The Day Diana Died

The Day Diana Died A year after Princess Diana s tragic death in shocking revelations about her passing have surfaced via eyewitness testimony From the nurse who covered her naked lifeless body and who answered t

  • Title: The Day Diana Died
  • Author: Christopher Andersen
  • ISBN: 9781857823028
  • Page: 255
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A year after Princess Diana s tragic death in 1997, shocking revelations about her passing have surfaced via eyewitness testimony From the nurse who covered her naked, lifeless body and who answered the queen s immediate query of where are the jewels to the off duty paramedic who held Diana s head in his hands, The Day Diana Died leaves no sacred rock unturned What waA year after Princess Diana s tragic death in 1997, shocking revelations about her passing have surfaced via eyewitness testimony From the nurse who covered her naked, lifeless body and who answered the queen s immediate query of where are the jewels to the off duty paramedic who held Diana s head in his hands, The Day Diana Died leaves no sacred rock unturned What was the expression on Prince Charles s face when he saw Diana s mutilated body How did Prince William and Harry react when they first heard the devastating news Was there cocaine in the Mercedes Inquiring minds want to know, and Christopher Andersen serves up a hefty portion of hearsay for those with an insatiable Diana appetite Not meant for individuals with delicate sensibilities, this collage of reliable, low profile sources covers everything from the measurements of Diana and Dodi s wounds to Camilla Parker Bowles s two cents on her rival s death In other words, if People magazine were to offer a class about the late princess, The Day Diana Died would be required reading Rebekah Warren

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      Librarian s note There is than one author in the database with this name.Christopher Peter Andersen is an American journalist and the author of 32 books, including many bestsellers A graduate of the University of California at Berkeley, Andersen joined the staff of Time Magazine as a contributing editor in 1969 From 1974 to 1986 Andersen was senior editor of Time Incorporated s People Magazine He has also written for a wide range of publications, including The New York Times, The New York Daily News, Life, and Vanity Fair.While his early nonfiction books veered from psychology The Name Game to true crime The Serpent s Tooth to art collecting The Best of Everything , with former Sotheby s chairman John Marion , he is best known for his controversial biographies Between 1991 and 2011, he published 14 New York Times bestselling biographies Andersen wrote Mick The Wild Life and Mad Genius of Jagger to mark the 50th anniversary of the Rolling Stones in July 2012 The book quickly became Andersen s 15th New York Times bestseller.


    1. I always been intrigued with Princess Diana. Often I researched countless of articles that painted a portrait of who she was like as a person or viewed clips about her in the media. Apart of it was because I am a history bluff,but the other part was that I was fascinated by her luxurious life.While this book had memorable moments,I felt it could have been much better. It seemed to me the author assumed alot about who she was,not necessarily knowing the facts,if that makes sense. Granted no one c [...]

    2. Got some new information reading this account of the end of Diana's life. Put to rest the idea that she might have married Dodi. I had no idea their driver was abusing drugs and alcohol. On the whole, this tragedy could have been so easily prevented. Still cannot quite believe she's dead. True, she wasn't perfect, but I loved Diana for her humanism, beauty, style and even her flaws all the same.

    3. For anyone who knows anything about Princess Diana's death, this won't be any new information, I'm sure. If you followed the story and read it and were interested, then it's nothing new. Not only that, but it's a very misleading title. It's not so much about the day she died, but giving pieces of information of the day she died, then backtracking to explain stuff beforehand. About Diana, her relationship with the Royal family, Dodi and his life, the driver. Really, it's nothing new. Nothing shoc [...]

    4. If I'm being completely honest, this is a book I never intended to read. Never. Mostly because I guessed - rightfully, as it turned out - that it would break my heart. Despite the fact that my current mood (as in, for the past three weeks) has been to read, voraciously, anything about the late Princess of Wales on which I can get my hands, my instinct for self-preservation told me to pass over this book when I saw it on the royal(s) shelf at the library. But then, another book in my queue to rea [...]

    5. I was so, so sorry I read this. This book is chock full of lurid detail and poignant, pitiful, heart-wrenching descriptions. The worst part is the immediate aftermath of the crash. I do understand that her injury (aorta ripped from chest wall) would probably have been fatal even if she had been urgently rushed to a Level I trauma center within minutes. Or even if an operating room had been available on the spot. I know this. Yet it took them HOW long to get her to a hospital less than a mile awa [...]

    6. Revelatory about the day and Britain's futureThis book not only cleared up much mystery for me surrounding Diana's passing but about Prince Charles and his complicated, broken soul.

    7. Alright, I admit, this is one of those little pieces of literary genius that you slip between your incredibly intelligent literary choices (okay, who are we kiddingjust less sensational literary choices) and hope you don't get "the eyebrow". You know the eyebrow. It's the momentary raising of the librarian's eyebrow while glancing at you as if to say "Really, lady?" You run out of the library and of course you use the book drop to check it back in instead of standing at the counterYWAY, back to [...]

    8. Nope, No, no, no, nope. This is a rarity-- a DID NOT FINISH book. At about 65%, I gave up. I was looking for an examination into the questionable death of Diana. Silly me for thinking that a book TITLED 'THE DAY DIANA DIED' might actually provide that! The first 5% of the book speaks about the night of her death, mostly from the POV of the head nurse at the hospital where she died in Paris, then the book quickly turns to tabloid type smut, mostly discussing the numerous men that the author belie [...]

    9. I still remember the day the news came on and announced that Diana had died from a car crash. It was late at night and I remember repeating over and over to my mom, "It's a joke. It's just a hoax." Princess Diana was a very iconic woman. Strong and gracious. The world wept because she truly was and always will be The People's Princess.

    10. PoignantExcellent read - surprisingly kind to Charles and the loss he felt. Diana was unique and left way too soon.

    11. What an amazing look at the real life of a otherwise private group of people I was quite touched to see at least at the end of her life Charles fought for her right to be treated with the respect she deserved.I do believe he loved her and held her in great respect, for being the mother and person she was, and I dont doubt if he would have been allowed to marry Camilla back then he would have I dont think he ever intended to hurt Diana I believe that was all his mothers doingI was SOO angry at th [...]

    12. A well-researched book about one of the most famous women of all time. Given that there are conspiracy theories aplenty about the day Diana died, there may be some inaccuracies in the book, but they are not the fault of the author if they are within the pages of his book. He put his nose to the grindstone and did his research. With that rare talent of showing instead of telling, he uses the information he unearthed to draw the reader into the life and death of the 20th century's most famous prin [...]

    13. I don't know if I will ever 100% get over Diana's death. I always thought she and I would "grow old together" and that I would always be reading about her in the media. Until that day. It just occurred to me that the night Diana was killed, she had been at the Ritz Hotel in Paris. That same night, I was at the Ritz Movie Theater in New Jersey. I got a jolt when I thought of that, all these years later.

    14. Christopher Andersen provided an in-depth narration of what transpired during Diana's last weeks. I have been reading many articles regarding the Princess of Whales and I thought I knew what was there to know. But this book was able to give me very accurate events and details that I have not read elsewhere. This book is so informative that it leaves room for me to doubt its accuracy, though.

    15. I am not even sure how many years ago I read this, whenever it came out I am sure. I am obsessed with reading these things. To put yourself in a time and a place in a life that is so public. This was written well, as was the others I have read by him.

    16. Not sure how much is speculation and how much is fact but it was interesting to know some background of the royal family and how unfeeling the Queen is/was then. I liked reading about the differences in the American and British cultures.

    17. There are a few days in your life where you remember where you were or what you were doing because it was such a memorable event. Days like this which come to mind include: John F. Kennedy's assassination, the first day man walked on the moon, the night Richard Nixon resigned, the day the Challenger space shuttle blew up, 9/11/01, etc. One of those days -- the day Princess Diana was killed in an automobile accident -- is chronicled in this book. I remember this day well. I was living with my fri [...]

    18. Forever remembered I will never forget the moment I found out Princess Diana had died, on vacation I walked into a little corner store, to hear a much busier conversation than usual. Not really subconsciously hearing the words, my gut suddenly warned me something terrible had happened. At the counter I noticed the display of the daily newspapers. Each one headlined in big bold black letters some form of announcement, of the death of Princess Diana. Returning to my car where my wife was waiting. [...]

    19. Sir Georg Solti, who had planned to conduct a special BBC concert in honor of Diana, died unexpectedly one day before her funeral. He was 84.Diana's life and death were unutterably sad. What is little known that this book pointed out repeatedly, is that the paparazzi were NOT to blame for the accident. The main cause of the accident was the driver, who was drunk and on pills. The car was traveling at a speed of 110 mph when it came out of the tunnel, hit a dip in the road and crashed into the co [...]

    20. This was my first real look into that day. I have never read anything else pertaining to the crash that killed her and knew nothing about the other individuals who were in the car with her. Of course I heard all the conspiracy theories and remember the outrage felt by the public regarding the behavior of the royal family. I never sided one way or the other in regards to how she was treated by Charles or the royal family as a whole. I believe no one can understand a relationship except the people [...]

    21. Touches upon the details of that last day with sanity and compassionFor anyone who is familiar with the death of Diana, the Princess of Wales, this book reports on the last few days of Diana's life with well researched facts. It discounts many of the wild suppositions published in other accounts through the years. A quick and easy read I read this book in one sitting and remembered back to those forlorn and shocked days following her death when it seemed like the whole world was in mourning for [...]

    22. It took death for her to find the peace she sought.Having come from what appeared as a normal childhood, it shows her departure from childhood to motherhood at the age of six so she could and chose to mother her 3 year old brother a truly real life fairy tale. Such a rude awakening to the realities of life. Despite through all of her abuse at so-called royal hands and lips she gave the world its greatest gifts in the personages of the Princes William and Harry. Her dedication to both of her boys [...]

    23. A very balanced tale.This was an exhaustively researched and even-handily told book. It played no favorites and showed the players in this senseless drama as they were. This was, in itself, a bit of a shock as it pulled aside curtains that showed some were not all they seemed and some were total cretins in their insulated, selfish worlds. What puzzled me most were the many fatal errors totally overlooked or ignored by all, any one or two of which if acted upon when seen, would have completely av [...]

    24. It was a good book to reflect on twenty years after her DeathI don't know how much of this book is true or not but I liked it very much. I learned things I didn't know beforehand and the story was well told. Some typos but nothing I couldn't overlook. The main thing is it reminded me of Dear Diana, all that she represented, her love of humanity, her approach to life, her bravery, her beauty, and above all her love for her dear,dear boys. She was one in a millennium and she will always be the Peo [...]

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