A House of Pomegranates

A House of Pomegranates Large format for easy reading Collection of fairy stories from the famous dramatist novelist and poet of the Victorian Era A celebrity of his time and still renowned for his barbed wit

  • Title: A House of Pomegranates
  • Author: Oscar Wilde
  • ISBN: 9781406502428
  • Page: 276
  • Format: Paperback
  • Large format for easy reading Collection of fairy stories from the famous dramatist, novelist and poet of the Victorian Era A celebrity of his time and still renowned for his barbed wit.

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    1. Oscar Wilde

      Oscar Fingal O Flahertie Wills Wilde was an Irish playwright, poet and author of numerous short stories and one novel Known for his biting wit, and a plentitude of aphorisms, he became one of the most successful playwrights of the late Victorian era in London, and one of the greatest celebrities of his day Several of his plays continue to be widely performed, especially The Importance of Being Earnest As the result of a widely covered series of trials, Wilde suffered a dramatic downfall and was imprisoned for two years hard labour after being convicted of gross indecency with other men After Wilde was released from prison he set sail for Dieppe by the night ferry He never returned to Ireland or Britain, and died in poverty.


    1. Once upon a time there was a little collection of fairy tales called The House of Pomegranates by Oscar Wilde. I opened this book up and found a whole different book than the one I had expected! Is that a good or a bad thing? Well, I suppose both.My familiarity with Mr. Wilde is pretty much based on his decadent excoriation of decadence and beauty-for-beauty’s-sake The Picture of Dorian Gray and his brilliant and perfect and of course sublimely witty The Importance of Being Earnest. I figured [...]

    2. Kitapta hepsi birbirinden güzel 4 masal var. Genç Kral masalı, halkları açlık, sefalet ve hastalıkla kırılırken, zevk ve sefa içinde yaşayan krallara bir eleştiri niteliğinde. Aşık olup, uğruna ruhundan vazgeçen genç balıkçı ise aşkı küçümseyen, hor gören insanlara bir cevap olmuş. Kitap bitince anlatılan masalların Wilde'ın yaşadığı dönemin acımasızlığıyla birebir örtüştüğü görülüyor. İyi okumalar"Düşen bir çığda, hiçbir kar tanesi, kend [...]

    3. Aπολαυστικός Όσκαρ όμως αν είχα διαβάσει τις ιστορίες σε πολύ μικρότερη ηλικία θα μου έκαναν πολύ πιο βαθιά εντύπωση. Επειδή ακριβώς είναι παραμύθια και αρα διδακτικά κάποιες φορές με ενοχλούσε ο υπερβολικός ηθικός τόνος. Όμως μου άρεσε το γεγονός ότι τα παραμύθια όλα, μα ό [...]

    4. Sono contenuti in questa raccolta quattro racconti che sono quattro gioielli. Storie fantastiche, ricolme di bellezza, tristi e dolorose, si tratta di racconti che con la forma di favole parlano ad ognuno di noi dei valori dell'amore, del rispetto verso gli altri esseri umani, della malvagità senza cuore, della bontà disinteressata, dell'umiltà che arricchisce più di mille tesori.Bellissimo "Il compleanno dell'Infanta", il mio preferito.

    5. Đọc thích hơn cuốn Hoàng Tử Hạnh Phúc một tẹo, vì có vẻ 4 truyện cổ tích trong này viết theo kiểu dành cho người lớn nhiều hơn là các cháu thiếu nhi :)) Phong cách viết, cốt truyện, các tình tiết, nhân vật và diễn biến truyện cũng có vẻ "người lớn" hơn là cuốn trước của Oscar Wilde mà mình đọc. Các truyện có độ dài hợp lý, chừa đủ không gian để tác giả giải quyết tình huống và [...]

    6. Cuốn sách nhỏ mình đọc trong chuyến đi đảo Nam Du. Oscar Wilde là nhà văn Ireland tài năng nhưng các tác phẩm của ông chưa phổ biến tại Việt Nam, gần đây mới thấy 2 tập truyện ngắn được Tao Đàn dịch và 1 tập Nhã Nam dịch. Tập truyện "Ngôi nhà thạch lựu" gồm 4 truyện ngắn, mang hơi hướng cổ tích nhưng người lớn cũng có thể cảm nhận ý nghĩa của chúng. Truyện mang không khí Ả Rập như [...]

    7. Not sure if awesome,or just plain brilliant.No, really not. I love the whole "Good looks don't make you a good person"(Take that, Disney!) and stuff, but I'm not sure how I can view this. So many people suffered in all four stories, and I kinda just wanted to jump in and hit Wilde over the head with my linguistics textbook, but of course that would have made all those stories for naught, and then I would hit him over the head with my linguistics textbook for not providing good stories, and then [...]

    8. Oscar Wilde might just be the greatest fiction writer of all time. Having said that, it's a pity there are so few of his works. He certainly has a very special place in my heart, and this collection of beautiful children's stories show just how talented he really was. Wilde is famous for his 'epigrams' and his razor-sharp wit. His command of the English language made him a literary trend-setter. Yet these innocent fables allow people to see a lesser-known side of him, a more human side; a glimps [...]

    9. 4 saoTruyện cổ tích của Oscar Wilde đọc cho mình cảm giác như truyện của Andersen vậy, cũng mang không khí trầm buồn, đau khổ, diễn tiến thì khó lường luôn, chứ đừng nói chi đến kết thúc theo kiểu happy ending. Và đặc biệt là các tác giả này đều rất thích "hành hạ" nhân vật của mình, nói đến khổ thì phải cho khốn khổ đến tột cùng mới được :((. Nhưng cũng vì vậy mà các câu chuyện n [...]

    10. Four more short-stories by Oscar Wilde and I'm done with this author. For the next years.'A House of Pomegranates' is a collection of four rather short fairy tales. I cannot say I enjoyed them. Despite the fantastic details of these stories, there was some kind of moralism that I didn't find interesting. It wasn't exactly the moral of each story, but the way things were put. As with the previous book, I felt that Wilde managed to spoil what had potential to be a nice story. And this happened wit [...]

    11. Beautifully written, but could do with a bit less moralizing. What I did like was the bitter undertone to some of the stories, the Infanta for example. She is a pretty child and that is all: people do not care for sensitive monsters and there is no sudden miracle to come safe the dwarf. The characters are very human in their cruelty, which made it interesting. I especially loved the fisherman, and the story of the young king was nice too, though I would have liked it better if the people despite [...]

    12. I wonder if there is a relation or symbolism between this collection of four short stories and the myth of Persephone/ pomegranates?!

    13. "A House of Pomegranates" is a collection of four fairy tales which were written by Oscar Wilde and published in 1891. It is regarded as a follow-up to his first fairy tale collection "The Happy Prince and Other Tales". Wilde's success arose primarly from thinking of stories as things to tell. It is hardly surprising. His mother was an Irish folklorist. He himself graduated in classical scholarship whose earliest texts were the oral narratives of a probably illiterate Homer. It gave him a much m [...]

    14. Of the three short story collections that I've read by Oscar Wilde, this one is the weakest for me. I liked his crime collection, very much liked his fairy tale collection, but this odd collection is just well, odd. For example, "The Fisherman and His Soul" simply meanders anywhere and everywhere, almost like a story in search of an ending. If you're an avid Wilde fan, you'll read this. If you're not, I recommend "The Happy Prince and Other Tales" as this author's best short story collection.

    15. Rumah Delima merupakan kumpulan cerpen yang terdiri dari empat cerpen. Sang Raja Muda, Ulang Tahun Sang Infanta, Si Nelayan dan Jiwanya, Anak Bintang. kumpulan cerpen ini dituturkan seperti dongeng, atau emang dongeng yak wkwk jadi cocok buat dibacakan anak kecil. Setiap cerpen selalu mengandung moral value. Kalo disuruh pilih dari ke empat cerpen disini yang paling aku suka sih gak bisa ya, karena hampir semua cerpen disini aku suka dan menikmati semua cerita yang ada.

    16. The Young King ★☆☆☆☆ The Birthday of the Infanta ★★★☆☆ The Fisherman and his Soul ★★★☆☆ The Star-Child ★★★☆☆

    17. Another great collection of Oscar Wilde short stories reading which is going to aid me in my quest to read everything that has been written by him. I guess I just have a couple of his plays and his poems remaining. Godspeed!This collection is good, has the trademark Wilde brand of witticisms in writing. Reading anything written by him is always a pleasure and a great way to usher in the end of the reading year.

    18. On average it was good but I understand why they might be the most unpopular part of Oscar Wilde's work.It was set of good short story that were metaphysical and deep but often ambiguous and unjust by the end.

    19. More reviews can be found on my book blog.---This is Oscar Wilde's second collection of fairy tales. The particular edition that I have is a 2011 recreation of the 1914 edition, which includes the original colourful illustrations by Scottish illustrator Jessie Marion King throughout the book. I bought this new and mine smells weirdly strong of glue, which is a odd note to start a review with, but seriously. It was distracting.This contains four stories:The Young KingThe Birthday of the InfantaTh [...]

    20. A “House of Pomegranates” is much darker than Wilde’s first book of fairytales, “The Happy Prince and Other Tales”. The four stories have a unifying element in the painful Journey to self-knowledge.

    21. Oscar Wilde was made for writing fairy stories. He writes with the necessary magic, the wonder of beauty. His aestheticism was extremely useful in this endeavor, and his wit can be found in these stories as well. The stories aren't quite like other fairy stories in that they oftentimes do not have completely happy endings. A few actually moved me to tears.The Happy Prince, The Selfish Giant, and The Young King seemed especially strong to me. I wouldn't be able to choose a favorite among them. Th [...]

    22. Membaca sebuah buku yang berisi empat cerpen yang sangat menggugah. Buku yang membuat saya dapat berjumpa dengan sebuah nama sastrawan bernama "Oscar Wilde". Keempat cerpen ini masing-masing memuat daya pikat yang menarik dan unik. Setiap diksi dan alur cerita sungguh unik. Banyak pelajaran tentang kehidupan, baik yang tersurat maupun yang tersirat di dalamnya. Sebagai seorang yang sedang menyukai karya-karya sastra, tentu akan terpikat dengan karya ini. Jika diminat memilih, maka saya memilih k [...]

    23. Beautifully written and I enjoyed it a little more then the happy prince but it was still nothing special. I also missed Wildes personal touch in this one

    24. Vividly imagined and beautifully written, 'A House of Pomegranates' turned out to be a pleasant surprise for me. The finesse and flow with which Wilde writes is on full display of imagination especially in the stories, 'The Birthday of the Infanta' and 'The Fisherman and his Soul'.I am particularly impressed by the capacity of the author to venture into a fantasy world that looks so real and that too with lesser detail. Indubitable credit goes to Wilde for having the ability to bring literary qu [...]

    25. Il giovane re: 5 stellineIl compleanno dell'Infanta: 3 stellineIl pescatore e la sua anima: 5 stellineIl figlio della stella: 4 stellineQuesta raccolta presenta degli scritti più maturi rispetto a quelli de Il Principe Felice e altri racconti; tutti molto suggestivi, elaborati e riflessivi. (Il figlio della stella; illustrazione The Garden of Black Poppies di Jessie Marion King)

    26. I enjoyed these works more than “The Happy Prince and Other Tales.” In general, I felt that Wilde lost some of his poetry in describing the story, but overall the philosophical dialogue and commentary on public life at the time is elevated in this work. I love the Fisherman and His Soul, I thought it was a truly beautiful story, and the Starchild was lovely as well, but it was so dark. Actually at the end I felt that Wilde was rather petulant and frustrated.

    27. Some of the most imaginative tales I've ever read or heard. The moral implications of each short story are presented with truly profound analogies and/or allegories, which both convey the intended message and make the stories an entertaining read.Oscar Wilde's style and literary genius is an inspiration!

    28. I am losing my job in a day, my boyfriend just moved out, my roommates sold the television does one manage to stay sane in such a time? Apparently by reading Oscar Wilde's 'House of Pomegranates.' (A collection of stories that undoubtedly are a precurser to the genre currently known as slipstream)

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