Augustine Moving all the way from the South Pole to the North Pole isn t easy for the young penguin Augustine Uprooted from her home she misses her friends her grandma and grandpa and her old bedroom There ar

  • Title: Augustine
  • Author: Mélanie Watt
  • ISBN: 9781553378853
  • Page: 489
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Moving all the way from the South Pole to the North Pole isn t easy for the young penguin Augustine Uprooted from her home, she misses her friends, her grandma and grandpa and her old bedroom There are all kinds of unfamiliar faces at the North Pole, and everything looks strange and different When it s time to go to her new school, Augustine gets cold feet But with theMoving all the way from the South Pole to the North Pole isn t easy for the young penguin Augustine Uprooted from her home, she misses her friends, her grandma and grandpa and her old bedroom There are all kinds of unfamiliar faces at the North Pole, and everything looks strange and different When it s time to go to her new school, Augustine gets cold feet But with the help of a few colored pencils and some inspiration from Picasso, this shy, artistic young penguin discovers a way to break the ice with her classmates and feel at home on the other end of the world.Augustine s penguinized versions of van Gogh, Munch, Picasso and others are a delightful way to introduce children to art A clever, charming story told from a penguin s eye view, Augustine illustrates that art is all around us and it is a language everyone understands.

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      It was in a design class taught by Mich le Lemieux at the University of Quebec in Montreal that author and illustrator M lanie Watt created her first picture book, Leon the Chameleon, which was later published by Kids Can Press Watt went on to create several books, including the Learning with Animals collection and Augustine, which was named an ALA Notable Children s Book Watt has also illustrated Where Does a Tiger Heron Spend the Night and Bearcub and Mama, which won the 2006 IRA Teachers Choices Project.M lanie s best known book Scaredy Squirrel, has won many awards including the Ruth and Sylvia Schwartz Children s Book Award for Children s Picture Book and the Amelia Frances Howard Gibbon Illustrator s Award The release of Scaredy Squirrel Makes a Friend, was met with enthusiastic reviews and incredible sales, confirming the arrival of kid lit s newest superstar.Chester,Chester s Back and Chester s Masterpiece are about a megalomaniac cat who is every bit the antithesis to Scaredy Chester has already become a bestseller and shows the breadth and creativity of M lanie Watt.Scaredy returns to take a few tentative steps out of his comfort zone in Scaredy Squirrel at the Beach and Scaredy Squirrel at Night M lanie has often noted how the Scaredy Squirrel books helped her work out her own insecurities and fears, as the success of these titles has required her to venture out into the unknown, and like Scaredy she has found the experience truly uplifting.M lanie currently resides near Montreal, Quebec From kidscanpress creators


    1. Petite histoire charmante qui permet d'aborder le thème de l'entrée à l'école ou du changement d'école avec les petits. Bien fait!

    2. Okay, isn't Augustine just the cutest little thing ever!?!?!? ;->This is a great story for kids who are moving as we share Augustine's trials and triumphs as she moves from the South Pole to the North Pole and must adjust to missing her friends and grandparents, trying to make new friends and adjust to her new home and school, and all the while stay true to her artistic soul. I must say that many of the little "clever" aspects of the story that I chuckled over probably will go over kids heads [...]

    3. Love this book. I have older students prepare an art museum, researching artists mentioned and recreating masterpieces. Younger students visit the museum, listen to presentations and learn about ART. Thenwe read the story. It has much more meaning with this background knowledge. This story for me is about art with the bonus of fantastic, expressive illustrations. Augustine is very cute, appealing, and easy to love. No, there are no penguins at the north pole, but I have a feeling that was intent [...]

    4. A sweet little moving and making friends story mixed with some penguin bits and famous artist bits. Makes for an interesting combo. I love the illustrations - especially the way the drawings on the left side expand on the text on the right.

    5. A very cute book about moving. It is also is a great tribute to major artists. You can use this for a moving book, or a meet the master type program!! Well written!!

    6. Augustine is a little penguin whose father is being transferred from the South Pole to the North Pole for his job. This means the family must move. Augustine is having very anxious feelings about the move, leaving his old friends, and going to school in his new town.Great little book about starting over.

    7. I was able to point out and describe the pictures on the left-side of the book to my two-year-old. I was able to read the story to my five-year-old. The story felt drawn out and left me wanting. I found the kids restless when reading the book. My daughter was interested in telling me which picture she likes and which one she thinks I like.At the end of the book, I found myself not wanting to read it again for awhile. It was easily forgettable I found as I reached for it again a week later, intri [...]

    8. I’ve really been enjoying Mélanie Watt’s delightful and amusing books (Scaredy Squirrel and Chester books) so I was happy to find this book.My scientific mind went bonkers when I saw that Augustine Penguin was moving from the South Pole to the North Pole because there are no penguins in the Arctic! However, this book is wonderful.Watt uses her own personal experience of having moved many times as a youngster to create a story and illustrations that shine. Much use is made of plays on words [...]

    9. 12/09: Too cute for words! Being a penguin, Augustine lives at the South Pole. But, her daddy gets a new job at the North Pole and so the family has to move. Being a tad shy, Augustine expresses her feelings through her art. This art helps her to connect with her new classmates and settle in to her new life at the North Pole. You will get a kick out of the references to famous painters throughout the book.Inside Cover: Moving all the way from the South Pole to the North Pole isn't easy for Augus [...]

    10. Disappointing. Penguin babies are always cute, and Watt's illustrations here do not fail. The story, however, falls flat. Too many bad puns ruin this earnest story about a young penguin moving. The explanation about why Augustine's family is moving to the North Pole is handled nicely, but there is no explanation for why one of his new classmates is a toucan. The story just does not work as a whole.

    11. Super-cute artwork. Super-strange story. So why exactly did Augustine's father have to relocate to the North Pole? Couldn't the family have just moved to the other side of the South Pole or to South America and this story have been as effective? As this story is now, it is VERY confusing for a Kindergarten kid who knows enough about penguins to know that they don't live at the North Pole.

    12. I always adore any book written and illustrated by Melanie Watt and this adorable book about a penguin moving from the South to North Pole was no exception. I slowed down and enjoyed each quilted type illustration on the left of the pages and then enjoyed the story develop about how Augustine's art appreciation and talent help him transition into his new school. Completely enjoyed every minute of this book!

    13. Age: Kindergarten-2nd gradeFamiliar experience: movingA straightforward look at moving away and dealing with everything new. I liked the drawings on the left page that Augustine drew of his experiences, and even tying that love of drawing into the story was well-balanced. It also added an extra level of interest to the older crowd.

    14. I really enjoyed this book. Cute pictures and fun layout of the story. We have recently moved to a new city, so it was nice to relate the story to my son's experience. Highly recommended for children who will be going through a move or who recently have. Really brings things down to a child's level that they hopefully can better comprehend what is going on.

    15. Cute little Augustine has to move because of her dad's job. This topic is very relate-able, as Augustine is on the search for new friends. I think this would be a cute story in 1st -3rd. The illustrations are colorful and adorable. The ending is very sweet as well, pointing out that each of us has talents and those should be celebrated.

    16. Augustine moves from the south pole to the north pole. He has to leave behind his family, friends, but mostly he will his grandparents. Augustine and his parents find a new house and Augustine starts a new school. His love for art helps him make new friends. The ending is sweet.Wonderful illustrations from Watt and Augustine.

    17. The pictures are very, very cute, but the story itself is pretty flat. Though the reading level was appropriate for my 6 year old, he was bored by the story, which was better suited to my 4 year old.

    18. I'm a sucker for anything with baby penguins in it. Before I even opened this, I knew it was getting at least 3 stars, based on that fact alone.Upon opening it, I found it to be a cute story that I would recommend to children aged 3-6 who are anxious about moving, going to a new school, etc.

    19. I think this is my favorite M Watt book thus far. I love the tributes to different artists on each page, and Augustine has the most lovely, soft little lavender body. It's not as funny as the Squirrel and Chester books, just very sweet.

    20. Charming book about a little penguin who has to move from her home and grandparents when her father gets a new job. I loved the bright, colorful illustrations. Full review here:mangamaniaccafe/?p=4487

    21. Un petit livre d'un penguin. Sa famille demenageons de pole sud au pole nord. Il a peur de commencer l'ecole parce-qu'il ne sait personne. Mais, a cause de ses dessins il trouve une classe de nouveaux amis.

    22. I give it an extra star too! Love this cute book about how hard it can be to move far from friends and family as a kid! The art theme and bold colors as well as kid-like drawings makes this book a favorite of ours!!

    23. This was such a sweet book that would be great for any child moving to a new school. Demonstrates the importance of family, friends, and just being yourself.

    24. Augustine and her family move from teh South Pole to the North Pole for her dads new job.Fabulous illustrations. Nice storyline for young child who is moving to a new place.

    25. Cute book about moving. Augustine has to make new friends and find his niche with them. Cute illustrations.

    26. A picture book starring a very sweet penguin who has misgivings about moving and his new school. A gentle book for children in the same situation.

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