Holler’s gift when he saves the town using his innate ability to quell a dangerous force of nature. Holler’s adventure is depic [...]

    7. I will admit, when I first saw this book, I thought I wouldn't like it at all. I didn't like the cover, the whole thing didn't appeal to me. But since reading it, and especially since reading it aloud in storytime, I have completely changed my mind. I'm always looking for good, funny, repetitive books that will hook even the littlest kids' attention, and Holler Loudly seemed to do it. It tells the story of a boy who's born loud and is always getting chastised and thrown out of places that he lik [...]

    8. Holler Loudly is about a boy that has a super big voice. His voice is so big that everywhere he goes the towns people tell him to “Hush!” But, Holler can’t help himself, it’s just who he is. He comes from a very long line of Loudly babies that were just born loud. Holler was just lucky enough to get such a voice. However, Holler is having trouble finding a way not to get on peoples nerves. This book here is great for any child learning their outside voice from their inside voice even whe [...]

    9. Holler Loudly is a Southwest take on the classic children’s fable of the misfit whose unusual qualities end up coming in handy to rescue the folks who once criticized him. Holler Loudly is a pint-sized loudmouth whose tremendous voice seems to cause havoc every time he speaks. There’s a lot of Western flavor in this story; youngsters who are unfamiliar with the sayings and culture of the region may need a few passages clarified.Veg*n parents note: Holler goes on a fishing trip (his loud voic [...]

    10. The Loudly family have a son who yells so loudly that they name him Holler. Holler yells all the time. He's kicked out of the movie theater, his classroom and repeatedly told to hush at the county fair. He finally redeems himself when he hollers at an approaching tornado to "skedaddle." He is then made the town hero. The final picture is a bit disturbing as it is a library with a sign that says "hush." Thanks for the stereotype.

    11. Holler Loudly is a happy kid who hollers about everything. It annoys everyone around him until he saves the town from a tornado. I think this is more of a 3-star book, but I've been reading it to students in grades 1 & 2 and they really love it (pushing it toward 4 stars). Clear your throat and get ready to holler if you're gonna read it out loud!Doing a Reader's Workshop lesson on reading with expression? This would be an excellent mentor text.

    12. Lively art suppports this tall tale about Holler Loudly who simply cannot be quiet and irritates those around him. This reminded me of a friend I had who talked so loudly in public about private matters that I would try to melt into the surroundings. But I digressI wasn't "feeling" this one 100% but enjoyed it enough. With the right reader/storyteller, the story would come alive for an audience.

    13. This summer's theme for preschooler story time is tales from around the world. Today's installment focused on tall tales, with several American tales. Holler Loudly is a great example of a tall tale. Natalie stuck around for most of the story, but wasn't exactly listening. But, the preschool crowd were plugged in. I thought it was a fun story idea, especially since kids in general tend to be loud. A nice little moral about why its sometimes good to have quite was tucked in at the end.

    14. This is a contemporary tall tale that teaches the lesson that sometimes you need to be "quiet at quiet times and loud at loud times." Barry Gott's illustrations are bright and loud and fit the story just right. This would make a really fun read-aloud for younger children, and would be also work well to supplement a tall tale genre lesson.

    15. I've wavered between 3 and 4 stars, but this is closer to a 4 than a 3. A little bit of a morality fable feel, but the storytelling is good enough and humorous enough to avoid Berenstain Bears syndrom.

    16. Holler is the main character in this story. He is different and stands out in a very LOUD way. This is a good book to reiterate noise level control: indoor voices and outdoor voices. The illustrations are filled with color, lines, and shape. Grades K-2.

    17. Every few years, one of the Loudlys is born louder than the rest. Young Holler, can't help how loud he is, and he wishes everyone would accept him for the way he is. When a tornado threatens the town, his unique voice comes in handy.

    18. When is it a good time to be loud? When is it not a good idea to be loud? How do others feel when you are loud at the wrong time?Funny! Kids loved it and it fit perfectly for reading workshop launch.

    19. a little boy,Holler, just doesn't know how to be quiet. Everyone is exhausted and tired of it. One day he finally really gets his feeling hurt and is quiet, but then there is an emergency and he needs to use his big voice. As my kids are all pretty loud we really had fun with this book

    20. Read it for the first time to my 4 year old daughter tonight. She made me go back and read the part where Holler hollers at the tornado. She did a lot of giggling. Great book for reading out loud.

    21. This is like the perfect example of how to write a picture book. The main character is lots of fun, the illustrations are fantastic and match the tone of the book perfectly. A hoot!

    22. Mr. and Mrs. Loudly named their son "Holler" because he was so loud. Begin loud gets him into trouble at times, but it also saves the day when a tornado comes to town.

    23. I SO resemble Holler Loudly. My library was always a rather noisy place, I'm afraid. I am playing with this to see if it would work as a reader's theater. Very fun.

    24. A wonderful read-aloud. The kids loved being prompted to speak quietly or loudly when the bold words "hush" and "loud" were displayed in the story. The illustrations were crowd pleasing as well.

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