الروض العاطر في نزهة الخاطر

  • Title: الروض العاطر في نزهة الخاطر
  • Author: Umar Ibn Muhammed Al-Nefzawi النفزاوي جمال جمعة
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 196
  • Format: Hardcover
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      196 Umar Ibn Muhammed Al-Nefzawi النفزاوي جمال جمعة
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    1. Umar Ibn Muhammed Al-Nefzawi النفزاوي جمال جمعة

      According to the introduction of Colville s English translation, Mu ammad al Nafzawi probably wrote The Perfumed Garden sometime during the twelfth century Sheikh Nefzawi was born among the Berber Nefzawa tribe in the south of present day Tunisia He compiled it at the request of the Hafsid ruler of Tunis, Ab F ris Abd al Az z al Mutawakkil The reputation acquired by this work in the Arab world was similar to that of the Arabian Nights.


    1. "Your religion resides in your vulva, and the manly member is your soul." A book about sex, with various positions, advices, medical hints, and anecdotes. Sounds like a run of the mill sex education book right?Well, how about this. It was written sometime in the 15th century (around 600 years ago), an Arabic-Islamic sex manual, written for readers of that time. Now THAT'S interesting. The translation itself is fairly old, translated into English more than 100 years back, and that itself is inter [...]

    2. A book advised by Kumar. I found of it a version digitized on the site of BNF. It is a kind Romans Courtois of the Middle Age. But sex is present, naturally, a quest of pleasure . It is a translation a little old-fashioned of the end of XIXth. And I understand the fascination of this people for this voluptuous and sensual Orient, as in Occident, sexuality was a taboo topic.Interesting thing, one speaks about the female pleasure, it is rather modern. Interesting book.Thank you Kumar.

    3. Such books show to what extent woman is disparaged in the Muslim mindset-she is a tool of the devil and her schemes are huge while those of the devil are feeble, according to the Quran itself. إِنَّ كَيْدَكُنَّ عَظِيمٌ that is, your schemes, women are grand, huge, massive, etc. (Yusuf verse 28)إِنَّ كَيْدَ الشَّيْطَانِ كَانَ ضَعِيفاً. that is, the schemes of the devil are feeble (Women verse 76).In other words, the devil himself is a lit [...]

    4. يصعب تصنيف هذا الكتاب الذي كتب في بدايات القرن الخامس عشر ، ومدى فائدته للقارئ ، فالشيخ النفزاوي يتناول في هذا الكتيب كل ماله علاقة بالجنس بين الرجل والمراة ، إبتداء بالمستحب من المواصفات في الرجال والنساء والمكروه من صفاتهما ، وإنتهاء بالاعشاب والمقويات الجنسية ، متخللا ك [...]

    5. Similar in content to the Kama Sutra, but doused with stories and hence reminiscent of 1001 Arabian Nights. It's also noticeably misogynistic. The most informationally~oriented chapters:Chapter 8 : around 68 euphemisms for the male member, with a mid~chapter discussion on dreams.Chapter 9 : Ditto viz. the vagina, plus a long, boring story. Chapter 10: Animal penisesChapter 13~20: Medical problemsA few excerpts :"The man who deserves favours is, in the eyes of women, the one who is anxious to ple [...]

    6. كتاب في "المعاشرة" أو "الكاماسوترا العربية" كما اسميتها وأنا أحدث به أحد اصدقائي. كتاب يبدو وأنه مشهور ولكني لم أكن أعرف عنه شيئا - ولا حتى العنوان و لا الكاتب - قبل هذا الأسبوع. قراءة ممتعة ،مضحكة أحيانا لقدم "الوسائل" و-"الطرق" المستعلة ولكنها مفيدة في الجملة :)

    7. As old timey sex manuals go (somehow this has become my specialty while doing research for my own writing), I'd put this in the same vein as Capellanus's "The Art of Courtly Love," except "The Perfumed Garden" is more raunchy, like the "Kama Sutra." I think it's funnier than the "Kama Sutra" though, particularly because of the two chapters that list euphemisms for male and female genitalia. You know, "The Impudent One," "The Rummager," "The Glutton," "The Biter." It even explains each of the nam [...]

    8. الكتاب ضروري لتتبع منشأ سيكولوجية الذكور في العصر الحالي،أو اللاشعور الجمعي للذكور وتصورهم عن المرأة،فالعربي من قديم الزمان يحمل أرث قذر عن المرأة الكائدة،الخائنة،المستعدة للفساد في أي وقت،وخيانة زوجها متى سنحت لها فرصة،عندما يذكر الكاتب محاسن الذكر وسيئاته نجده يتطرق ل [...]

    9. A Europa-América traz-nos “O Jardim Perfumado”. Uma obra da autoria do Xeque Nefzaudi que é uma leitura interessante sobre a arte do amor.Desde a forma como as mulheres se deviam perfumar e comportar, às posições sexuais melhores para cada tipo de corpo das mulheres ou tamanho do pénis. Podemos também ler sobre como saber o sexo de um feto ou os cuidados a ter para não se contrair algumas doenças (ainda que estes sejam completamente ineficazes como sabemos hoje em dia).É interessan [...]

    10. An excellent book, especially read in conjunction with Robin Schone's The Lady's Tutor, which uses this Arabic sex manual as a textbook for a prim Victorian wife who wants to seduce her husband. The Perfumed Garden is an excellent read, and illustrates descriptions of various themes with stories of men and women. Recommended.

    11. كسابقه " الروض العاطر في نزهة الخاطر " لنفس الكاتب الشيخ العلامة سيدي محمد النفزاوي حديثه عن النكاح ويتحفنا بنوادر عصره الجنسية الكتاب مسل على كل حال، على الرغم من ' فضاحة ' الكتاب إلا انه يعطيك فكرة عن الجنس في هذا العصر والطرق التي يتناولها بها الناس ويفكرون إزاءه ولا غرابة ا [...]

    12. كتاب يتحدث عن العلاقة بين الرجل والمرأة، مواصفات المرأة عند العرب قديماًنوادر وأخبار قديمة عن كيد النساء ، كتاب مسلي

    13. Fascinating (and often humorous) look into the male Arab mindset concerning sex from that period. Would be really interesting to read a similar book written by a woman from that period

    14. So far, the most enjoyable, luscious, lascivious, erotic, hard-core, improper, lecherous. lustful, naughty, pornographic, racy, risqué, sexually explicit and '50 Shades Of Grey' '15th century Islamic' book I've read so far.Its is, after all, the Arabic cum Islamic Kamasutra, with a lot of raunchy stories of 'coition' (who uses this word anymore?). There's too many funny quotes/poems about men/women's roles, the names given to their body parts (which are hilariously accurate) such as "The Impude [...]

    15. This was a re-visit having read it years ago but I had remembered very little.Being a book of its time and culture it was at times enlightening and at times bizarre. Some of the stories were amusing. Most of the recipes were extremely odd. On the positive side there was a desire to meet the sexual needs of women.Interesting to have re-read but not worth re-visiting again

    16. كتاب خفيف بالثقافة الجنسية، المعلومات ماكانت عميقة مره لكنها مفيدة.نحتاج ناخذ هالثقافة من الكتب بما اننا بمجتمع يحرم هالأشياء وكل معلوماتنا عنها سمعية/نظرية.

    17. I was expecting something beautifully written like ‘The Song of Solomon’. It does not have such flair. But it is a great read to amuse yourself, and interesting because it’s about 500 years old. Some highlights are the many names given to sexual organs, such as for women “the sieve”, and for men “the pigeon” and “the crowbar”. And of course the names of sexual organs of animals, essential knowledge for every 15th century lover. The camel’s member is “the well-known” and [...]

    18. Over Easter I read the translation of the Perfumed Garden executed by Sir Richard Burton. Burton also translated the Kama Sutra, and after a little exploration (excuse the pun) it appears he might well have been more interested in sexual anthropology than in the source of the Nile. In other words, an adventurer in any sense of the word.The book by Sheik Nefwazi is far more interesting (though much less complete) than its Hindu rival, from which it does draw a number of elements, most notably wit [...]

    19. Opinion varies as to whether written in the 14th /15th or even 16th century, though the main Western translation was done during the 19th century. In effect, this is the Arabic Kama Sutra covering a range of topics so vast, that it's truly mind-boggling. To say that the simple act of sex is explained is an understatement. Comprehensive advice is provided for every possible combination of size and physical difference, fat woman, thin woman, short woman, even hunchbacks. The original chapters invo [...]

    20. +18كتاب جنسي ايروتيكيو هو بمثابة كماسوترا العربلا يخرج كتاب الشيخ النفراوي عن كونه كتاب (تقني) في الجنس أصيغ بخطاب ديني استند إلى الآيات القرآنية وأحاديث الرسول. إلى جانب ذلك فهو كتاب أدبي طبي كذلك. فالنفزاوي يصبغ وجهات نظره حول الجنس من خلال تجربته الخاصة وتجارب الآخرين التي [...]

    21. "You need not be ashamed; everything you have said [here] is true; no one need be shocked at your words. Moreover, you are not the first who has treated of this matter; and I swear by God that it is necessary to know this book. It is only the shameless bore and the enemy of all science who will not read it, or will make fun of it."Interesting historical and sociological/anthropological perspectives, though if you've read the Kama Sutra there will be few surprises for you in this book. It is a sl [...]

    22. Interesting and entertaining. Filled with details that really make you wonder, for instance that it allegedly is preferable that the woman is dry during sex!?! What is up with that? Makes me wonder if the book originally was a joke, but then our ideas about sex clearly are shaped by our culture, think of how all ancient Greeks today would be classified as bisexual pedophiles.Some other bits one shouldn't miss are about adequate positions if "he is very fat and she skinny" or "she is very fat, b [...]

    23. This book was totally an educational and somewhat an entertaining read for me. The Arabian Version of Kama sutra.ough it wouldn't be fair to compare both books to one another (but yet it's the closest thing I could think of). It is a thorough investigation in the world of sexual pleasures in the form of tales, lists of food ingredients to enhance performance efficiency and sexual drive power. I highly recommend this reading for all, especially married folks :o).

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